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Review on LG 34UM68 P 34 Inch 21 UltraWide 2560X1080, 75Hz, Adjustable, ‎34UM68-P, LED by Damon Williamson

The display is fine, but the OS display sleep options need to be set to Never.

Thoroughly impressed as the third monitor for my workplace. Given the price and build quality, this is a very good investment for a non-curved 21:9 monitor. My only issue with this purchase was that I needed a [Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort 4K@60Hz] cable to connect it to my old (Late 2012) Mac mini so it could take full advantage of the 21:9 aspect ratio. The HDMI to HDMI cable sends a signal to the monitor that shows me a 1920 x 1200 resolution in columnar format (black bars on the left and right of the monitor). If you are purchasing this display, note that the only cable length options available for MiniDP-to-DP were 3ft or 6ft, both of which were sold out at my local BestBuy and Computer/TV stores. So if you need a longer length under $10 I've included a link: Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort 4K@60Hz 10ft Cable, Benfei Mini DP (compatible with Thunderbolt ) to Gold Cord Display Port Adapter for MacBook, Lenovo, Dell and other brands. If the monitor goes to sleep for more than 2 hours, the Mac needs to be forced to restart as this display will cycle off and on again without any feedback from the Mac. I've spent hours with Apple and LG on this issue and haven't found a solution other than this hard reboot 'fix'. This could be problematic for my OS as MacOS (or any other OS/Windows) doesn't like messy shutdowns. It's good that I keep a backup all the time when there's a real OS problem due to a messy shutdown. At the moment I have my Mac OS screen sleep options set to Never in System Preferences. ***** UPDATE 08/08/18: To avoid having to hard reset my Mac, I set up an "extra" monitor (an old Apple Cinema Display) to connect to this Mac via the HDMI port on the Mac next to it mini is connected to the MiniDP/Thunderbolt connector just in case LG continues this issue. The problem has been fixed by Apple. However, if LG goes into sleep mode for more than 90 minutes, after waking up the display from the Mac keyboard, LG still does not receive a signal from the Mac. It keeps retracting and extending until the Mac restarts. Instead of restarting the Mac by holding down the power button, I use the Apple monitor to shut down or restart for a clean boot. Not a bad workaround considering I bought this display for less than $400.

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Pros & cons

  • ‎LG34UM68
  • Monitor speakers are too quiet.

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