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C S Paints AlkydPro Fast Drying

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Paint TypeOil
ColorZinc White
Package InformationTube
Item Volume120 Milliliters
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About C S Paints AlkydPro Fast Drying

Dries in 20 hours; the fastest drying and only professional oil alkyd line available worldwide, sizes 37ml, 70ml,120 ml,175ml, 8oz, 16oz, 32oz cans. Made with non-yellowing sunflower oil alkyd and with maximum pigment concentration; Dries to a flexible brilliant film retaining clarity. Fully compatible and intermixable with all traditional oil paints, mediums, varnishes, techniques, surfaces and Alkydpro fast-dry gel, impasto mediums. Conforms to ASTM d4236 made in USA

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Fantastic Gray Alkyd Paint

CAS makes the finest alkyd paints. This review is dedicated to Titanium Buff Gray, a must-have color in my Grisaille Underpainting palette. CAS has pure pigment and binder, not much filler. That's not just what I'm saying, it's also the result of a peer-reviewed academic study of conservatives. With some pigments there may be some separation between binder and pigment due to not having all the fillers and stabilizers that other companies use. This is the price of pure pigment. This gray fits perfectly. I use it to create grayscale with white and black as it gives me a neutral starting point.

Pros & cons

  • Color
  • Available in White only

Very Good Paint at a Very Good Price

CAS manufactures professional alkyd paint. The pigments are premium, the amount of pigment in a given amount of paint is high, there are no cheap substitutes or fillers to dilute the purity of the paint. The sample I received is ultramarine blue, the color I use in volume as it is a sky blue vase. CAS paint will stand the test of time and will almost certainly outlast traditional oil paints. Alkyd paint dries much faster than traditional oil paints. Two types of paint are mixed in any proportion. CAS produces first class colors with a reasonable selection of archival pigments. There are few competitors. The most famous of these are Windsor and Newton Griffin alkyd paints. Griffin has less pigmentation, more college-aged. Gambin makes an alkyd product called Fastmat that is almost the same quality. There are other brands that are less well known. From what I can see the only downside to CAS is that it's not available everywhere, but if you order online from Jerry's Artarama, CAS is…

Beautiful colors, effective drying as advertised and more. Love it.

I'm viewing: CAS AlkydPro Fast Drying Oil Colours. COLOURS: 1. Pyrrole red light2. ultramarine blue1. Pyrrole red light is similar to cadmium light. Some say there are shades of pink in some Pyrrole Red Light colors. Maybe because of the bright color of red after adding white. Not here. The result of using the ingredients used here is, in my opinion, a very pure red that is slightly less opaque and more orange than cadmium red. Pyrrole red is very lightfast, intense and makes a good base red, so I gladly took the next good base blue. Ultramarine is a deep blue pigment, originally made by grinding lapis lazuli into a powder. The name comes from the Latin word for "under water". I've been asked in the past to choose this particular color for my blue. I used these two colors as the basis for my set of primary colors that mix well. Although there are nicer colors of this brand and type that I have seen myself, I mixed ultramarine and pyrrole red. make purple and even more blue-violet. I…