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Westone UM Pro10: High-Performance In-Ear Monitors with Noise-Isolation and Vibrant Orange Design Review



Very good

Revainrating 4 out of 5  
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img 1 attached to Westone UM Pro10: High-Performance In-Ear Monitors with Noise-Isolation and Vibrant Orange Design
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img 5 attached to Westone UM Pro10: High-Performance In-Ear Monitors with Noise-Isolation and Vibrant Orange Design
img 6 attached to Westone UM Pro10: High-Performance In-Ear Monitors with Noise-Isolation and Vibrant Orange Design


Connectivity TechnologyWired
Model NameUM Pro 10
Form FactorIn Ear

Description of Westone UM Pro10: High-Performance In-Ear Monitors with Noise-Isolation and Vibrant Orange Design

Product Description: Westone UM Pro10 High Performance Single Driver Noise-Isolating in-Ear Monitors-Orange, 78392, Pro 10 (UM Pro 10)


Experience the exceptional sound quality of the Westone UM Pro10 High Performance Single Driver Noise-Isolating in-Ear Monitors. With its proprietary, single balanced-armature driver, these monitors deliver a dynamic soundstage that captures every detail and clarity, meeting the expectations of professional musicians and aspiring music enthusiasts alike. Designed specifically for musicians, the UM Pro10 is built to excel in demanding environments, ensuring an unmatched performance.

Similar Products:

If you're searching for high-quality in-ear monitors, the Westone UM Pro10 stands out as a top choice. However, you may also consider exploring other options such as the Westone UM Pro20 or UM Pro30, which offer additional drivers for enhanced sound reproduction. Each model within the Westone UM Pro series provides superior noise isolation and exceptional audio fidelity, catering to the diverse needs of musicians and audio enthusiasts.

Benefits and Applications:

By investing in the Westone UM Pro10 in-ear monitors, musicians and music lovers can solve the problem of subpar audio experiences. These monitors enable you to fully immerse yourself in your music, allowing you to hear intricate details and subtle nuances that might go unnoticed with regular headphones. The UM Pro10 is particularly beneficial for musicians performing in loud environments, as its noise isolation capabilities ensure that unwanted external sounds are minimized, delivering a pristine listening experience.

Here are some key areas where the UM Pro10 can be used:

  • Studio recordings
  • Live performances
  • Music production
  • Podcasts and audio editing
  • Personal listening sessions
  • Invest in the Westone UM Pro10 for an exceptional sound experience that will elevate your musical journey to new heights. With its high performance and noise-isolating capabilities, these in-ear monitors are the perfect choice for discerning musicians and audiophiles seeking unparalleled audio fidelity.

    WESTONE SOUND FOR THE ASPIRING MUSICIAN: The UM Pro 10 features a proprietary, single balanced-armature driver, that reproduces a dynamic soundstage with all the detail and clarity that musicians have come to expect from a professional in-ear monitor. Designed and built for professional musicians the UM Pro 10 will perform in the most demanding environments and meet the needs of the most discerning musician or music lover. Connectivity Technology: Wired. THE MOST COMPACT, LOW PROFILE, ERGONOMIOC DESIGN IN THE WORLD: THE MOST COMPACT, LOW PROFILE, ERGONOMIC DESIGN IN THE WORLD: Designed and built to perform in the most demanding environments, the UM Pro 10 is incredibly comfortable, and can be worn for hours and hours. Our silicone and comfort foam eartips enhance the performance of our In-Ear Monitors by providing superior noise isolation and ensuring a superb fit. TWISTED MMCX AUDIO CABLE: Westone’s professional-quality MMCX Audio Twisted Cable is manufactured using high-strength, high-flex, ultra-low resistance tensile wire, which is reinforced with a special aramid fiber. Twisted to help reduce cable noise and keep the cable light-weight, flexible, and comfortable, our cable features MMCX Audio Connectors and 3.5mm stereo plug. Built to withstand the rigors of the road, Westone’s MMCX Audio Cable is perfect for use on-stage, or for personal listening. TECHNICAL SPECS: The Westone UM Pro 10 features a full-range, single balanced-armature driver with 114 dB @ 1mW sensitivity, 20Hz - 16kHz frequency response, and an impedance of 19 ohms @ 1kHz. IN THE BOX: Purchase includes; 1 pair Westone UM Pro 10 In-Ear Monitors, MMCX Audio Twisted Cable, 5 pair Patented STAR Silicone Eartips, 5 pair TRUE-FIT Comfort Foam Eartips, Impact-Resistant Monitor Vault, and Cleaning Tool.



