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Revainrating 5 out of 5  
HR, Employee Scheduling

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Description of Get Scheduled

Get Scheduled is an online rota and shift planning solution.


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Revainrating 5 out of 5

My best buddy - Awesome platform & incredible service

The UI of this software tool makes it very easy to use for both admins as well employees, since you don't need any previous experience in using time management tools like Excel or Google Sheets etc., You can easily create your own shifts with ease! Sometimes when i'm adding new employee I have some problems finding their profile page but that's not really big issue because they will find themselves anyway after signing up so no problem there at all. Nothing specific about get scheduled yet…

  • A complete Time Tracking Software
  • Excellent Customer Support service (Phone & Live chat)
  • Amazing User InterfaceEasy To Use For Admis As Well Employees
  • Easy Shifts Approvals , Employee Profile Management
  • Multi location tracking(Different Pricing Tiers Available )
  • There are nuances

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great solution especially good customer service

I really like how easy it was to use for my team, everything has been integrated into one platform which makes things much easier than having several different apps open at once or needing multiple people in separate meetings! The only thing that could be improved would have something more useful such as time tracking built-in rather then just being able find out when someone's next available break/meeting etc (which you can do now!). If there are any problems with using this software please…

  • It works fine even without internet connection too :) Love user interface
  • All fine

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great toolset and great value even outside salesforce

I like that you can create tasks, which then allows me to assign them out with other users via in-app messaging or emailing as needed! The app doesn't have all of my benefits yet but it's getting there quickly!! It works well for our team at work - we are able get daily updates from each person about their availability so scheduling meetings/conferences etc has been made easier because they're notified when others need time off too (which helps avoid last minute cancellations). The fact that…

  • Flexible schedule options
  • Easy navigation through schedules & reminders
  • Access by web browser anywhere without installation.
  • Mobile friendly site / designEasy access back into portal even while using mobile devicesAbility track your vacation days onlineAccessibility across multiple platformsFast response timesNo contractsLimited amount allowed per dayFlexable payment termsEaseful set upGreat user interfaceGood support systemIntegrates seamlessly between desktop computers AND phonesExcellent customer
  • Almost never

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A fantastic way increase efficiency & productivity !

The ease of use, ability to easily add new staff members/employees with minimal hassle or errors! I dislike that it's not as easy for your employees (or even you) if they are in another time zone than what we have set up at work - this would be especially helpful when working from home during quarantine times due to COVID-19 restrictions!! We've been able help our team plan their shifts more efficiently by using get scheduled compared to other scheduling softwares available previously which…

  • Easy access & visibility into schedules across multiple teams all within one platform.the customer service provided is very good too!!! They respond fast via email wth any assistance needed quickly..awesome :) Thank u!!!! It helps us avoid overloading people who just want simple shift hours without getting bogged down trying figure out complicated software packages such has Wrike etc..just wish there was an easier way around assigning overtime but
  • Nothing here

The ease of use, being able to add in new staff members at any time without having it update automatically - great! It's also very easy for managers/supervisors who are not familiar with scheduling software or Excel (which I'm sure most people aren't!) but still want their team covered throughout each day so they can focus more intently during busy periods when there may be less support from other employees as well. That said though we do have some issues that need sorting out such as how long…

  • Simple interface
  • Ability To view shift schedules by department / job description & employee names
  • User friendly design allowing users quickly change settings e