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Samsung B2230 22 Inch Widescreen Monitor 1920X1080, Wide Screen, HD

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Screen Size22 Inches
Display Resolution Maximum1920 x 1080
Special FeatureWide screen
Connectivity TechnologyVGA, D-Sub

About Samsung B2230 22 Inch Widescreen Monitor 1920X1080, Wide Screen, HD

The MagicEco feature allows you to work at 100%, 75% or 50% brightness, to reduce energy usage. Simple and elegant design featuring a rich, glossy black finish which is accentuated by the clear, crystal-like acrylic along the lower bezel. 70,000:1 Dynamic contrast ratio creates deeper, more dramatic dark tones and brighter more striking light tones. 16:9 widescreen offers clear, distortion-free images at 1920 x 1080 (1080p) resolution, providing a lot more space to have a lot more fun. Made for multimedia and optimized for HD content. 1 D-sub Input (15 pin), 1 VGA Input. Low power consumption ...
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Good, but not best in class.

This is my third Samsung LCD monitor for PC, I've had a 22" 226BW at 1680x1050 for over 3 years and a 25.5" T260 at 1920x1200 for over a year (had a bad 22" and has been replaced - 226BW Review here January 19th, 2008). Anyway, I bought the B2230 to

Nice wide monitor, the best in my rating

Bought this monitor a month ago. good monitor The only problem was that my application used a KVM switch to switch between two PCs. One of the PCs sometimes had trouble syncing to the correct resolution until I used the driver CD that came with it. After updating with the correct drivers, this issue was resolved. Delivery was quick and the box was well packaged. I would buy this monitor again.

Pros & cons

  • widescreen
  • Protection

Poor quality monitor

Picture quality is good, but color reproduction and contrast on this Samsung monitor are significantly worse than similar Acer monitors that cost half as much. The LED on the Samsung is HORRIBLE and the Samsung monitor lacks speakers and a fairly standard HDMI input.

Pros & cons

  • Large selection
  • modernity

Do not buy: my rating

We opened the box and installed the monitor. That's what we got. The monitor stand that attaches to the monitor was about as cheap and poorly made as I could imagine. It didn't support the monitor properly and pushed the top of the monitor slightly towards the viewer when reassembling. Pooh. We sent it back and ordered DELL; this came in a few days and was wonderful.

Pros & cons

  • Brings joy
  • Not the best

A pretty good monitor for the price

I like this monitor, the display is very clear, there are no dead pixels. I might even consider buying another one. The downside is that it really isn't a 22-inch monitor, as the title might suggest. It's 21.5 inches. The stand is a little wobbly and looks a bit flimsy, I am planning to buy a dual monitor stand soon.

Pros & cons

  • A dynamic contrast ratio of 70,000:1 creates deeper and more dramatic blacks and increasingly bright highlights.
  • set of factors

21.5 instead of 22 inches in my test

I bought this monitor for my Eyefinity setup. I thought it was a 22 inch monitor but it's only a 21.5 inch monitor. But the monitor still looks good and the clarity is excellent. I bought another 22 inch monitor and am using it as a monitor for my other computer.

Pros & cons

  • cool product
  • Bad refresh rate.

A blatant design omission

It's a great monitor in every way except for one thing that doesn't make me want to order another like it. There is NO TILT ADJUSTMENT in the stand! We had to stack books underneath to get a good viewing angle. As an IT pro, I've bought dozens of displays, and even old CRT monitors had a tilt adjustment. shish.

Pros & cons

  • Nice packaging
  • Nothing here

Solid display, wobbly stand.

I've been using this monitor for about a day as a secondary monitor for home editing - I use Final Cut and Pro Tools on a Mac Pro and my current main monitor is a CinemaView CV24. I was able to set up and calibrate the B2230 very quickly and I have to say it's a very sharp display with good color reproduction and excellent contrast, easy on the eye and very easy to calibrate using the Mac's internal calibration system in the settings. It worked right away on my DVI-I input on a GeForce GT120 card. Great for everyday activities like web browsing and email, and works seamlessly as a second display in Final Cut previews for Digital Cinema Desktop. My biggest (and really only) complaint, which is why I can't give the display five stars, is that it shakes a bit more on its stand than I expected - right now, as I'm writing this review, it's actually quite sensitive to vibration of the display. I print to my desktop. I'm not sure if I'll eventually get used to it with more use or if it'll…

Great monitor - my new review

Great monitor, especially considering the price. The resolution is good and the setup is very easy (brightness adjustment etc.). I didn't even have to use the driver CD that came with it. It doesn't come with built-in speakers, which I consider a blessing as built-in speakers usually never work as well as a standalone kit. The height of the stand isn't adjustable, so you might have to place the monitor on something on the table, but that's not a problem. I recommend this monitor to everyone.

