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Review on Payoneer by Özgün A

The master of payment methods

Payoneer is a platform created to remove barriers between international users.

Thanks to Payoneer, crypto money-fiat money or fiat money-crypto currency conversion can be made. These operations are very fast. Transactions are carried out on instant exchange rates.

You can shop online through Payoneer. Credit cards work in conjunction with Payoneer. It allows you to trade without commission wherever you are in the world.

Payoneer is completely free. With Payoneer, not only personal but also corporate service support can be obtained.

Thanks to Payoneer, there is no commission, as transactions are made without intermediaries.

Payoneer's interface is highly functional and usable.

Money can be withdrawn from ATMs with Payoneer. It can be used in almost all countries. It removes the obstacles imposed by the laws of the countries.

Payoneer's security policy is very strict. Your information is protected with special codes against fraudsters.

Payoneer has an intuitive artificial intelligence algorithm. In this way, inspired by your past transactions, it offers you a suggestion what you can do in your future transactions.

Payoneer has a mobile app. It is very useful.

The only problem with Payoneer is that your account can be blocked from transactions made without your knowledge, as they provide strict security measures. Instead of blocking the account, the option of freezing the money in the account can be introduced.

Overall I have been using it for years and have not had any issues and I am quite satisfied.

Pros & cons

  • There are many types of currencies supported
  • Removes international barriers
  • Heuristic artificial intelligence
  • Very fast money transfer transactions
  • The security procedure is very strict