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Review on Outdoor LED lamp 100 LED 3 modes, Solar-powered lamp with motion sensor wireless by Janis Riekstins ᠌

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How could such a bad product be made?

Completely disappointed. 1. There is no water protection, in principle it does not exist at all! 2. I measured the consumption currents: maximum brightness mode 710 mA, backlight mode at maximum brightness 8 mA, constant glow mode 64 mA, standby mode 0.7 mA. I measured the charge current of the solar panel - in cloudy weather on the windowsill 0 mA, from a table lamp from a distance of 10 cm - 1 mA. Conclusion, it's just a toy. I see only one use case, put 2 pieces of 18650 and a charging board from micro Usb into the case, in theory for autonomous work on movement, then 2 . 3 weeks is enough, then charge. No longer good for anything. In general, left for fun, that is, alterations. I redid it, sealed the solar panel, and just in case made a hole for draining water from below. Put 2 pieces inside. 18650 at 2600mAh, in parallel (I know this is not correct, I picked it up with the same internal resistance .) and the charge board from Aliexpress to mini USB, brought it to the back cover, I plan to just seal it with electrical tape between charges. According to the calculator, it will be enough for 1000 inclusions within a month, the standby mode was also taken into account. Well, the solar cell will be a twilight sensor :), if it adds something to the sun, I won't mind. The cost of reworking 50, excluding the cost of batteries, were donors from a laptop. Out of the box without alteration will not work normally, do not waste your money Good luck to everyone!

Updated 10 months ago
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I wanted to add some photos to give others a glimpse of what I saw.


  • It works, if you can call it that, I think that it will not last long without alteration.
  • Dismantled. Everything is sad, the battery capacity after measurement is 550 mAh. The solar charging panel is nothing, the charge current with a bright desk lamp is almost right next to the panel of 1 mA.

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July 04, 2023
Pros: when fully charged it shines brightly Got cons: dissipates very quickly