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Review on Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level with 8ft Measure Tape 📐 Ruler – Adjustable Standard and Metric Rulers for Picture Hanging by Morgan Gilmore

Revainrating 5 out of 5

For the implementation of building fantasies :)

In the St. Petersburg metro they sell everything and everything, from the necessary route calendars to strange, not always adequate inventions. Our friends, having left the car on the outskirts of the city, boldly went down to the subway ... My friend's husband, taking pity on a pale student-distributor in the subway car, bought a multi-purpose laser level from him. The student filled in that only such a level can be bought from him, nowhere else and never ... The girlfriend's husband says, supposedly, I know that he is lying, but it hurts miserably ... The girlfriend hissed at her husband all the way (he paid 550 rubles for the level , and on the Internet, as it turned out later, you can buy it for 300), but at home they figured it out, experimented and were satisfied - they have a repair coming up, and this level is very handy: This tool has 3 water levels - vertical, horizontal and under an angle of 45 degrees. A drop of water, bounded by black stripes on both sides, will accurately show whether the object is standing straight, the picture is hanging, the mirror is hanging, and whether it is necessary to make an inclination. Well, the main thing is the presence of a laser. Now lasers are so scolded for playing with planes that they will soon be equated with weapons, and the people who bought them with terrorists. But our friends use the level exclusively for creative purposes :) Look, here in the photo we put the level on the wall and turned on the laser (red line): And the FURTHER from the wall, the LONGER the line! It is enough to draw a pencil along the line and boldly make either a border or introduce other building fantasies. You can put the level on its side, and then the line will go vertically. There is also a function when the laser shines crosswise (for convenience, laying tiles in the bathroom, for example). The laser appears from the hole on the side, here you have to be careful and not look "where does this light come from?” - it is dangerous, you can damage your eyes. And in the off state - look as much as you want :) In addition to the ruler of 15 cm at the very level, on the opposite side of the laser there is a tape measure of 2.5 meters. With the push of a button, the tape measure quickly rolls up and disappears into the tool.

img 1 attached to Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level with 8ft Measure Tape 📐 Ruler – Adjustable Standard and Metric Rulers for Picture Hanging review by Morgan Gilmore

  • Fits in your pocket, it can be used to draw a straight line on the wall without other tricks.
  • Children under 14 are not allowed!

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