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Review on Wostore Double Flaring Tool Kit with Copper Line Tube Cutter: The Ultimate Solution for Precise Flaring! by Pete Juarez

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Heads up for virgin flarers

First time flarer here. You can't beat the inexpensiveness of this tool. However, we used 3/16" lines and this tool, in SAE, won't be sufficient to clamp the lines. European car, US tubes. Inner diameter works.I had to use a flaring vice grip from a different kit (the part that holds the brake line). I oiled the heads of the bubble flare tool and made many attempts as per attached photo before starting on the actual brake lines. Biggest criticism to this is that there is NO way to know how high to place the line to get the bubble flare done right. Too high, and you get a double bubble flare. Too low and it isn't a bubble.The instructions suggest (via an illustration) that the line is flushed with the top of the vice grip. That's clearly not correct.My flare where never clean. I had to use other tools to clean the edges off. You need height for the flaring.If you were to buy this kit, make sure to have a scive or someway to clean the inside and outside of the pipe before flaring. Even when using a pipe cutter, the inner diameter is smaller from the cut and thus the tool won't fit.For the height, I used trial and error and a caliper for precise measurements. Eyeballing it didn't work as you can tell from my photo.The correct height would also yield half of the flares to be off centered. So the method I found best was to figure out the correct height, go down halfway, flare.Then bring the whole tube up to the correct height and finish the flare. I had the tube vice grip part on a large heavy duty bench vice which helped tremendously.If I didn't perform the two step process, there was a strong chance that the flare would be off centered. The part where the flaring apparatus sits (vice part) does not sit flush on its side with the tube vice grip even though I used a different vice grip from another kit. They are both the same design and dimensions width and thickness so no variables there.Once flared, you need to knock the unit off the tubing as it gets stuck in it each time. A quick tap from the hammer to the apparatus and it comes off.While visually, my flares doesn't seat perfectly in the couplers, with some with a gap the thickness of hair, after installing all the brake lines, there was no leakage at all so am content. If there are faults to my flaring, then I'm gonna have the shop build them out. If you have money to spend, I'd go for a more quality type but seeing that I'm just a home mechanic and just needed this tool for what would likely be used for this one project, it was fine.Watching YT videos with other types of tools and was amazed how simple and clean the flares come out by comparison to this tool. Oh, all my lines had marks from the vice grip. You have to secure it tightly so it left imprints. It's not smooth for sure.If I had to do it all over, I'd rent a quality bubble flaring tool instead.ps: mine didn't come with the blue handheld scive tool unlike other reviewers.

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  • Worked well
  • Requires a lot of force to operate