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Review on YUFER Magnetic Thermal Screen Door: Insulated And Energy Efficient Solution For Your Home Or Office by Chris Lentz

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Ugly, but the only solution i could find

So, we have a lot of dogs.After they ruined our sliding screen door, I found a heavy duty magnetic screen door that worked sooooo well and was the best thing ever over the summer.Well, we got a puppy. He ruined my magnetic screen.On top of that, it is now cold in Ohio. My husband cant stand that I leave the patio door open and just use a space heater or crank up the heat. I tried cutting a piece of cardboard to block off the top half of the open door to block some of the draft that comes in, but it was a futile attempt and wouldnt stay put.When searching for a replacement screen, I stumbled upon "thermal curtains". Well now, this might be a game changer for colder weather. I looked through every one that I could find, and ended up going with this one, mostly because it had one of the smallest sizes available (it's still too large, but I made it work).Lets start by saying, this is not a good looking solution. It really does look exactly like a shower curtain with a magnetic strip going down the center.It is not a super thick material. The design isnt anything to write home about. The magnetic strips dont seal together very well (in the mid section, especially, no matter how I positioned it).BUT, for now, it is serving its purpose. The kitchen/living room temps arent dropping rapidly when the door is open (I only lose about 2 degrees - before it was 5-10, depending on the outside temp). The dogs have no problems using it to go out, since theyre already used to the magnetic screens. Coming in is a different story. only because they cant see behind it, and if the door is closed, they run head first into it.So, the quality and look isnt great, BUT, it is the only solution I could find for my dilemma. I did however have to put it inside the house, bc the wind was catching it and since the magnets aren't that strong, they kept blowing open and hitting the glass door. Eventually, the wind ripped half off it off. So I moved it inside and had to but the velcro on the glass door itself. A total pain and so ugly, but serving it's purpose still.If you found this review at all helpful, please click the Helpful rating underneath :D I strive to be as thorough as possible, since I also rely heavily on Ebay reviews.

  • Thicker than other products.
  • The magnets may be attracted to other metal objects in the vicinity