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Very good

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Description of Bloody V5 gaming mouse, black

Combining the most advanced technology with creative design, the A4Tech V5 multi-mode gaming wired mouse will captivate both the experienced gamer and the novice. With a universally shaped manipulator, even a left-hander will feel great, not to mention a right-hander. The Soft touch coating, which has become an essential element for all worthy models, will provide a quality grip and prevent slipping of fingers during an exciting game at the most inopportune moment. The A4Tech V5 is rightfully considered one of the most accurate due to automatic recoil suppression, the ability to shoot without stopping and trajectory adjustment. Such magnificence is ensured by the outstanding technical characteristics of the mouse: an ultra-fast optical sensor with a wide range of resolutions (200–3200 dpi) and a response reaching 1000 Hz at the right time, eight control buttons, including user-configurable ones, and built-in memory.


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I took the first one in 2022 - it began to dull the wheel when scrolling, it sent signals 1-2 divisions in the other direction when you physically stop it. Also added sooo smooth wheel travel - without tangible steps. There was a double click on the left button. I replaced everything - the left microcontroller and scroll. Half a year later, double clicks appeared again, the wheel is still working. The Fix mouse program saves from double clicks. I doubt that the left button has worked out the…

  • The longest-playing mouse that I had lasted 7 years, so I took the second one. I did not disassemble the new mouse, but according to the available photographs of the disassembled new mouse in the reviews on the market, the filling seems to have remained the same as in the old one. I am attaching photographs of my old (2022) disassembled mouse. The right and left microcontrollers are Huano blue, the wheel microcontroller is Huano white. The red left button is already replaced, it was blue, like the right one. The part of the case that refers to the left and right buttons of the mouse with a luminous logo on the mouse 2022 was additionally rubberized on top - a soft-touch coating. This coating wears off over time, and makes the mouse look completely unpresentable. This coating was removed from the new mouse, now the surface is just matte plastic. Maybe this is better - it will retain its original appearance longer. In the old one, this coating was erased to the maximum, so that it would not look torn off, left only near the logo, as it is, because if you look from the back of the cover, you can see that the logo pattern is the cover, if it is completely erased, an empty square will remain. - The already long cable was lengthened even more - it was 180, it became 190 (measured approximately). The wire has become much softer, easily straightened. - Nylon wire braid. - Design.
  • There would be fewer drawbacks if you didn’t know which mouse was released in 2022. External changes in the new mouse in almost everything, with the exception of its shape. By all indications, production was reduced in price, at least prices were kept at the same level. In 2022 - 1200, in 2022 - 1500 without discounts and promotions. - They removed the proprietary Holeless technology - before the optical sensor was covered with a black lens, and a flat bottom was obtained, now it's just a hole with a glowing LED, like in mice. - On the previous (2022) mouse, the legs were Teflon, which can be safely torn off several times and glued back, and if it doesn’t work out, use the new ones from the kit. The new one (2022) has aluminum legs, I suppose that they deform when peeled off - I didn’t check it, especially since there are no spare ones, as in the previous delivery sets. - The corporate font of the buttons 1, N, 3 was changed to some simple and not intricate. - The logo illumination indicator in the body of the new mouse shines dimmer than the old one. Brightness is turned to the maximum. - The delivery set has also changed for the worse - except for the mouse itself, now there is only waste paper. The previous one also had a cleaning cloth. The new one has no interchangeable legs. There was no bootable CD or card for downloading software, about which they write on the box and in the instructions, anywhere. - Two-tone black and red nylon braid, which looks better - changed to just black. Well, at least they left the braid itself, they could just make a rubber wire - this will apparently be the next modification of the mouse. Sarcasm. But there is a universal phrase on the box: "All photos and descriptions above are for reference and may differ from the real product. "

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I really like the product, it fully meets my expectations.

I've been using it since 2022 and it has never let me down. During use, part of the LMB and the junction of the palm were erased, and also due to the frequent use of the DPI change button, the button itself does not always work. Prior to that, I used a standard genius office mouse.

  • Reliability, additional buttons, convenience
  • Easily soiled, wire with "memory effect" due to which it can be strongly bent at the base of the mouse and make it difficult to move smoothly

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I really like the product, it fully meets my expectations.

For the money, perhaps the best value for money. After 6 years of use, the legs fell off and began to slide poorly, which was the reason for the replacement.

  • The most durable mouse I've ever had. Survived a laptop and 3 headphones. Reliable as a Swiss watch. If you need a universal mouse for a modest budget, then for me this is the best solution. For 6 years of use, all buttons work, the only thing that began to fail is a quick left click. The wire was a little tangled, but that didn't interfere with use at all.
  • For shooters, the mouse is too heavy and breaks periodically.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Unusable to use, bad product.

In general, I was flattered by the price. The ergonomics are generally not bad, but alas, the workmanship is not at a very high level. Different pros: Price. Nice appearance. Good sensor. In a small hand it will lie well. Quiet click. Cons below: The right key broke very quickly - about 3-4 months. The side keys are small and inconveniently located. Firmware is sold separately, without it, fine-tuning this mouse as a gaming mouse is impossible.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I was surprised by the quality for this price.

