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Review on Onebit Ventures by Zuleyma Gonzalez

Onebit Ventures, financial company

Many good blockchain projects fall by the wayside and in the worst cases do not even reach the startup stage, and it is not because they are bad projects or have poor developers, the reason is lack of funding, for that reason financial companies with venture capital funds open to global investors who want to invest in ventures, such is the case of Onebit ventures, which is a company founded and based in London England, is a global financial fund whose objective is to finance innovative projects of blockchain technologies.

Most of these financial companies are formed by associations of similar companies and have potential investors around the world, so they manage to consolidate a solid investment fund, Onebit does not escape from it, it belongs to a group Golside capital whose mission is to develop decentralized financial projects as well as projects based on non-fungible NFT tokens, all for the giant exchange Binance, on its Smart blockchain,

The Onebit platform has managed to consolidate its investment fund, a decentralized exchange, a pool to capture liquidity, an environment for NFT asset auctions, a wallet and the possibility for users to make stakes and pools for mining, something to give profits to users who intervene.
The company has good partners and already has a portfolio of consolidated ventures.

Pros & cons

  • Important financial company based in London.
  • It is global in nature.
  • Belongs to a powerful financial group
  • Good capital in its investment fund
  • It has already consolidated an environment where users can participate and earn some money, either by staking or mining.
  • Supports ventures for decentralized financial developments
  • I have nothing to say