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Revainrating 3.5 out of 5Β Β 
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Description of 🌬️ VIVOSUN 4-Inch Inline Ventilation Blower

Effective Ventilation: Powerful blower with a fan speed of 2500 RPM for an air flow of 195 CFM. Moves air through your target location efficiently for optimal ventilation. Efficient Design: Lightweight, compact fan takes up minimal space; ideal for applications where larger fans just won’t fit. Efficient flow deflector feature increases air flow while cutting noise output. Low Noise Level: Fitted with a flow deflector that concentrates the fan stream and cuts turbulent kinetic energy to reduce sound output to just 30 dB. Easy Installation: Flanges on both the intake and exhaust ends for simple and easy hookup and a cord length of 5.9 feet for hassle free setup. Versatile Applications: Use anywhere that would benefit from improved air flow to reduce humidity, clear the air and lower temperatures in grow rooms, basements or kitchens; Can be used with a variable speed controller (bought separately).


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Type of review

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Powerful and Efficient HVAC Blower

Based on my experience, this inline blower is excellent in terms of power and efficiency. It effectively removes odors and heat from my indoor grow room, ensuring a healthy environment for my plants. The blower is also very quiet, which is a big plus. However, the installation instructions could be clearer, and it took some trial and error to get it set up properly. Overall, I highly recommend this blower for anyone looking for a reliable and powerful HVAC solution.

  • Powerful, efficient, quiet
  • Poor installation instructions

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Cheap fan, at least great customer service

This fan had been running for less than a month when I checked it and it stopped working. Tried to use with different sockets etc - unsuccessful as always. I immediately went online and bought a replacement from another company and after reading that VivoSun has great customer service I decided to email them and let them know I would be returning the product and asking for a refund . The next day I receive an email from VivoSun explaining that the refund has already been processed and the…

  • Industrial & Scientific
  • Cable is shorter than other models

Revainrating 4 out of 5

With a few simple precautions, this fan lasted for many months.

I bought this with the expectation that it would fail, but wanted to experiment with turning a hover zone into a hyperbaric zone. So I used it to pump air through a duct into my garage where I work and vaporize (like A LOT, vapor build up on things was noticeable). The problem is that as that vapor travels through the fan it can also build up on the engine fairly quickly and I've long been in favor of not trying to pull air out of a room but rather having adequate airflow. Without an exhaust…

  • HVAC Fans and Circulators
  • Non-Automatic