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Revainrating 2.5 out of 5  
Office Equipment, Business and Industrial

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Description of Papercode

"Hello, and thank you for visiting Papercode, your one-stop shop for all of your office supply and academic supply requirements. Paper goods such as notebooks and writing pads, in addition to office supplies such as pens, pencils, and other items, are some examples of the many things that are available from our company. Our goal is to offer products to our clients that are of the greatest possible quality at prices that are as low as possible. At Papercode, we are aware of how essential it is to have access to high-quality equipment for the work that needs to be done, and we are committed to ensuring that you are able to purchase the most cutting-edge goods available. We make it a point to regularly revise our stock in order to provide our clients with access to the most cutting-edge and innovative products possible. We also pride ourselves on our great customer service. We are always here to assist you in locating the item that best meets your requirements and provide answers to any queries that you might have. We are grateful that you decided to go with Papercode. We are excited to fulfill all of your requirements for office and educational supplies."


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Type of review

When I placed an order with Papercode, I did so with high hopes because I am an experienced user who routinely does online orders for office products and school supplies. Unfortunately, my time spent shopping in their online store was a source of both frustration and dissatisfaction. Although it was simple to get about on their website, the checkout procedure was laborious and time-consuming. My purchase ended up taking a lot more time to finish than I had anticipated, and there were various…

  • Prompt Delivery is guaranteed.
  • Inadequate packaging

Revainrating 4 out of 5

An Extraordinary Adventure Working with Papercode

Papercode is an exceptional company, and I am able to say this with complete conviction as someone who places a high value on the quality of their office items and school supplies. My experience with Papercode was exceptional in every way, from the company's huge assortment of paper products to their outstanding customer service. I highly recommend this company. Because their website is so user-friendly and straightforward to use, I had no trouble locating the information I needed when I…

  • A wide variety of paper goods are available.
  • Longer than average wait times

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Papercode Doesn't Live Up to Expectations

My most recent interaction with Papercode revealed that their customer service and product quality were subpar. Although their website was simple to use, the selection of products was ordinary and uninteresting. I experienced poor customer service, including sluggish response times and unhelpful responses. My order was processed slowly, and my things arrived later than I had anticipated. I was disappointed when I opened my purchase because some of the goods were either broken or of lower…

  • Affordable costs
  • Poor service to the customers

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Papercode experience was disappointing

I was dissatisfied with my most recent encounter with Papercode as a client who appreciates high-quality office products and school supplies. Although they have a wide range of paper items, their customer service may use some improvement. Despite the fact that their website was easy to use, processing orders took a while, and my order took longer than expected to ship. The lack of communication at this time really disappointed me. The things in my order were of decent quality when it finally…

  • Website that is easy to use
  • a failure in communication.