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About R.C. Worst & Co

R.C. Worst & Company, Inc. is an Idaho corporation located in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho since 1953 and in Spokane Washington since 1980. We are a locally owned, third generation, an employee and family owned business. For nearly 60 years we have been cost effectively serving the needs of municipalities, engineers, contractors, and homeowners throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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R. C. Worst & Co is the most powerful company for water and sanitation services

This company is one of the best companies that provide high quality services in the field of water and sanitation and solve many problems that threaten the ecosystem and help people in the…See more

My experience with R.C. Worst

Humans are 80% water. R.C. Worst is 100% great. You don’t really think about water and sanitation services until you really need them. So when I really needed it for an impromptu construction work…See more

RC Worst and Co.

Hello, I wish to review this company which has got my attention today. The company is the RC worst and Co. Starting some a little bit of history, the company started back then in the 50s where the…See more

Qualified personnel, efficient service and quality products

Both for health reasons and for environmental conservation, we sometimes require the services of qualified professionals in the design and implementation of systems that allow the reuse of…See more

One of the impressive development in the world today.

R.C worst & company is an Idaho corperation located in coeur d'alene adaho since 1953 and Spokane Washington since 1980. They are locally owned, third generation this is an employee and family…See more

Hygienically standard organization

The best water hygienic platform so far. R. C. Worst & Co is a frontier American Established company that was founded in the year 1953, that is some decades ago, it is one of the ever lived aged…See more


The platform is professional service in selling quality product in respect of water and wastewater industry. It was established in 1953 has offline store and online store. It is a reputable platform…See more

R.C. About Worst & Co.

First of all, hello everyone! Today I will tell you about a company I love very much. Company name R.C. Worst & Co. was founded in the United States in 1953. The company, which has gained a large…See more

Review on R. C. Worst & Co by Rama Yldrm

R. C. Worst & Co is a company engaged in the sale of pumps and wastewater treatment devices. The company was founded by the Worst family in 1953 and was first headquartered in Idaho . R. C. Worst…See more

R. C. Worst & Co.

R. C. Worst & Co Founded in Idaho in 1953 and owned by the worst family for 65 years, the company sells pumps, bottled pumping systems, sewage treatment equipment, electrical control panels, water…See more

My opinion about R. C. Worst & Co Company.

R. C. Worst & Co, Founded in 1980, SpokaneWashington is a water and pump treatment company that supports the fourth generation. This family helps municipalities, engineers and homeowners across the…See more