Pros & cons

  • Intuitive controls make it easy to adjust settings to user preferences.
  • Everything OK

Good monitor is the best in my rating

The monitor was sent to me very quickly and arrived in good condition. It was easy to assemble. It's attractive enough, although I don't usually like the glossy finish on electronics. There is a DVI and a VGA port, but no HDMI. I don't like the menu buttons and that's the biggest gripe I have. They are, to coin a term, "touch insensitive”. Real buttons would be easier to use and less cumbersome. This is a problem because the monitor needs to be ready to use out of the box. It's set up to look good in stores, but I've found that some settings are disabled. Go to a monitor calibration website like this: [.] and follow the instructions. I had to tweak the gamma and also adjust the contrast and brightness a bit. After making these adjustments, you should have a reasonably accurate image. It might not suit the discerning taste of the design professional, but for the average Facebook user, you'll be delighted. It's also great for gaming and/or movies. My favorite feature is the ability to…

I cannot recommend this monitor.

I bought my monitor from Samsung through Revain 6 months ago. I'm incredibly busy. Ever since I got it, I've had to prop up the power plug with crumpled paper because the plug wouldn't make contact and wouldn't turn on the monitor. Swinging doesn't help. It was painful because the paper fell out with the slightest movement. Samsung support sent me a new power cord. It worked the same way. I then drove all the way to the nearest UPS headquarters, picked up my monitor (pain) and took the same model. new. The same thing. I was assured today that I would get a call from Samsung to set up another exchange but "probably an update to what you have as it has been so problematic". The rep who took the call today didn't promise the best monitor but the same if available. Why should we repeat the same mistake? I didn't get a call from Samsung until 15:30 CET. I went to great lengths to select this particular monitor from Revain and am very disgusted to say the least.

Great monitor for the price!

This monitor looks good and has a very good resolution. It was very easy to set up. The power button and other buttons aren't physical buttons, they're part of the touchpad below. This panel is not backlit. So if you don't have enough light on your monitor, they're hard to find. That's the only problem, other than that it's a great product.

Pros & cons

  • weak

Samsung 22 inch monitor

Heavy packed. Has worked from the start. The CD that came with it wasn't user friendly so I can't adjust the display other than the brightness on the front of the monitor. The CD should allow you to adjust position, contrast etc from your PC by downloading a routine, but mine doesn't work or I don't understand Swahili or Chinese to get this routine to work. Fortunately, everything in the monitor automatically adjusts to the default settings. Photo ads are stunning on a larger screen real estate.

Pros & cons

  • ‎1920x1080
  • There are doubts

works for us on my review.

We had to upgrade my daughter's computer and I don't like having to buy the whole package from one manufacturer. I always check with Revane first and I'm glad we did because this monitor works great for them. The monitor came very quickly, even faster than advertised! I would buy from this company again!

Pros & cons

  • The adjustable stand gives you the perfect viewing angle
  • Bad viewing angles

Great base monitor

decent refresh rate, good sized monitor for the price (think it was 140.00). Samsung screens are always bright, not matte. In retrospect, I would have liked to have gotten something with a height-adjustable stand, which keeps it from 5 stars for me.

Pros & cons

  • Easy to read control panel
  • Monitor knobs are too tight.

Great monitor for the price

I replaced an old Samsung with this monitor. The picture quality is excellent, even if the factory settings had to be adjusted a bit. I don't understand other complaints about the touch controls at the bottom of the screen. They take some getting used to, but they're not difficult. Another problem mentioned by others is that you can't tilt the screen. This monitor TILT. All in all, if you don't want to spend a fortune on a monitor, this one will serve you well.

Pros & cons

  • The curved design gives every office a modern touch.
  • Limited build quality

Great monitor, suits me

I recently bought a Samsung B2230 to replace an old 19 inch Samsung monitor. I thought the old monitor looked great, but this one is fantastic. Colors are more vibrant, aspect ratio is 16:9 versus the old 16:10. This means that most widescreen films no longer have black bars at the top and bottom. The controls are touch sensitive and took me a while to get used to, but they are easy to get used to. On the older model, I had to reach down from the bottom to press the buttons, and on the B2230 I had to use my finger on the menu itself, labeled just below the Samsung logo. The monitor is great with its all black design with 1 blue light to indicate it is on. The monitor can go up to full 1080p with a native resolution of 1920 x 1080. It has no HDMI input and only DVI and VGA inputs, but this $170 21.5-inch monitor is a steal. I am very happy with this purchase.

Pros & cons

  • computers and accessories
  • The monitor makes an annoying beeping sound when switched off.

A little light in my rating.

A monitor that is good enough but requires a separate hardware calibrator. The default settings are bright enough to blind the average person. But after calibration everything is fine. I don't like touch controls. It's hard to tell where they are and they don't always reply, which is really annoying. The lack of an adjustable stand meant I had to mount it on a two-inch tall piece of wood on my desk, which was also annoying. After calibration, the picture is fine, but everything else looks very cheap.

Pros & cons

  • 1920x1080
  • Not the best

Monitor Samsung 22 inch

Easy to set up and the monitor works well. The only thing I don't like is that the base isn't adjustable to tilt the screen up and down. The screen is sharp and bright.

Pros & cons

  • Easy setting
  • I don't remember, but there was something

Be careful, this is the model you want

This monitor is very good. But it's just a monitor. So if you think you've found a model that's both a TV and a computer monitor, you haven't. My only complaint about Revain and how I entered the correct model is none. As a result, I received this particular model and without noticing that there was a difference, I received a product that was only half of what I expected.

Pros & cons

  • A simple and elegant design with a rich glossy black finish accented by clear crystal acrylic along the lower bezel.
  • Limited screen size options