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Review on Self Leveling Laser Level Vertical Selectable Measuring & Layout Tools by Denise Davis

Self leveling Good repair help! - my review about it

Good day everyone! On the well-known Chinese site, for construction and finishing work in an apartment, an interesting, in my opinion, device was bought - a Huepar laser level. Despite the somewhat ridiculous name for Russian speakers, reminiscent of a curse, Huepar is a rather large Chinese brand specializing in the production of construction tools, selling its products to a large number of countries, including the USA, Canada and Australia. The device was delivered in a small cardboard branded box, wrapped on the outside with bubble wrap. Inside is a black fabric dense and high-quality zipper case with the logo of the company itself. Inside the cover, on top in a transparent bag, there is a target for calibrating the level. A plastic target on a leg with large numbers and divisions. The leg is quite stable Further in the case, the laser level itself in a white packaging film, a set of finger-type salt batteries (it is desirable, of course, to replace with more capacious lithium ones in the future) and a magnetic mount on metal surfaces. Now in order, let's start with the device itself. The body of the level is made of high-quality and pleasant to the touch soft-touch plastic with a rubber coating, the name and model are applied on top. The device itself is stable, quite compact and small, but at the same time heavy, there is no feeling that you are holding a plastic Chinese toy. The manufacturer claims that this laser level is dust and water resistant. On top is a large round button on / off the device. The side surface is ribbed, it is very comfortable to hold in your hands. At the bottom there is a thread for mounting on a tripod and a compartment for 4 AA batteries, with a non-removable cover. The lid lock is very tight and tight, there is a feeling that it will not endure many openings and closings, because the lock practically has to be broken. The laser level has a pendulum-type compensator responsible for automatic leveling. Before pressing the power button located on top, you can move the special switch at the bottom of the device to the "open” position - this will unlock the free play of the pendulum. At this point, special attention must be paid, when transporting the level, the pendulum must always be fixed, otherwise the pendulum may fail. Therefore, before sending, it is better to ask the seller to block this pendulum in order to avoid damage. To turn off the device, you need to hold down and hold the on / off button for a couple of seconds. You can also turn on the device in non-auto leveling mode. The lens of the level is standard with two vectors (horizontal and vertical), it is convenient in terms of obtaining an angle of 90 degrees. The kit includes a durable plastic magnetic mount with a swivel mechanism (180 degrees). The kit also includes salt batteries, which makes it possible to check the performance of the device immediately. Compact instructions included The instructions are presented in five languages, while Russian is missing. Despite this, the control of the device is simple and clear. Specification. To turn on the laser level, you need to unlock the pendulum and press the button at the top of the device. After a short press on the power button, the beam lights up. Green laser beams are bright, not wide and more pleasing to the eye than red ones. Although, of course, the taste and color. The beam thickness is about 2.5 mm at a distance of about a meter, but the farther the distance, the narrower the line becomes. There are three modes, switched by a short single press of the power button. Only horizontal level. Only vertical level. Two levels for 90 degree angles. The Huepar level is an excellent and high-quality device for its price! Analogues of more famous brands are much more expensive with similar functionality. In fact, a laser level is a tool designed to facilitate the work of leveling various surfaces, and it does an excellent job with this task. Also an important point is the protection of the level from shocks and other external influences inevitable during the repair. There are no marks on the level of security on the level itself, but the high-quality plastic of the case with a rubberized coating, as well as the build quality of the device, are beyond doubt and allow you to get enough of its long work.

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Pros & cons

  • ✅ High-quality performance of the device; ✅ Easy to use; ✅ Possibility of mounting both on a tripod and on a holder with magnets; ✅ Thin, bright lines.
  • ❌ Tight battery compartment lock.