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Network spray gun WAGNER W 590 FLEXiO Review




Revainrating 3.5 out of 5  
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Description of Network spray gun WAGNER W 590 FLEXiO

Suitable for spraying all conventional paints, both water-based and solvent-based. Wagner W590 comes with two spray nozzles: 1. Wall Extra I-Spray nozzle with 1300 ml paint container. for thick materials: water-based, latex, facade, etc. paints. The nozzle has a unique design of the nozzle (nozzle) - I-Spray. I-Spray nozzle - exceptionally fine atomization for excellent surface finish. Easily copes with viscous materials, and also increases the speed of work up to 30%. The nozzle has two flat jet shapes: vertical and horizontal. There is also a jet width regulator, you can paint with a wide strip: 20-25 cm, or a narrow strip: 5-10 cm. and material feed regulator.2. Nozzle Woods & Metal EXTRA Standard with 800 ml paint container. for liquid materials: primers, varnishes, enamels, oil paints, etc. The nozzle has three jet shapes: two flat, wide 15-20 cm vertical and horizontal jets, and a third in the form of a circle with a diameter of 5-10 cm. It can be used as an apparatus for disinfecting surfaces. Spray technology allows you to apply disinfectant solutions to various types of treated surfaces and effectively clean and protect them from bacteria, fungi or viruses.


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Type of review

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The perfect purchase for me, exactly what I was looking for!

Helped paint the house with Tikkurila Pika-Teho paint. Painted according to Tikkurila's instructions, applied with a spray gun, rubbed with a brush. Soil Tikkurila Valtti Primer, perfectly applied without any dilution and rubbing, will greatly speed up the work. I am satisfied with the purchase.

  • It applies evenly, paint consumption is less than with a brush. Example in the photo, Wagner on top, brush on the bottom. Quality tool. A complete and thoughtful package.
  • A bit heavy for long term use. It does not spray very thick paint well, you need to dilute it, carefully read the instructions for how to apply paint.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

The product is not good, I will not buy any more.

Purchased for priming walls and ceilings. During the painting of the walls, the speed of the air flow fell already on the second day. After the shutdown and restart, the work was restored and this phenomenon was not given importance. The next day, the airflow regulator stopped working, remaining at the lowest speed, as a result of which it was not possible to adjust the coloring torch. The paint sprayer was handed over to the seller under warranty and transferred to the WAGNER representative…

  • Adjustment of air supply and paint. Tank capacity. Quiet. Beautiful.
  • Broke on the third day of use. No viscometer. Difficult to clean off after painting. Heavy with a full tank. The cord is short. Internet advertising is false!

Purchased for painting small objects like doors, countertops or radiators in the country. It is stated that it processes 2.5 m2 in a minute, it feels like it is, it takes 5 minutes on the wall. It was important to me that the model worked on thick materials. There is a powerful turbine, it copes well, I don’t dilute anything. There are nozzles for radiators, very convenient, and an extension cord.

  • warranty service, good equipment, quick change of nozzles, easy maintenance.
  • No.

Worked for 4 months. Then the paint got into the engine. Why this happened is not clear. Acted according to instructions. Judging by other reviews, this is a common situation. The case, according to the general distributor, is not guaranteed. And now the main thing is that the engine is not supplied to 2022 as a spare part. It is impossible to buy it. It is also impossible to repair for a fee (the engine is non-separable, maintenance-free). As a result - just throw it away.

  • Good paint spray
  • Non-repairable.