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household items, textiles and sewing supplies

It is one of the store with the most distribution of textile materials such as tablecloths, quilts, curtains among other higher quality products, it has a wide variety of sewing items, such as thread embroidered needles, is known for its great...See full review

Various payment methods are supported.

Fabrics, curtains, tablecloths and amazing mattresses are a incredible addition to our houses and residences; the quantity of rejuvenation that a bed can convey to your house can't be overstated. So, among other things, I will have a look at...See full review


Fabrics, curtains, tablecloths and quality quilts are a great complement to our houses and apartments; the amount of rejuvenation a quilt can bring to your household cannot be overemphasized. So, I'll be taking a look into yet another platform and...See full review

This store is focused on providing nice quilts

Quilts are a nice addition to our homes, one cannot define how much beautification a quilt can do to your home/ bedroom. Well, I'll be looking at another platform and and store which is focused on quilts, machine embroidery, threads, needle etc...See full review

Prairie Quilt - sewing is not only a job but passion

Hello guys today I am gonna write about US Oklahoma based Prairie Quilt company. The company itself has very inspiring story (you can check it on their). I can say the owners of this shop really love their job jand this lead to creation of...See full review