I took a mouse for a long time, and then it looked a little different (specifically: there was no X under the painted hand, maybe they changed something else) Its pros: Qualitatively made, good tactile sensations, the tail is a strong braid (braid). Reliable, I have been using it actively for 6 years, I will take the same one as a replacement. Got cons: one drawback is that I thought about this point. leave it like this)

I heard that many mice do not cover the sensor and because of this, dust or hair gets on it and the mouse starts to lag. So this will not be the case. Cover the sensor from above with a lens. Different pros: Cheap for its segment, in my average hand lies comfortably, as it seems to me, the side buttons are well located. Original look. Has some cons: The hand sweats, there are unnecessary macros, the wire is quite tight.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A good quality product, I rate this purchase perfectly.

In general, after a year of operation, the shaft on the right side of the scroll wheel broke. The left button began to glitch - the contact plate broke. Buy safely - enough for a year, given that there are replaceable sticker legs. I'm going to buy a new one tomorrow.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Excellent product, the best quality.

Sharing my genuine usage feedback.Pros below: design. sits well in the hand. great mouse for the money. Some cons: unless there's a lot of button play. but it doesn't bother me.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A valuable purchase, some advantages!

Pros below: Quality, good coverage, appearance, good choice of settings, quite affordable price Got cons: For me personally, it’s kind of small, it doesn’t fit in my hand at all, my fingers are protruding, my palm doesn’t cover the entire mouse (my hand gets tired), I’d probably better take V7

Before that, there was an XL 740K model from the same company. Why did I fall for the reviews about the low noise level? It usually makes even more noise than before. The mouse is not comfortable in the hand and in control. while the arm is half-stressed. In addition, the previous model was with a weighting agent and moved more clearly. The plastic of the buttons still rattles, it's plastic. In the old one, the entire body was rubberized, the mouse lay perfectly in my hand. My hand is large and

  • Adjustable to various modes, it glows beautifully. Relatively quiet.
  • Lightweight. Sredny not large size. Not comfortable, so the hand gets tired.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Exactly as promised by the manufacturer, high quality.

Recently, I began to often play invok in dotka and three extra. the keys on the mouse save, about the dpi indicated on the office. I can’t say anything on the site, although the mouse is frisky, a pleasant backlight, which is also adjustable (brightness andcomlor relative to the mode), not heavy and not light, which just sits perfectly in the hand (by the way, I didn’t notice the difference with a friend’s pontoon mouse, although itcomsts hoo ? hid=723088&track=srchlink), incomnclusion, I would

  • Extremely comfortable "mouse" in all aspects.
  • I thought that they would give a vidyuhu for others, but this is no longer a mouse))

Budget mouse designed mainly for shooting games, stylish comfortable cool. Except for paid software (which does not bother me), I take into account the price. The mouse is decent. Let's see how long it lasts. I am very pleased with the purchase so far. Some pros: Stylish appearance (especially like the flashing palm); in the hand lies like a glove, two additional keys under the thumb, pleasant to the touch, a small price Some cons: Everyone has already said about paid software, but since I…

The mouse got me a year ago. Before that, I used an old optical mouse for 100. In the hand lies perfectly (although I had to get used to the first 1-2 weeks). Add. I don't use software. In it, you can customize all the mouse buttons for yourself or select the "CHIT mode", which will cost you a round sum. According to the manufacturers, it helps with shooting. At the beginning there is a demo version for 1000 shots. As for me, it's a waste of money and an unnecessary function. You can adjust…

  • 1. Convenience 2. Iron plates 3. Sensitivity adjustment 4. Design
  • No

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I'm very happy, it really is worth buying.

I advise you never to disassemble it, because by removing the two red plates at the bottom, which are attached with factory glue, you somehow deform them a little, the glue will weaken, which will cause the mouse to scratch and deform the mat. I fixed it with tape, but it's still unpleasant for Rem. From old age, by the way, the maximum that happened was that the fabric dispersed on the wire, and in order to prevent its further decay, it was necessary to cure it with the same good old tape.…

  • I bought approximately in 2022-2022 for 1200. That is, she served 6 years and still serves. For all the time there were no problems with her.
  • Very easy to accumulate dirt from your hands, no matter how clean you are. I have a habit of going to wash my hands from time to time even when working at the computer, but every month I still have to clean it, because dirt accumulates in the "trenches" on the sides and likes to accumulate in clumps near the two left side buttons. None of my mice have ever been so dirty.

I don't know what has to happen for this mouse to break. For the 7 years that I have it, I managed to finish school, go to university, finish university, get a job, find a girl, second, third, break up with them. It seems to me that even if hell freezes over, a meteorite flies into the planet or the universe collapses to the size of an atom, then this mouse will be the only thing that will not disappear anywhere and nothing will happen to it. Apparently, I will have to pass it on from…

  • Mouse quality, design, ergonomics, price
  • Mouse for life, I had to put up with it.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The perfect product for any user!

for those pennies that it costs better it’s hard to find and x7 as it was in 2022-2022 is not the same, unfortunately, personal experience. I spent 1k in vain and took it to work. Pleasant light hand comfort, no fatigue and sweat. style for my taste under z11+ just Has some pros: Star for you I am writing a review. there are absolutely no shortcomings of yours, mb city (my perm) or store (price 1200r) x7 is many times better, quiet roller (m3) backlight (I love such stray costs z11+ all coolers