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Compact Tabletop Ironing Board by Leifheit: Optimal AirBoard for Efficient Ironing Review




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Description of Compact Tabletop Ironing Board by Leifheit: Optimal AirBoard for Efficient Ironing

Product Overview

Introducing the Leifheit Compact Tabletop Ironing Board - the perfect solution for efficient and hassle-free ironing. Made from 100% cotton, this imported tabletop ironing board offers a lightweight and convenient ironing experience. With its ultra-light surface, weighing only 0.5 kg (1.2 lbs), it is 25% lighter than comparable ironing boards. Designed with a clever shape at the end, it ensures a perfect shoulder-fit, making ironing blouses and shirts easier than ever.

Key Features and Benefits

1. Thermo-Reflect Technology: The Leifheit AirBoard Compact features a unique Thermo-Reflect steam and heat-reflection cover coating. This innovative technology enables 33% faster ironing, as it optimally distributes heat and steam for efficient results.

2. Non-Slip Feet: Safety is a top priority. The ironing board is equipped with non-slip feet, ensuring a firm and stable surface during ironing. Say goodbye to accidental slips and worries, and focus on achieving wrinkle-free perfection.

3. Suitable for Standard Steam Irons: The Leifheit AirBoard Compact is compatible with any standard steam iron, allowing you to use your preferred ironing tool without any hassle or limitations.

Versatile Applications

1. At Home: This compact tabletop ironing board is a perfect fit for small living spaces, apartments, or dorm rooms. It offers a convenient ironing solution without taking up excessive space. Ideal for individuals or families looking for an efficient and portable ironing board.

2. Travel Companion: Planning a business trip or vacation? The Leifheit AirBoard Compact is lightweight and compact, making it an excellent travel companion. Take it with you wherever you go, ensuring wrinkle-free clothes and a polished appearance on your journeys.

3. Office or Workplace: Don't let wrinkled clothing compromise your professional image. Keep the Leifheit AirBoard Compact at your office or workplace for quick touch-ups and crisp attire, ensuring you always make a great impression.

Transform Your Ironing Experience

The Leifheit AirBoard Compact Tabletop Ironing Board revolutionizes the way you approach ironing. With its lightweight design, Thermo-Reflect technology, and convenient features, it saves you time and effort while delivering outstanding results. Whether you're a busy professional, a frequent traveler, or someone who values efficiency, this versatile ironing board is a game-changer. Experience the difference and enjoy wrinkle-free clothes with ease.

Where Can This Product Be Used?

Here are some places where the Leifheit AirBoard Compact Tabletop Ironing Board can be used:

  • In your home laundry room or utility area
  • In a small apartment or dormitory
  • During business trips or vacations
  • In office spaces or workplaces
  • 100% Cotton. Imported. Tabletop ironing board with ultra-light surface (weighs only 0.5 kg or 1.2lbs) that is 25% lighter than comparable ironing boards. Cleverly shaped at the end for a perfect shoulder-fit and easier ironing of blouses and shirts. 33% faster ironing with a Thermo-Reflect steam and heat-reflection cover coating. Also includes non-slip feet for firm and safe ironing. Suitable for any standard steam iron. 3.5 inches high, 12 inches wide, and 28.75 inches deep; Surface area of 28.7 inches long and 11.8 inches wide (73 cm x 30 cm); and 3mm padding.



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    Revainrating 1 out of 5

    Think twice before you buy-the product is disgusting.

    Disappointed with such an attitude to security . Germany is called . the old 2022 board for 1 thousand for 10 years did not allow anything like that

    • Lightweight with socket
    • A traumatic thing - the child cut his finger very badly (to the bone) on the lower guide - which is unfinished and looks like a razor with burrs. I sent a letter about this to the Lievheit representative office in 2022 and Germany

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    The best thing I've ever used, a great item for everyone!

    It is comfortable to iron, nothing staggers, the legs are all the same. Apparently, someone came across a marriage . I came across a slightly curved copy (the middle is higher, towards the edges below), it does not interfere. The ironing surface is moderately soft, as it should be. ironing quality is excellent. Before that there was a board with a metal mesh, this one is better.

    • Very light, has an outlet
    • plastic is slightly curved, not critical

    Revainrating 1 out of 5

    Disgusting, dissatisfied with the purchase.

    The second board of this company is defective. I bought the first one for Amazon, then one support was peeled off. Although the product description indicated that the markdown was due to damage to the packaging. Now the case is generally cracked and the board is not fixed. Also, the return through market is terrible. I bought it for my mother as a gift, now it turns out that my mother needs to drag this board to the post office and pay for sending a bulky cargo. All because the supplier sent a

    • Not
    • Marriage Antenna not fixed Hull cracked The board itself is not fixed

    Revainrating 2 out of 5

    Not a good product, sorry to have spent money on it.

