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Description of 🔌 Electric Compressor Coaster with HQRP Capacitor

HQRP® Replacement CD60 Motor Start Capacitor;. Capacitance: 200uf; Rated Voltage: AC 125V; Capacitor Diameter 45mm, Height 87mm;. Tolerance : +/-10%; Shape: Round;. 200 Days warranty!. Compatible with: 200uF 125V Start Capacitor AC Electric Motor Start HVAC Blower Compressor Pump 200MFD CD60; Please pay attention, if your old Metallized Polypropylene Film is 10,000 AFC capacitor, the new one should also be Metallized Polypropylene Film 10,000 AFC. We do not recommend installing a CBB60 or CD60 capacitor instead of Metallized Polypropylene Film 10,000 AFC ! CD60 Capacitor is for Starting AC Motor and it cannot be used as Run Motor Capacitor;.


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Revainrating 5 out of 5

Craftsman Portable Compressor Won't Start

My 10 year old portable air compressor was having trouble starting. He pretended I was smearing him with molasses instead of butter. After replacing the starting capacitor which took less than 20 minutes. My compressor starts like new. Although the replaced capacitor was slightly longer than the original, there was enough extra clearance in the shroud covering the electrical components that it didn't matter.

  • Capacitance: 200uF; Rated Voltage: 125VAC; condenser diameter 45 mm, height 87 mm;
  • Cord is shorter than others

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Works great, capacity meets specifications

If the fan in the air conditioner outdoor unit began to hum and not spin, the most likely cause is a bad starting capacitor, as in my case. I don't know why, the fan start capacitor usually fails before the compressor capacitor. When a capacitor fails, there is often no visible evidence of its appearance. You will need a capacitance multimeter to check this. This one is inexpensive. Before installation I measured the capacity. It was within spec. After I installed it, the air conditioning…

  • 200 day guarantee!
  • Out of fashion

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Latched Electric Pressure Washer Revived

I have a snap-on electric pressure washer that I've owned since 2004 and I'm having intermittent problems starting and breaker burnout. I took it apart to inspect and saw that it had a condenser which I thought should help run it like my heater and air conditioner. I replaced the condenser in these for the same reason they wouldn't start, so I decided to try it on my pressure washer. The pressure washer condenser had information printed on it that I could compare to this one. as a possible…

  • HQRP® CD60 Replacement Engine Start Capacitor;
  • Something else