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Review on Get Google Pixel 4a - Unlocked Android Smartphone with 128 GB Storage & 24 Hour Battery Life in Barely Blue Color by Vanchay Peawang ᠌

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Beyond praise! The product definitely deserves your attention.

- Battery. It is normal, I have enough for up to a day and a half. But - the weight of the phone and its size are worth this sacrifice. - Call recording. I am using ACR Pro version 33.3. This application must be selected as "call helper" in Accessibility. You also need to turn off battery saver for it in the battery settings. Maybe someone will help. Nfc is fully functional, I didn’t have any complaints. None of the baseus cables worked for me. At the same time, complete ones from the phone, from Xperia, from Nokia work. Keep in mind that you will have to buy a cable to work. The screen wakes up on TOUCH, not double tap, which is cool. The screen turns on when you pick up the phone. In general, many chips here are from the iphone. Gestures work great, I turned it off on other phones, I fell in love here. The camera - everything has already been said about it, I will attach a few photos - all in auto mode. Subjectively, the camera does not have enough stars from heaven (by the way, the astrophoto was cut out in the new ate), but for me its main advantage is CONSTANTITY. I take out, photograph and put away, and in 98% of cases I will have a picture with good details and without blurring. I like a smartphone. There are trade-offs, but the pros outweigh the pros for me personally. Pixel, I think, just has a different ideology - to squeeze everything that it can give out of hardware programmatically. When using, I noticed another feature - the focus on services, not switches: most of the settings are configured and turned on in a group, like concentration modes, do not disturb or night mode. It is understood that you will set up your behavior patterns once, and you will not go into the settings anymore - the smartphone will change the settings in batches by itself, switching from mode to mode depending on the time of day and location. Oh yes, covers - only with Ali (at the right price). But the choice is huge. I recommend an unofficial fabric one - the feeling in the hand is cosmic. I hope this review helps someone decide if the Pixel 4a is right for them or not. The device is niche, but cool.

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  • What. For a couple of years, under the influence of reviews, I licked my lips at Pixel phones, but the overpayment and the lack of a guarantee stopped me. But, having taken a risk in the 20th with the Sony Xperia 10 II smartphone, I soberly assessed both the importance of the guarantee and the meaning of the overpayment. At the moment I have 2 smartphones in use - Google pixel 4a and Nokia 7 Plus. The second is based on the Android One platform, and is positioned everywhere as an "affordable Pixel". Having walked with 4a, I declare with all responsibility that in the reviews, to put it mildly, they substitute concepts. No Android One comes close to the original Pixel in terms of responsiveness. It may seem that I have entered the ranks of the brand's adherents, but it's stupid to be a blind adherent of pieces of iron. However, I will not deny that most likely my next device will be Pixel. I have been actively using the phone for two months, and I have accumulated impressions that, I hope, will help someone decide to join this line. Important: my impressions are subjective, and I am sure that this phone is not suitable for everyone. Advantages. There are a lot of them, at least for me. The cons are not so clear, for me it's more of an inconvenience. - Size and weight. Yes, it became decisive when choosing - the display diagonal is enough, while the phone does not dig into your . thigh when you are sitting; fits into almost any pocket even with headphones plugged in; does not delay the shorts (I'll check in the summer) and the jacket. In general, it is a pleasant, slightly nostalgic feeling in the hand - reminiscent of old 5-inch smartphones. - Plastic case. I am not a fan of glass cases, I like it when the phone does not slip in my hand or on the table. The plastic is very nice, and fingerprints are not visible on it - the smart looks neat. Nice buttons with a clear, but a little loud click. I have the black version. No waterproof, sorry. - 3.5mm jack. I need it, I use it, the sound is very, very good. aptx HD. - Stereo. Yes, it's not perfect here, but turning on the video and showing it to someone does not cause disgust. I like the sound.
  • Not enough space in the "merits". - Always-on. It works, but it's minimally configurable. To those who write that it cannot be turned off at night: the pixel shell is crammed with features that you need to understand. The manufacturer implies that you set up do not disturb and night mode, which turn on according to a schedule and allow you to turn off information on the lock screen - this was not mentioned in any review. - Any nishtyaki from google. When buying this phone, you should be aware that this device is from a company that earns money from data collection and telemetry. The meaning of this phone is in the native work of Google services. Buying it for flashing is a strange decision. - Screen. He is amoled, there is a shim. The screen is good, head and shoulders above the xperia 10 II, where it's all so "cinematic". Good minimum brightness, "non-bleeding black", nice colors. A little green at wild angles. It’s good that it’s not 90 Hz - the battery would not have pulled out. - Design. I am in love with its simplicity. No gradients, glitter, etc. - everything is as concise as possible. And the color-coded power button is brilliant. I like. - Shell. After pixel launcher, I started noticing ragged animations on other smartphones. Just how, when you turn on the screen, the clock and notifications from the olvis-it SLOWLY go to the lock screen, and the background seems to “drive up” to you, I’m ready to forgive a lot. I only use the player, streaming services, YouTube, browser and reader. For all this, the performance is enough “for the eyes”, and enough for 2-3 years ahead. 6 gigabytes of RAM and a 700-series processor. I don't play on the phone. - All applications work, notifications come instantly. The only phone on which the To-Do application widget does not glitch after a while. - Customization. In the December ate, they added a lot of sounds, themes and backgrounds (I have firmware (RQ1A20222205.008). But it does not reach other shells. - Many cool features don't work in this country. Humble yourself.

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November 17, 2022
Pros below: Nimble, comfortable and very worthy of shooting Has cons: The battery capacity makes you think about it more often than you would like, there is no hot key to turn on / off NFC,
November 16, 2022
With its pros. As long as everything is happy Cons: Some recent android ates are unfinished, after which you need to wait for the next ate

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