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Review on 🪥 Colgate 360° Advanced Optic White Toothbrush - Medium, 2 Pack (Color May Vary) by Carrie Spencer

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worse than the previous one. Cleans teeth along with enamel.

Upon arrival home, I realized that I forgot my toothbrush at a party. Of course, there are toothbrushes at home, but I forgot the electric toothbrush I used to brush my teeth with. Therefore, without thinking twice, for a promotion on the Ozon website, I bought the first brush that came across, the cheapest in price. Electric toothbrushes cannot be called budgetary, the minimum price without a discount is 1,600 rubles and up to 10 thousand rubles. ( I bought for 900 rubles. on a promotion (without a promotion 1800 rubles) Delivery was fast. I started using the 360 Optic White (whitening) battery-powered electric toothbrush around December 19th. When you receive a long-awaited thing, you rather want to put it into practice. The packaging is a little torn, but the name of the toothbrush and the delivery site are clearly visible. There is little information on the back. The manufacturer's promises to whiten teeth in one week are striking. Also, I only found out at home that the brush is not solid, but has a replaceable head (nozzle). I was delighted, I thought - a nice bonus. I did not pay attention to this when ordering, I chose the price. Outwardly, the new electric toothbrush is similar to my old one, the same brand. The difference is that the new one is heavier in weight and has a different shape, the bristles of the working part. Before writing this review, I did not pull out the removable nozzle. It turned out to be pretty hard to pull out. When the batteries are working, the removable head does not rattle or move. After 2 months, it has not loosened up, it is firmly held. To put the nozzle in place, there is a special groove. The other side cannot be inserted. The handle of the electric brush is wide, thick. It fits a man's hand. I would like a thinner handle, but not essential. The convex buttons that are on the handle of the brush are designed to turn on (top) and off (bottom). The buttons are tight, you need to apply force when pressed. For 2 months of use, the buttons work properly. The brush turns on immediately. The base of the handle is rubberized, does not slip in the hand. Toothpaste constantly clogs on the brush. It's hard to wash it off. On the reverse side of the toothbrush there is a convenient dent, the index finger fits well into it and securely holds the brush during operation. The tip of the handle at the brush ends with a removable cap, which is very tight to open. The cover must be strongly squeezed with your fingers and pulled towards you to change the batteries. I don’t have enough strength to open it, so my husband opened it for shooting. The electric toothbrush is powered by two replaceable batteries. I bought a toothbrush with a set of batteries. For 2 months, the battery performance has not changed, the brush head rotates well and vigorously. For two months of use, the cap was removed for the first time. There is no water in the battery compartment, everything is dry. Batteries are not dead and work well. The most important part of a toothbrush is its head, the working part. Before that, I used a brush with a classic head. Here the brush is called Optic White, respectively, there is a difference that helps whiten teeth. In the middle of the movable working part there is an eraser, very similar to dense silicone. When using an electric brush, this "thick crown" moves, rubbing the teeth and erasing plaque-dirt from them. Almost like I'm erasing extra pencil lines in a drawing. In addition to an unusual eraser, which is unusual for my teeth, an electric toothbrush has a different shape, thickness and stiffness of bristle hair. With the help of thin and thick bristles, the brush cleans the teeth in the usual way. On the working part there is a pad that cleans the tongue and cheeks. In the photo, it seems prickly, but in fact the pillow is elastic, tender and soft. I do not clean my tongue, because I have the urge to vomit. But if dentists recommend, then you need to clean. The photo above clearly shows that in working condition the head does not move all, but only a small part of it, and this confused me. I don't think this way of working cleans my teeth well. Small thin bristles, when moving, penetrate very far between the teeth, really cleaning the smallest gap, penetrating into any thin gap. The head rotates and vibrates rapidly. The manufacturer indicates that here is 11500 rpm. I believe it. A small, really pea-sized drop of toothpaste is enough for me to brush my teeth. From good vibration, not everything is so smooth, but there are also disadvantages. From vibration and translational-rotational movements, the toothpaste is whipped very strongly. It turns into air foam and starts moving. Now the first minus that annoys me when brushing my teeth. I use a medium foaming toothpaste. Foam paste begins to creep after 1 minute of brushing. Then it becomes so much that it flows along the toothbrush, towards my hand. Someone will say, you can always keep your hand up. But I'm so uncomfortable and my hand gets tired. Now every evening, after brushing my teeth, I have to wash the brush, wash my hands and wash my mouth from whipped airy foam. Previously, when using an old electric toothbrush, this was not the case. Of course, this is a plus that there is a lot of foam. To brush your teeth, you need very little toothpaste, you get an economical use (you can buy expensive toothpaste). The second incomprehensible moment for me is black smudges (streaks). The husband reassures - this is how the manufacturer conceived the color scheme. I believe that this is cheap plastic and poor coating with marriage. Black stripes, shades annoy me: as if a new toothbrush has already been peeled or leaked, the batteries have acidified. It's been 2 months since I picked up a promotional brush. Having experienced using electric toothbrushes and comparing, I regretted buying the Colgate 360 Optic White brush, my quick choice. The cons seem to be few, but very significant, for me. - I don't like the eraser on the tip of the toothbrush. It is rough, while brushing, it does not allow you to press the brush closer to your teeth. If you press it, you can squeeze the teeth out of the gums. - Dense silicone presses and keeps the bristles at a distance. - The eraser in the brush is not designed for teeth with thin enamel. My teeth became sensitive after using this brush. I hadn't noticed this in my teeth before. - An insignificant minus is a large handle, which is more suitable for a man's hand. - The electric toothbrush strongly knocks down the toothpaste, which flows in airy foam on my arm. Up hand hold uncomfortable, tired. - Movement of only a small part of the working head. The rest is motionless. - Bad plastic, with stains. Pluses, against the background of such minuses, do not save: - Removable nozzle head. - Low share price. - Economical consumption of paste. - 2 batteries included. Medium bristles. If I were to choose a toothbrush now, I would not buy the Colgate 360 Optic White Electric Toothbrush and do not recommend it to you. In my opinion, it is not suitable for normal brushing at all, turning strong teeth into sensitive ones. By the way, I didn’t notice that my teeth became whiter after 2 months of using the brush. I'm quoting the stock.

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  • Promotional price, removable nozzle, saving toothpaste
  • Eraser in the middle of the working surface, teeth become sensitive, uncomfortable wide handle, plastic with stains, only part of the head moves, whips toothpaste strongly, price without promotion