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About R.C. Worst & Co

R.C. Worst & Company, Inc. is an Idaho corporation located in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho since 1953 and in Spokane Washington since 1980. We are a locally owned, third generation, an employee and family owned business. For nearly 60 years we have been cost effectively serving the needs of municipalities, engineers, contractors, and homeowners throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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R.C. About Worst & Co.

First of all, hello everyone! Today I will tell you about a company I love very much. Company name R.C. Worst & Co. was founded in the United States in 1953. The company, which has gained a large customer base and has a large family as a result of its 70 years of experience, is becoming a big company every day with the products it produces. The company manufactures water treatment equipment and other similar equipment and sells them to its customers. I think the company sells cheaper products than other companies and I compared it and came to this conclusion. The company has its own official website and this is not bad at all. The products produced are sold through this site. The company believes its products are perfect and they guarantee every product. I recommend that you purchase products from a trusted site from this company. I will inform you if there is a new change.

My thoughts about R C Worst & Co

Hello there. The review I will write today will be about RC Worst & Co. RV Worst & Co is an American based company created in 1953. The company, which has managed to gain a large customer community thanks to its great experience of nearly 70 years, is becoming more famous every day thanks to the quality products it produces. The company is one of the US's largest companies in the production of water treatment systems and other similar equipment. Judging by customer feedback, RC is a family business that pays a lot of attention to its customers. I have read some of these feedbacks and found that customers are most satisfied with the quality of the products. The products produced are sold through the company's official site. I also visited this site to review. Although the design of the site is not very nice, when I looked at the categories of the products sold, I saw that thousands of quality products are offered to people every day. It is also very easy to shop on the site. I have…

My review about R C Worst & Co

Hello to everyone. Today I will write to you about RC Worst & Co. RC is a family business created in the USA in 1953. The company is engaged in the sales of water and wastewater applications, water well supplies and other similar equipment, and is the distributor of these equipment. This company, whose main purpose is to provide people with quality products, has many customers in the USA. But it is not a globally large company. In addition, according to the information I have received, no steps have been taken yet to grow globally. The company also has social official media accounts and a support team. Thanks to the 24/7 support team, people can ask any questions about the products produced by the company at any time. The company is very confident that the quality of the products sold is excellent, so almost all products sold are guaranteed. Although the number of employees in the company is small, these employees are experienced people prepared with an excellent training, so you can

It is a well-established company that has many quality products in the field of plumbing.

R. C. Worst & Co is a company that entered the market it serves approximately 70 years ago. The sector in which it is currently located can also be called the water and plumbing sector. There are many different brands and products from wastewater systems to water withdrawal pumps. Although it is a very well-established and historical company, the spread and expansion of this platform dates back to approximately 40 years ago. Currently, they offer you various discounts and campaigns in case you make a purchase or order something from this company. When I entered the website, I typed my e-mail address into the space in a section and confirmed the confirmation code, and I saw that I could have a 5% discount on my shopping today. It is extremely easy to contact them. If you wish, you can call the phone numbers that we encounter everywhere, or you can log in to the live support section on the website and share your questions with them. You can follow this company, which has…

A company that has defied years

R C Worst & Company, Inc is a company that has been operating in this industry for nearly 70 years, mainly in local services, established as a family business but growing considerably. You will earn a 5% discount coupon when you log into the websites of R C Worst & Company, Inc. Some of the services provided by R C Worst & Company, Inc include; + Water pumps and equipment + Submersible motors and spare parts + Waste water pumps and equipment + General purpose equipment + Filtering and purification systems + Electrical materials + All tools related to plumbing. You can find all world famous brands (in this sector) on this website. They also find many innovative solutions for water purification. They make waste water completely clean and potable with special methods. This is a system that will be very useful for people today. You can watch how they realize their projects on Youtube channels. As a result;

My experience with R.C. Worst

Humans are 80% water. R.C. Worst is 100% great. You don’t really think about water and sanitation services until you really need them. So when I really needed it for an impromptu construction work, I felt really lost. I chose R.C. Worst almost at random and ordered some equipment. I was not feeling confident at all. But then I talked with a really helpful Customer Service specialist who explained everything to me. The delivery came in time, everything was packed neatly. They helped me to install the equipment and showed me how to use it. Everything worked perfectly, despite me barely understanding what to do. The bottom line is - even if you have no idea how to handle sanitation, irrigation, and other stuff like that

Pros & cons

  • Great support
  • Great delivery
  • Works great
  • Website can use a little work (subjective)

RC Worst and Co.