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    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    I'm satisfied, the product is exactly as described.

    My first armature. Typical Weston design, impeccable workmanship. I use it for audiobooks, because the voice reproduction in them is just great. For music, if there is a W50 in the collection, it makes no sense to use them. The low-frequency component is schematic and very conditional, and the high frequencies are cut off at 16 kHz (this is according to the passport). However, some musical fragments, such as simple acoustic recordings (guitar, percussion) and recordings of female vocals, sound…

    • Convenience and reliability of a design. Magnificent, simply wonderful middle. Made in USA.
    • Lack of upper and lower range, high price.

    Revainrating 3 out of 5

    Nothing unusual, a normal product.

    I took it as headphones for sports, podcasts and audio books during jogging and in the gym, for this purpose the headphones fit perfectly, they hold perfectly, they don’t fly in. Not suitable for music With its pros: 1. Very comfortable, fit perfectly in the ears 2. Excellent sound insulation Some cons: 1. For the same price, you can get headphones that sound much better 2. Bass is absent as a class, tops are filled up 3. There is no difference from what source you listen to them, lossless…

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    The best purchase in my life, I will definitely buy it again.

    I have never had plugs of this level before, I bought mostly cheaper models. I am very glad that I decided to spend money and bought westone. Different pros: Smooth, clear, beautiful sound. Tops and vocals sound best. The cable can be detached. The one that comes with the kit is very durable, which is quite nice. UM PRO10 sit very comfortably and securely in the ears without falling out of them. The number of ear pads included with the headphones is simply huge! Their appearance is chic. Cons…

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    I am happy with everything, the product matches the description.

    I bought it a year ago, changed the first ones without any problems, the seller also noted that the UM10 Pro is often handed over for repairs. After the collapse of the dollar, it turned out to be more profitable to hand over the ears for repair than to take new ones, even with the replacement of the driver and gluing the second Some pros: + very soft sound for single driver armatures + high detail, the scene is not as narrow as the UM1 + interchangeable cable (this is a plus, considering one

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    An ideal product for any type of consumer.

    I bought these headphones mainly as in-ear monitoring on the stage. But it looks like I will use them for simple listening to music. Impressed with the secure packaging. They sit very well in the ears. The wires are practically not felt, unlike the same shure se315. Someone wrote that they do not have a bottom. I do not agree. There is a bottom, but it is not pumped over, in my opinion the sound is very balanced. If someone does not have enough bottom, you can allow it on the equalizer

    • Great sound, great design. Very clear detailed sound. The mix sounds much wider and clearer.
    • The wire looks somewhat flimsy, it is still difficult to judge its strength.

    Revainrating 1 out of 5

    I've never seen anything worse! A terrible purchase.

    About reliability: after careful use only at home (!) With the Hifiman 603 player, after 1 month the left earphone stops working and you have to twist the wire and look for the right angle so that everything works, as if it were headphones for 1000. After fixing the headphones in the service center, I decided that I could take them outside as well. Apparently they won't last long anyway. After 2 months, the right earpiece stopped working) In general, this is the biggest disappointment in…

    • Well crafted uppers.
    • The usual middle is like other cheaper headphones. The absence of the bottom, which is not critical, because. you take these headphones not for bass. The assembly is flimsy. Reliability is a disaster. There is no difference in sound after inexpensive Etymotic and B&W for the better, only for the worse.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    An ideal product for any type of consumer.