    When I bought it, I couldn't be happier. But - the design turned out to be very unreliable, but the opposite impression is made. The board does not match the price at all, I do not recommend

    • The board is light, well laid out, adjustable in height, it is convenient to iron.
    • The legs fell off. Turned out they were spot welded. The board became unusable.

    Revainrating 1 out of 5

    I want my money back! Disgusting product and poor quality.

    My wife and I bought this board on May 5, 2022. They brought it, unpacked it - and it is all uneven, staggers and the ironing surface is still concave. In the store, when the board is in the package (the thermal film is thick, and even covered with advertising labels promising unprecedented Happiness when ironing), the flaws are not visible, and they are not allowed to unpack. They took it the next day, handed it over, although we had to wait for the arrival of a representative of the…

    • Light
    • Wobbling on any surface, one leg was 8 mm shorter than the rest. Uneven ironing surface (concave plastic board base).

    Revainrating 2 out of 5

    Don't buy it, it's not what it should be.

    We chose an ironing board for a long time, before that we used the most ordinary one and now we decided to try "ironing on both sides" which the manufacturer promises due to the use of heat-resistant plastic. Alas, ah, it never came to operation, I bought it, came home and found that it simply staggers on a flat surface. Although the manufacturer states on the website "System for leveling uneven floors, for differences up to 1 cm." Here you have the European quality of the Czech assembly). As a

    • light
    • staggers

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Small good solution

    I had a lot of trouble sizing this board and finally confirmed that the feet are 14 inches long on the outside. In fact, only one ending works. The other is over 2 cm wider. So I had to ask someone to bend the legs to fit the closet. Not sure if the iron stand is useful but couldn't get it off. This is the second board I've ordered and live with.

    • Iron 33% faster with Thermo-Reflect coating that reflects steam and heat. Also includes non-slip feet for safe and secure ironing
    • A newer model could have been chosen

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    Ironing Board Price

    I've downsized my apartment to a 1 bedroom and got rid of a heavy 30 year old ironing board. Nothing but weight. Planned to get a board to put on the counter but the counters are too small. My iron is cordless, so I don't need a cord-holding feature, but a charging/heating iron fits perfectly. It seems to reflect the heat from the iron. Cover and upholstery are nice. Expensive but worth it! I love my cotton shirts and would rather iron them than ship them.

    • Fits any standard steam iron
    • Reliability

    Revainrating 1 out of 5

    Compact table ironing board.

    This is a very light ironing board that I knew I bought. I mainly sew shirts and it works great, but because it's so light it tends to move when in use. I wanted to donate my old ironing board, but I'll keep it in case I ever need to do some heavy ironing. This takes up very little space. It is well made and has a heavy case. The only problem is that it moves, but I really needed a light weight for the good to outweigh the bad.

    • 100% Cotton
    • Damaged

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    Lightweight but wobbly and not as advertised

    Was really looking forward to this based on many good reviews and specs but unfortunately not as advertised Firstly it is very shaky as shown in the video and there is no easy way to fix this to fix without putting anything under either leg. In the normal position the board is heavily sideways and wobbling a lot. This was a deal breaker for us, although the weight is very light as advertised. Secondly, the description says that the height is infinitely adjustable but as you can see in the…

    • 3.5" high x 12" wide x 28.75" deep; surface 28.7" long x 11.8" wide (73cm x 30cm); and 3 -mm spacer
    • I vaguely remember

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Good board, but the paint is already torn.

    This ironing board was highly recommended to me and I looked through many before buying. It's hard to find a good ironing board at a good price. What I like about it is that it's lightweight, as the name suggests, and not too big. It took me a while to figure out how to lower it after use. All instructions are presented in the form of diagrams, which is not very convenient. I haven't used it enough to talk about it too much but I only gave it four stars because a few days ago I noticed the…

    • Imported
    • There are nuances

    Size XL offers surprisingly good value for money. Bought from Revain in February 2016 after my husband flexed our 25 year old ironing board (not when ironing, mind you, but trying to be "useful" and put it away after I'd used it to iron his shirts, and it could not save quickly). Pros: The extra inches of height adjustment options are AMAZING for tall people. The extra inches of total usable board length is incredibly good for people with longer leg liners, those of us who occasionally iron…

    • Cleverly shaped hem for a perfect fit on the shoulder and easy ironing of blouses and shirts
    • Blank