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Breathalyzer Lydsto Lydsto HD-JJCSY01 Review




Revainrating 4 out of 5  
Industrial and Scientific, 🔍 Test, Measure & Inspect, 🏎️ Motion, Speed & Force, 🔍 Test, Measure & Inspect

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Description of Breathalyzer Lydsto Lydsto HD-JJCSY01

Breathalyzer Lydsto Alcohol Tester is a device designed to measure the level of alcohol in the exhaled air. Data is displayed on a small LCD located on the front of the device. The entire measurement process takes 22 seconds, after which the result of the analysis is displayed on the display. The high-frequency sensor cleans all impurities in the air mixture, leaving only alcohol for maximum measurement accuracy. The digital breathalyzer will serve as a personal car alcohol test. Universal non-contact breathalyzer, alcohol is indispensable for the driver, should always be at hand in the car. Built-in LCD display with clear numbers is easy to read in bright daylight. Comes with interchangeable mouthpieces. Breathalyzer, alcohol analyzer, alcohol test, digital breathalyzer, universal device for home use and for the traffic police. It is used as a professional device in the car for both women and men.


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Revainrating 3 out of 5

The quality is fine, it's fine to use.

At the first blow, it immediately began to show the presence of minimal alcohol in the exhaled air, although it definitely could not be there. I decided to test - I drank 1 beer and about 250 ml of whiskey, blew out after 20 minutes - it showed 0.1 . very strange

Summing up, I want to say: - I recommend buying this miracle of nature ! But you need to check in different ways (available on the Internet) . After all, it's never too late to return! Sobriety everyone🙌 Pros below: Shows very accurately! Why did I decide so? I just know how it works . . and, judging by the reviews, I was probably lucky with the device . Because I read that there are a lot of erroneous measurements or simply does not work. Different cons: Collected tyap-blunder))))) well, what

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The product did not disappoint, the quality pleases.

"smelled" from 0.004-0.006, that is, 0.016 for a car is easily recognizable. Lost at high levels. It is necessary to change the mouthpieces if you blow several times or several people, and also wait a few minutes between repeated results, as vapors remain inside

Revainrating 2 out of 5

A little disappointed, a bad purchase.

A very controversial device. For a week of testing, I still did not understand whether it was worth believing or not. The first measurement of a sober person always shows 0.020-0.030 (and you can not even blow into the tube, but shake it in the air so that air passively hits the sensor), the second and third show approximately 0.0002 - 0.0005. Zero values ​​seen only a few times. After drinking, in the morning the third measurement showed 0.030, and after a few hours the readings fell to the…

  • Well assembled, clear control, good equipment
  • The reliability of measurements raises big questions

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Valuable purchase, nothing but pluses!

First I ordered (and received) the device, then I got to read the comments and reviews. Strange, right? But it happens to me. Very upset that the purchase will be useless. But, apparently, I was lucky, like one of the other buyers. Inserted batteries - everything works. The screen is not red, but blue, but everything is perfectly visible. And the build quality is ok. Nothing creaks, does not vibrate, does not dangle. It is pleasant to hold in hands. The truth for some reason shows half the…

  • Works. I checked it right after "acceptance" - it gives exorbitant numbers and the inscription "Danger" (in English, though). After 20 minutes, it is already approximately comparable with the degree of intoxication (checked on the intoxication calculator). An hour after one glass, he feels residual vapors, after two - already zero!
  • Comments from previous buyers.