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Review on Stay Safe And Secure: Wireless Motion Sensor And Pager Bed Alarm For Elderly And Kids by Daniel Mettler

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Alarms with no movement

Had two years worked great at base of my stairwell to alert us when child gets up at night. Now had att fiber internet installed with a receiver halfway up stairwell. No movement in hallway but sensor goes off over and over all night. Changed battery, moved sensor above the internet, change direction of sensor with no results. Bought a new set since it was almost two years old. No one seems to be able to help on this. The new set of sensors continue to go off in this hallway with no movement. I stand and watch and it will go off several times then do it again in less than 15 minutes. They say light will not cause this,. Only movement. I wish I could video this because there is no movement at all from direction of the sensor. I feel that it has to have something to do with the internet receiver which can not be moved.

  • Can be used in a variety of settings, including nursing homes and hospitals
  • The product may be too cumbersome for travel purposes