Hello, I wish to review this company which has got my attention today. The company is the RC worst and Co. Starting some a little bit of history, the company started back then in the 50s where the founder bought a part of his father-in-law business and establish his own idea and developed his own company which is RC worst And co. I was excited when I see this company as they have been receiving a very good report in providing services ranging from distribution distribution of pumps, packaging of pumping system on-site water waste treatment equipment drilling supplies and so on. The company has a mission of delivering high quality product which is obviously true. Do you use a very high-quality material in the production of there are various product which has been so much praise by previous customers and users. The company has been in market for over 60 years now and has never for once received any bad report about them I see them performing past this as it is a family business and…

Qualified personnel, efficient service and quality products

Both for health reasons and for environmental conservation, we sometimes require the services of qualified professionals in the design and implementation of systems that allow the reuse of wastewater or create pumping mechanisms and procedures related to the maintenance and use of non-potable water. There are companies that provide these services, however, not all of them have long experience and a certified level of quality in their products. R C WORST & Company is an organization located in Inland North West, whose purpose is to provide services related to the design of wastewater adaptation systems and to offer all the necessary implements for this work. As it does? R C WORST & Company, has a valuable team of technicians specialized in this matter; also counting on a long experience in the provision of this service for more than 60 years. R C WORST & Company assumed the challenge of its business vision and the commitment to offer a service of high efficiency and quality…

One of the impressive development in the world today.

R.C worst & company is an Idaho corperation located in coeur d'alene adaho since 1953 and Spokane Washington since 1980. They are locally owned, third generation this is an employee and family owned business. For over 60 years now they have been cost effectively serving serving the needs of municipalities, engineers and contractors and home owners through out the percific Northwest They operate with the distribution of pumps, packaged pumping system, on site waste water treatment system, and custom electrical control panels for water and waste water application, water well supplies, drilling supplies and water treatment equipment For the fact of been an employee and family owned business they have dedicate themselves to the highest quality product for the water and waste water treatment industry and with the support of their highly trained staff they provide a lasting value to each customer with Support If you are looking for a good industry and a good source that has the…

Hygienically standard organization

The best water hygienic platform so far. R. C. Worst & Co is a frontier American Established company that was founded in the year 1953, that is some decades ago, it is one of the ever lived aged company Spokane Washington since the year 1980. Though I get to know this company recently and I can say they offer good services because they have experience in rendering a promotive services in term of municipality, contractors, engineers and home owners for almost 60years back now. Is not that amazing!! R. C. Worst & Co is a locally own third generation, an employee and family own business. This great and amazing platform offers an outstanding services like affordable wastewater pumping and treatment product, provision of plumbing, selling of pump, control boxes, control swiches, motor protection pressure, switches pressure, sewage pump, grinder pumps, etc R.C. Worst &Co is an Idaho corporation located in Coeur d'Alene. Another aspect of amazing service render by this company is…


The platform is professional service in selling quality product in respect of water and wastewater industry. It was established in 1953 has offline store and online store. It is a reputable platform till today. One of the things i noticed about the platform is the price of the product, the price is competitive. To win the trust of people one of the key thing is structuring the platform in the way that will convince people about what it offers, the platform home page is attractive with the Skye blue and white, well arrange, and provide the needed tools to be used. The live chat is available, Telephone contact, access to registration is not hiding, and above all the platform is well secured. The ordering policy and return is very detail, i like the provision of discount offers to customer especially new customer on the platform. Having the access to order status will also ease the anxiety of the customer to get the product, i like the currier services the platform use to dispatch there

Review on R. C. Worst & Co by Rama Yldrm

R. C. Worst & Co is a company engaged in the sale of pumps and wastewater treatment devices. The company was founded by the Worst family in 1953 and was first headquartered in Idaho . R. C. Worst & Co distributes pumps and sewage cleaning equipment. People who drill wells are also provided with the necessary equipment for drilling and extracting water. it follows the drip irrigation system to improve the soil. It purifies and processes water with ultraviolet rays. Supporting pumping stations and VB control systems possess variable speed pumps. works hard to secure everything its customers need through their globally trained staff. It has about 30 investors working for it with deals that provide Worst with full stock. What caught my attention and encouraged me to deal with this company is the privacy it maintains, all customer information is in complete privacy. The distribution of fire pump systems , solid waste and liquid pumping systems, as for shipping prices are calculated…

R. C. Worst & Co.

R. C. Worst & Co Founded in Idaho in 1953 and owned by the worst family for 65 years, the company sells pumps, bottled pumping systems, sewage treatment equipment, electrical control panels, water well supply, drilling and water treatment. Providing the finest quality products and providing support to its customers by employees with great experience in this field. With 30 Contract Employees, worst provides a large and integrated inventory in the Northwest and offers lasting value to customers. I was impressed that the company was trying to provide the best products and advanced solutions. in 2001, the combined products gave the flow systems to shorten from municipal lifting stations to pump discharges, constructed industrial wells from reinforced polyester, and worst provided a working lifting station with the fastest time and the lowest costs. it took care of the residential pump basins and placed them in suitable places, which attracted a lot of customers to help, making these…

My opinion about R. C. Worst & Co Company.

