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About AgriXP

AgriXP for farmers is a zero-training platform designed by farmers and their crop consultants to track field data. It allows the farmer, the employees and crop consultants to log all field activities and export those data to Excel, PDF, or CVS for further usage. Our production costs and crop budget center is more powerful than ever, far beyond the competition. Did you make less or more income this year? Find the field, the crop or the variety involved and compare production costs by crop. Set up your costs & fees once, and see your economic summary unfold before your eyes. Group Revenue / Expenses and average yields by crops, varieties and fields. Add land costs to make sure that the rented field is profitable for the planned crop. AgriXP for agronomists, consultants, and multi-farm managers has been carefully designed to provide real experience with crop monitoring, scouting and to interact with all farm accounts at the same place.

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