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ybp macbook-pro 13 inch privacy screen - easy on/off + hd removable privacy 🔒 filter for macbook pro 13 (2016-2019/a2251, 2020/a2289) & macbook air 13.3 2018 (a1989), 2020 (a2179) m1 logo

YBP MacBook-Pro 13 Inch Privacy Screen - Easy On/Off + HD Removable Privacy 🔒 Filter for MacBook Pro 13 (2016-2019/A2251, 2020/A2289) & MacBook Air 13.3 2018 (A1989), 2020 (A2179) M1 Review



Very good

Revainrating 4.5 out of 5  
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img 1 attached to YBP MacBook-Pro 13 Inch Privacy Screen - Easy On/Off + HD Removable Privacy 🔒 Filter for MacBook Pro 13 (2016-2019/A2251, 2020/A2289) & MacBook Air 13.3 2018 (A1989), 2020 (A2179) M1
img 2 attached to YBP MacBook-Pro 13 Inch Privacy Screen - Easy On/Off + HD Removable Privacy 🔒 Filter for MacBook Pro 13 (2016-2019/A2251, 2020/A2289) & MacBook Air 13.3 2018 (A1989), 2020 (A2179) M1
img 3 attached to YBP MacBook-Pro 13 Inch Privacy Screen - Easy On/Off + HD Removable Privacy 🔒 Filter for MacBook Pro 13 (2016-2019/A2251, 2020/A2289) & MacBook Air 13.3 2018 (A1989), 2020 (A2179) M1
img 4 attached to YBP MacBook-Pro 13 Inch Privacy Screen - Easy On/Off + HD Removable Privacy 🔒 Filter for MacBook Pro 13 (2016-2019/A2251, 2020/A2289) & MacBook Air 13.3 2018 (A1989), 2020 (A2179) M1

Description of YBP MacBook-Pro 13 Inch Privacy Screen - Easy On/Off + HD Removable Privacy 🔒 Filter for MacBook Pro 13 (2016-2019/A2251, 2020/A2289) & MacBook Air 13.3 2018 (A1989), 2020 (A2179) M1

Product Description: YBP MacBook Pro Inch Privacy Screen


The YBP MacBook Pro Inch Privacy Screen is designed to provide high-definition visuals, enhanced brightness, and impeccable privacy protection. When you install this 13-inch privacy screen on your MacBook, you'll notice minimal brightness reduction compared to other similar products. From the front, the screen clarity and brightness remain virtually unchanged, ensuring an optimal viewing experience. However, to those seated beside you, the screen appears black, safeguarding your privacy from prying eyes. This privacy screen perfectly integrates with your MacBook Pro, allowing it to be securely closed without any unsightly gaps, unlike some other products in the market. Experience enhanced privacy and protect your sensitive information with this top-notch privacy screen.

Similar Products and Their Differences:

While various privacy screens are available for laptops, the YBP MacBook Pro Inch Privacy Screen stands out due to its combination of high-definition clarity, exceptional brightness, and privacy protection. Unlike many other privacy screens, this product ensures that the viewing experience from the front remains almost unchanged, making it ideal for users who value both privacy and screen quality. Other privacy screens might cause significant brightness reduction and distort the visuals, but YBP's offering excels in maintaining the original display quality.

Problems Solved:

The YBP MacBook Pro Inch Privacy Screen solves the common problem of compromised privacy in public spaces. With this privacy screen installed, you can work confidently on your MacBook, knowing that your sensitive information is shielded from onlookers. The product's perfect integration with your laptop resolves the issue of large gaps that often occur with other privacy screen installations. You can now close your MacBook tightly, ensuring a seamless user experience without any hindrance. Whether you're working on confidential documents or simply browsing in public places, this privacy screen provides the security and peace of mind you need.

Important Parameters and Versatility:

The YBP MacBook Pro Inch Privacy Screen is meticulously crafted to fit 13-inch MacBook Pro models, offering a precise and secure installation. Its high-definition and high-light properties make it a valuable asset for professionals, students, and anyone who values privacy. This privacy screen is not only perfect for business professionals handling sensitive data but also ideal for educators conducting private lessons or examinations. Additionally, individuals who frequently travel or work in coffee shops, libraries, or other public areas will benefit greatly from this product.

Where can this product be used?