R. C. Worst & Co, Founded in 1980, SpokaneWashington is a water and pump treatment company that supports the fourth generation. This family helps municipalities, engineers and homeowners across the western Pacific and works in pumps, water and sewage equipment, electrical panels, water well supplies, drilling and water treatment, provides high quality products and supports experienced employees to help all the customers supported by this company. It has more than 30 employees and is engaged in experience and selling products on Rcworst co system. In 1950 Robert Wurst bought part of a construction company and houses were built in the Brownaddition and Wurstaddition area and this company is engaged in business in the custom market and focused only in the sale and maintenance of pumps and accessories and is a large distributor of pumps and pipes in the North. It also managed to grow the power pump, electricity supply and growth in 2000. It developed and built warehouses to compete with…

RC Worst and co is truly transparent

Robert Worst or RC and co is a leading name in distribution of pump, water and waste water business. The business started 1953 on a small portion and today it has expanded to become a world wide name in the area of marketing and distribution of pumping and plumbing system in general. Rc Worst and co is a company that has witnessed many generation of the Worst families, each contributing his knowledge and expertise. It is located in D'Allene USA.  The website has images of items well displayed. The tabular rendering of items makes search easier even though the text font size appear a little too small and the search section is also very helpful. The company is transparent as they provide every information i would expect to have before dealing with a company online. Such information includes delivery policy, shipping and return, free delivery coverage. All these information are vital. Like i come to understand that delivery is free to all states in the USA. Additionally, the…

Review on R. C. Worst & Co By Umut Y.

rrHi Friends, today I will talk about my review on the company services, drainage and various water equipment, it is R. C. Worst & Co Company. in fact, when you visit my website with this company I found a lot of positive aspects and features that serve the environment and human, that the company is not only profitable, but it's providing services to avoid problems environment. Founded in Idaho more than four years ago, the company was a family business, but due to its credibility it has become one of the most important enterprises in the water and sanitation equipment business in the United States. It also has a large team of experts and engineers who provide services and assistance at all levels. It also has an official Web page that sells equipment and ships it to a lot of cities and countries, and I want to say that some cities have free shipping, and this depends on the sales policy of this company and its business structure. In the end I can say that because of the quality of…

R. C. Worst & Co is the most powerful company for water and sanitation services

This company is one of the best companies that provide high quality services in the field of water and sanitation and solve many problems that threaten the ecosystem and help people in the maintenance of equipment and make it long-term in use. This company has received a lot of awards and licenses within the United States, and these successes are due to its distinguished team of experience, intelligence and dedication to work, and this team provides services everywhere and even on the phone, it receives phone calls around the clock and provides the necessary consultation to customers. The thing that makes this company of the most famous companies in the north west of the United States is that they do not provide services in one area, but are available many areas, for example the work includes pump systems, irrigation wells, and the lake and pumping stations, booster pumps, fire systems, waste and even water systems residential. In addition to all these works they are selling and…

R.C. Worst & Co : a company that offers quality products

Hello everyone, I would like to convey to you the information I have received from my research on R.C. Worst & Co and my review of R.C. Worst & Co's website and blog. As far as I understand, R.C. Worst & Co is a company that sells materials such as water pumps, materials for a water well, pumping systems, water system materials, waste water treatment systems. My favorite feature of R.C. Worst & Co is that it attaches great importance to customer satisfaction and offers quality materials to its customers. R.C. Worst & Co has an experienced and good working team in the business, with its team and more than 60 years of work experience, it seems ready to provide quality service. If you are interested, you can immediately go to the website and search for the desired product and order it. I think R.C. Worst & Co is a firm that does its job with focus, has a good working team. Relying on R.C. Worst & Co's quality products and attention to customer satisfaction, I recommend R.C. Worst & Co to


This platform is online shopping platform that sells pumping system, water well supply, water treatment equipment and many more. it has many years experience with good reputation. The home page is well designed in which i love for the first sight, it has moving display of different product and well arrange information that was group in different categories. I like the fact that the platform not only offers the selling of the product, but equally training people on it official YouTube that can be access by anybody. I appreciate the platform for making various ways to c get contact, these includes live chat, telephone number, social medial platform and, email address. I do not have any security with the platform, it has put the needed security measure in place. This is important to safeguard users information and the means of payment on the platform. The platform has all the needed tools to make ordering on the platform very easy and convenient. The policy in respect of ordering…