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Painting Acrylic Landscapes Easy Way Ebook

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About Painting Acrylic Landscapes Easy Way Ebook


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Good explanations and illustrations

The book contains good photos of the materials used and their application as well as step-by-step demonstrations of how a painting is made.See full review

Acrylic painting book.

A great way to learn to paint with acrylics. The book has enough introductory sections, and then you can go straight to applying paint to canvas, hardboard, or paper. Wonderfully clear instructions, dozens of examples for each technique.See full review

Your picture could be better

I love to draw and it's as good as or better than taking lessons (I do that too). Lots of advice and suggestions not very interested in buying Mr. Harrison's personal brand brushes and paints. But his instructions are great, I really like the…See full review

The book is beautiful and I enjoy learning some of the tricks.

The book is beautiful and I enjoy learning some of the tricks Mr. Harrison uses so skillfully. However, I was a little disappointed that there were actually very few detailed painting instructions. Some of the most beautiful photos he took came…See full review

An Easy Way to Paint with Acrylic Landscapes

I bought this book mainly because I love how Terry Harrison paints reflections and light. He pays great attention to architectural details in his paintings, which I don't usually care about, but despite that, I found the book to be very useful…See full review

Acrylic paints similar to watercolor? No thank you.

This book is not my style. The first 2/3 of the book are large pictures of his brushes and simple techniques you can use with them. I already had the brushes so I'm sure I can follow. However, all of his acrylic paintings look EXACTLY like his…See full review

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