    These headphones, compared to the shure 215, gave me a long forgotten feeling, goosebumps: the feeling of pleasure from listening to your favorite music - at a concert or on a good stereo. The sound is a little cold (I like it), believable, without audible color, amazing detail for "plugs", separation of instruments and natural vocals with all its rustles and nuances. The vocals somehow reminded the sound of dual concentric Tannoy (with an old hard suspension), a very natural timbre. We were…

    • 1. Very natural sounding vocals. 2. Good detail. 3. Good separation of voices. 4. Comfortable to stick into your ears.

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    I was surprised by the quality for this price.

    The choice is exclusively for an amateur. Be sure to listen before buying. Also, a lot depends on the ear pads. The sound with foam and regular rubber bands is drastically different. They write all sorts of nonsense here . "flimsy, the sound is like that of the Senkhs for 2k." People, if you listen to music from a smartphone in mp3, then there will certainly be poor sound even with headphones for 30,000. About flimsiness. Handle them carefully, carry them in a case when you are not listening…

    • + great sound + replaceable cable + secure cable attachment to 3.5mm Jack. + behind-the-ear fit (does not fall out when running + foam ear pads + handy case
    • - the cable is not shielded. Sometimes you hear noise, which is annoying. - littered with low frequencies. True, they are corrected by the equalizer, but not everyone can use it.

    Revainrating 3 out of 5

    Landing on them is terrible.

    Overpriced by about $50. The Shure SE 215 fits and sounds a lot better for $50 less than the Westones. The fit is terrible in relation to the body. Also, it would be misleading to show Revain the nicer "clear" headphones and then send the customer a set of "dark blue" IEMs. This is bad business. Never again.

    • Good product for the price
    • Some flaws

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    Replacement in-ear headphones

    I use these as a replacement in-ear headphones and I like the fit and the sound. I usually use custom 64audio molds, but I keep this pair with my music gear in case I don't have my own molds. The sound quality is good, especially in this price range. Expect them to require a bit of burnout right out of the box. After a few hours of use, they fill up nicely. When not using custom shapes I prefer the Westones fit over other big names.

    • Useful for more than intended purpose
    • Not sure

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Singer: Money well spent!

    Considering the price and quality, they sounded great in rehearsals and performances. Even just listening to music the cleanliness was amazing. As a result, my ears do not tire like wearing in-ear headphones. Another benefit is that it includes different sized tips to ensure a comfortable fit. This product also includes a protective case for safe storage when not in use. The box had a security seal indicating the product had not been opened or tampered with after manufacture. An excellent…

    • Free for educational use
    • Slightly torn

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Excellent professional quality in ear monitor

    Used them at a concert last week instead of taking a bulky monitor with me. I'm looking to lighten the load and I was hoping they would work well for me. Well I was very happy with the results. These are the perfect in-ear headphones for singers and musicians. I do not recommend these headphones for general consumer use (iPods etc) as they do not have the bass and treble EQ curve that most people enjoy when playing MP3s etc. . The EQ response is flat, perfect for monitoring live performances…

    • New
    • -

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    Good in-ear monitor with good clarity and smooth EQ response

    I like these Westone headphones. These are my first from this company. The audio response is pretty flat as it should be. If you buy headphones for full blown sound mixing, don't do this as they don't boost the bass any more than they should. Good for the stage, good noise isolation. I also wear it on the plane. Sometimes I boost the bass for more fun, but I feel like I can use it to mix music as well. I'm curious to see how their more expensive in-ear headphones with more drivers (those are…

    • Good things
    • Some cons

    Revainrating 2 out of 5

    How can you sell these?

    I'm an audio pro who've tried about 30 IEM/Chifi headphones in the last few months. It's terrible. Really terrible. Nice body and accessories, nice design and fit, terrible sound. The lack of low frequencies, very forward and dirty mids, the almost complete lack of high frequencies gave them almost no time. Maybe I should have tried longer but they sounded SO bad straight away. Very disappointed in them. Maybe they were targeting a cheap thing like the Shure SE425, with reduced bass to make…

    • Finally bought
    • No paint needed