  • Office environments
  • Libraries and study areas
  • Coffee shops and co-working spaces
  • Educational institutions
  • Airports and travel hubs
  • Public transportation
  • [ High Definition, High Light and Perfect Privacy Protect]:After installing the for macbook privacy screen 13 inch,It has the least brightness reduction among similar products,The screen clarity and brightness you see from the front are not very different from those before installation, but the person next to you can only see your black screen. [Can be Perfectly Integrated into Your for Macbook Laptop]:After installing the for macbook pro 13 inch privacy screen, your for macbook laptop can still be closed tightly as before, which solves the problem of large gaps after other products are installed. [High Adhesion]:The privacy screen for macbook air 13 inch adopts a removable four-sided high-viscosity silicone seal design,There will be no problem of loose adsorption. [Reusable and Removable]:Easy to install and remove.bubble free design.Filter shows a black edge with removable silicone seal around the edge of the privacy screen. If silicone becomes dirty it can be washable and adhesion will return when dry. [Multi-purpose design]: High hardness material combined with Nano Grade Oleophobic Coatings, effective anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch, all-round protection screen.It can block 30% blue light and 99% ultraviolet light to protect your eyes. We offer you a 100% risk-free guarantee of refund without reason to make you reassured. However, we are confident that you will be very satisfied with the nice performance of our products.



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    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    AWESOME Notebook Accessories

    I made this purchase with low expectations. I just put a privacy screen on my Macbook and I'm very excited. This privacy screen exceeded my expectations. With all the different options you have on this page, I suggest you choose this screen. Today is the first day and it's great. I can't say what will happen on day 100. But today I have no reason to worry.

    • Great selection
    • Nothing

    Revainrating 3 out of 5

    Not Very Magnetic - Screen Filter

    I would have to use clips or sticky notes like a piece of tape to attach this privacy screen film sufficiently to do the job I bought it for. When held down it limits other people's view of my screen or glare, but staying on screen is so awkward and unreliable that it just sits in my laptop bag.

    • Full Set
    • ---

    Revainrating 4 out of 5

    Good Quality: Screen Filter

    This product is quite good for my 16" MacBook Pro as shown above under "Performance Rating". the left side of the screen is not visible, only half of the screen .On the right side, the left side is visible, and on the left side, the right side is visible.Please pay attention to this week with your product.

    • Dope 🔥
    • Too long to wait

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Finally come and close!

    Perfect fit and closure! And the key protection is great too! If you are, the privacy screen is really dark. In addition, it closes very well.

    • Easy to use
    • Secret

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Better than the competition but not perfect

    Pros: -Very clear, you forget what's there -Smooth and full privacy screen from the side -Super easy to install and remove, much easier , Than others - Comfortable, as far as I can tell, does not degrade the picture quality. Cons: too thick. The screen is not held in place by the rubber stopper. This eventually leads to deformation of the hinge. Glare is pretty bad, but not an issue if you work in an office. It's manageable!

    • New to my collection
    • Almost everything is there

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    I wish it was magnetic, less dark and too shiny

    Needed for school. Just speaks on/off and when I think about it I think it's magnetic rather than rubbery silicone. My problem is that I didn't read carefully. It's not that easy to get away from, even if you think it should be. I ended up leaving it on my computer, but I was too upset with how dark it was. I ended up buying another brand that was magnetic on top and also not as dark and shiny.

    • A dream come true
    • Long delivery time

    Now that I'm in face-to-face class, I've found it important to limit the viewing angle on my screen. It works incredibly well, I never think about when it's on, and it's very easy to install. I don't even know he's there most of the time. This doesn't affect the camera, nor does it prevent my MacBook Pro from closing or turning off when it's closed. I liked it so much I bought it for my student who loves it too.

    • Pretty packaging
    • I don't remember

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Excellent privacy protection

    I bought this because I was going on an international flight and didn't want the person next to me reading every document I laid out. This privacy screen is fantastic. If you sit directly in front of the screen, you will never realize that a filter is installed. But move left or right and the screen will disappear. It works as described and was easy to install. I haven't tried removing it so I'm not sure how it would work, but I'm not sure why I need it. Featured!

    • Stylish and modern design
    • Slightly wrinkled

    Revainrating 5 out of 5

    Easy to apply, almost perfect fit, closes completely

    One of the easiest screen protectors I have ever fitted. It's not exactly a perfect fit - there's a very small gap around the edges where dust and dirt will inevitably seep in, but it's close enough. Best of all, it's the only privacy screen I've tried that allows you to completely close your Macbook Pro. Most of them have to be removed to fully close the lid, but this one doesn't fit - it sits flush with the edge of the screen. The design is very good, the viewing angles are excellent. FYI…

    • Good product for the price
    • thin