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πŸ”¬ Substance Analysis Instrumentation, πŸ” Test, Measure & Inspect

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Description of πŸ’‘ NURSAL Electrode Replacements with Extended Reusability

Premium Quality TENS Pads: We're always looking for new ways to bring our customers incredible value! Each pad is flexible and soft to the touch, helping you get the most from your TENS or EMS unit. They also feature gray cloth backing for durability and come with re-sealable packaging for a longer lifespan. Premium American-made Adhesive: The low impedance solid electrode gel used on these TENS pads is made by an industry-leading American adhesive company, which provides excellent self-adhesive performance for a maximum of 30 uses. Moreover, those pads are easy to remove with no sticky residue left behind. Standard 3.5mm Snap-on Connector: The NURSAL electrode pads are compatible with all TENS/EMS devices on the market that use the industry standard 3.5mm snap-on connectors. With Safety Certification: When you use the NURSAL TENS pads, you get safe & fast pain relief, and are further protected by not having to ingest potentially harmful additives or consume prescription medication, which may have side effects. User-friendly Design & Different Sizes: Totally 20 pieces pads, coming in small (1.2''Γ—1.6''), medium (1.6''Γ—1.8'') and large (2''Γ—4'') sizes, the pads can be used to target different massage locations on the body for a better massage experience. In addition, the elegant curved design provides a better fit for your skin. Perfect for professional and home Use.


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Revainrating 5 out of 5

Superior quality, the very best in substance analysis

These are excellent seals. They come in a very cute pouch to keep them in and also come with little holders to attach the pads when you're done which is very handy. They stick very well and last a long time. I couldn't believe how much stronger the pulse was when using them as opposed to the pads I had before. It was almost like using a different car. I'm sure the pulse will weaken as the gel wears off, but so far I've used them a couple of times (at least 6) and they still stay strong. I would

  • Test, measurement and inspection
  • Wrinkled

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Excellent adhesion and reusability!

This product has excellent adhesion and the pads can be reused. The Nursal Tens Unit I ordered also came with a storage area to fit pads when not in use to retain moisture. I've been using this device for a week and I still have some discomfort, but the current social distancing policy and more seating can also help. The device has definitely relieved me of constant muscle spasms in my back. I didn't have to use the device every day, but it definitely helps on days when the pain gets worse. The

  • Industrial & Scientific
  • No efficacy

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Before you complain, make sure you handle them properly

They work great for me and my husband. Usually we just search and order everything when ours are worn out but I think we'll stick with these this time, great price with different sizes. I have bruxism and total slipped discs on both sides of my TMJ so I use the smallest on and around my lower jaw and neck. I have cubital tunnels on both sides, but my right hand is the worst. I can't feel my pinky or ring finger and when my arthritis flares up it gets worse so I use a large electrode on my…

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  • Something else