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Review on Apple IPhone 8 Plus by Seo Jun Seog ᠌

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The product is definitely not worth the nerves spent, its better not to take it.

The Certify device is black, and it has 256GB of storage space; before, a black 6 with 64GB of storage space was released and sold to close friends and family. I embraced this technological marvel so that I might have greater freedom in my work and have a more spacious viewing experience. I snatched it up hastily without giving it any thought and instantly regretted it. All the speaker's positives are crossed out, including the speaker's innovative camera features like portrait, studio light, and background blurring (contour, stage, stage full hat). The video has improved, it shoots well, but when played on TV there are a lot of noises that aren't visible on the screen of the device, pouring through Chromecast 2 causes twitching of the picture (maybe because the formats aren't compatible when playing 4K or for some other reason that I didn't find out about until the end), whereas this didn't happen with 6. Compared to 6-ki, the camera performs slightly better in dim conditions. To get the six batteries to last a full day of work (anything from seven to nineteen hours), I would charge them two to three times. I frequently consult various maps, mail, websites, and news feeds, and use various forms of communication. It booted up much quicker than the sixth one did, and I was very pleased with the TruTone display; it's very gentle and pleasant to look at. I also find myself not pressing the home button as often, but that's purely habit. Unlike the impressive Live Pictures (full bottom, it's a shame that you can't typically deleted from the menu), the 3D Touch feature is forgettable and unremarkable after a single use. The same core group of 6, with a few minor upgrades. (the cards used were a 4, 4, 5, and 6) To this I'd like to add that its bulky design makes it difficult to use for selfies (even little kids have trouble gripping it) and that the gadget clearly requires some modifications. After updating to firmware 11.2, my phone crashed three times, resulting in a dark screen that wouldn't respond to my buttons until I gave it a hard reset. There has been no improvement to the speaker's sound, and the annoying clicks and horrible quality of sound during normal conversation are still present. Today's batteries can't even make it through a single workday. In spite of being housed in a plush pouch, the back cover has suffered severe scratches.

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  • The advantages of the 7 over the 6 include a quicker boot time, longer battery life, a larger screen, louder speakers, and a more accurate TruTone display; the camera receives mixed reviews. I purchased a silicone case for $400 and an armored glass screen protector for $300, both included shipping, so the price is right, and the accessories are compatible with prior generations.
  • The one doing the talking is usually accompanied by another entity. Polyphony in action: the interlocutor is extremely difficult to hear, crackling and clicking (though not always), and the effect is revolting. Not only does he have to deal with the unpleasant task of listening in on your chat, but he does it on behalf of the general public; everyone is free to overhear your exchange. This technological marvel might make you want to scream and scream at the wall at times. The camera was kept despite the fact that it performed poorly in low light. As soon as the sun goes down, though, the complaints begin. Some critics have said that the overall tone of the video is darker, so forget about getting a nice picture. The old keyboard's repulsive switching and the device's heft are among the drawbacks. Typical charging time is really long. It's not worth it to live a long and sedentary life if your smartphone is charged via wireless charging. Yesterday (10/25/2022), the weather was cool, and the battery died completely, even though it was at 80% capacity and room temperature (this also happened to other iPhones at minus temperatures). When you make a call, the volume drops when you go to watching video, and vice versa; fortunately, this is an issue that can be remedied by updating the firmware. (Jailbroken with iOS 11.0.3) It takes three hours to fully charge a phone from zero percent. 51min.34sec. There isn't a regular jack for headphones.

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