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Flever Dollhouse Miniature Valentines Squirrel Brown

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About Flever Dollhouse Miniature Valentines Squirrel Brown

The assembly is suitable for people older than 14 years and need you to assemble by yourself. It takes about 6 hours. You will get the joy after you have finished assembling it. Finished Product Size:7.68*6.5*2.95(inches) Package includes all the furnitures and accessories in the pictures. Important note: if any other questions such as steps of assembly or missing parts, please contact us for help. We will right here waiting for you to solve your problems. The instruction is in English. Each steps has been clearly showed in the instruction with pictures to guide you to assemble the house. It's...
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plexiglass? fits dollhouse

When I opened the item it was well packaged and looked intact but I was missing a piece of Plexiglas. I'll update it when I go, I just want it to have all the details so I'm only giving this article 3 stars.

Pros & cons

  • Very good price
  • Modern

Super cute the best in dolls and accessories

Super cute. The artistic embellishments went awry compared to the instructions, but that's what I like best about these types of projects. Definitely suitable for beginners. Directions aren't the clearest in terms of wiring, but otherwise not too bad.

Pros & cons

  • Absolute legend
  • Some troubles

So much fun. fits dolls and accessories

I had a lot of fun putting this together. There was no way to do this based on the instructions that came with it, but there is a build on youtube that really helped, especially with the lights. Remember that this is a small part and all components are very small. I had a hard time picking up some of the smallest things - that tiny box and pillow I refused. But it was still nice for me, I ended up adding some of my own details like polymer mushrooms. I love how it hangs on my wall with the lights on!

Pros & cons

  • High marks for grip and durability from testers
  • Not sure

Beautiful and complete set. Super adorable!

((( This is a DIY kit, it will not be assembled. And the parts must be small because it's a miniature kit! ))) Just received my kit and I'm already in love. Surprised to see that the tree trunk on the left is actually very hard plastic which is great. Full color English guide easy to follow. They even have a PDF version of the instructions if you want one. Can't wait to finish and hang on the wall. ((This review was supplemented with finished photos. I lost a small bird's nest hanging from a branch so it's not in the photo lol))

Pros & cons

  • cool item
  • Hard to say