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Zilliqa (ZIL)

Zilliqa is a blockchain platform aimed at increasing transaction scalability. The developers are building blockchain-based payment solutions that will be able to work even faster than Visa or Mastercard. This will be possible thanks to the sharding technology. Sharding are dividing the Zilliqa mining network into smaller "shards", assuming that each "shard" can handle an X number of transactions, and together they are capable of processing 10X number of transactions. The more users (nodes) participating in the network, the higher the network bandwidth. Token: Zillings (or ZIL) is the payment unit of the Zilliqa network and currently running on their own blockchain (mainnet). ZIL is giving platform usage rights to the users in terms of using it to pay for transaction processing or run smart contracts. What makes Zilliqa protocol stand out for me: 1. Smart use of Proof-of-Work. Zilliqa protocol introduces two types of blocks: transaction blocks (TX-Block) and directory service blocks. TX-Block contains the transactions sent by users, and the DS-Block contains metadata about the miners. Miners are using the Proof-of-Work algorithm to confirm several thousand blocks at once (as opposed to the traditional Proof-of-Work, where a cryptographic problem is solved for each transaction). 2. Higher bandwidth for smart contracts and dApps. Thanks to sharding technology, Zilliqa blockchain is able to support popular applications that are used by a huge number of people at the same time, without any network delays. Conclusion: Zilliqa is a decent project that is trying to solve the most important problem of the current blockchain solutions. Scalability is considered one of the most important blockchain issues today. Today's PoW blockchain solutions cannot quickly process a massive transaction output. Therefore, solving this problem will be a technological breakthrough. Maintaining stable and fast operation of popular decentralized applications is also an important step in the development. Zilliqa is one of the projects that is aimed at solving this problem. The network speed and security depends on the number of users. Therefore, we can conclude that Zilliqa can become a self-sufficient project that has every chance of success, provided that the crypto community and dapp developers will go along with their solutions.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink is one of the few projects working on the development of decentralized oracles. On Chainlink multiple oracles can work simultaneously, receiving LINK as rewards, thus providing a reliable and stable functionality of complex smart contracts. Chainlink can easily become the industry leader for years to come, but don't forget that is has a serious competition. It also takes a lot of real-world adoption of smart contracts to see the full potential of the project. LINK token: LINK is an Ethereum-based token. Chainlink nodes (oracles) are rewarded with the LINK for receiving data from off-chain systems and converting it into blockchain-compatible formats. Thus, the current use-case of using the token is payment of work for the node operators. Why Chainlink is so hyped (my opinion): Chainlink team has attracted a lot of public attention to their project over the last 2 years, and their community is actively growing. Partnerships with a lot of cryptocurrency projects and a high-profile non-crypto companies is ensuring a high rating among other industry players are gradually increasing the company's credibility. Back in the days, Chainlink haven't done a lot of marketing. From the very beginning, Chainlink worked hard and did not spend money on advertising before their product was launched and accepted. This type of project doesn't really depend on the reactions of ordinary people. Chainlink is more interested in bringing in insights and leaders who can actually use their technology. Their "marketing" lies in their ability to communicate the product effectively to the businesses. During the product development, the team collaborated with several big corporations. Such giants see Chainlink as the very talented guys who can add smart contracts to their business. In addition to existing use cases, Chainlink can be implemented in any field as a means of connecting the real world with smart contract technology. Overall impression: Fundamentally, the project looks very good. By all means, there is enough reasons to believe that Chainlink is one of the most promising projects on the market. Some people can point out that their success is only been possible due to their marketing abilities, their ability to cause hype, and so on. But the fundamental benefits of the project is obvious and it's difficult to adquately undermine them. It's important to understand that the level of blockchain adoption is a very significant factor for this project. How long it will take for Chainlink to implement large-scale, workable solutions that impact the way finances work? It is still remains to be an unanswered question. Chainlink can be called the most outstanding cryptocurrency this year, the coin has grown 10x for the past year. Chainlink's strength as a project is that it benefits both blockchain projects and real-world companies. The project is not the easiest to learn, but as soon as you begin to understand the essence of the idea, you understand that it can help smart contracts to break through to the masses.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Electrum Wallet

Electrum Wallet

Electrum is an open-source Bitcoin wallet founded on November 5, 2011. Since 2011, over 230 developers have contributed to the source code of the wallet, and since then, the project has expanded and acquired many useful features, as well as a solid reputation in the blockchain community. Supported platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS Supported currencies: Bitcoin (BTC) MultiSig: Yes 2FA: Yes Security (10/10): The security of this wallet is very high. Multisig, 2FA, cold wallet support, and read-only mode are critical security factors: not all wallets have them. It is also possible to password-protect the login. Electrum is one of the most reliable Bitcoin wallets that is available today (aside from cold and paper wallets) Ease of use (5/10): As I mentioned in cons, this wallet will be difficult to use for inexperienced users. Now modern wallets make everything clean and simple, when even your ordinary intuition can tell you where to click. In Electrum, everything is far from that "clean UI" state. Even the installation process requires a lot of blockchain knowledge (not to mention the complexity of the design). Upon installation, you are required to choose between Segwit (bech32) or Legacy BTC address. Bech32 is a relatively new address format, and not all exchanges support Segwit, but not all beginners know that. As a result, this can result in a loss of funds. Difficulties may also arise with the official support of the wallet. For official support, you need to contact the official bitcoin thread. My overall impression (8/10): Electrum is a great, fast, secure and stable wallet. Electrum have a huge support from the Bitcoin community and is packed full of security features. This is a veteran wallet and has come a long way since 2011. But if you are just starting your Bitcoin journey, I would not recommend this wallet. But for those who understand blockchain and basic terms, this wallet will be very useful, as it is suitable for depositing large amounts. Experienced users are strongly encouraged to use Electrum.Tam incelemeye bakın

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BitTorrent is a torrent client designed to speed up downloading files on the Internet. BitTorrent was acquired by the TRON Foundation in 2018. After that, BitTorrent announced the release of an extended version of the protocol and introduced the release of BTT token. It's worth noting that other crypto projects tried to acquire BitTorrent, including NEO. They offered $170M, but TRON eventually secured the deal for themselves. Token economics: BTT is a token on the TRON blockchain (TRC10). Designed primarily to motivate seeders to stay online and distribute files longer in order to maintain high download speed (BitTorrent Speed). BTT will also be integrated as a native token into the BTFS ecosystem. Other use-cases of the token in the BitTorrent ecosystem are also possible. Interesting IEO Facts: 1) Hardcap of $7.2M was raised in 15 minutes (not counting $20M raised on private-sale). 2) Public IEO price per token was $0.00012. Individual cap was $20,000 (in BNB & TRX). 3) After the IEO, TRON announced a series of airdrops that will last until 2025. All TRX holders will periodically receive free BTT. Amount of tokens sold during IEO: 9% of total supply Amount of tokens allocated for airdrop: 10% of total supply Main Features: One of the main features is, of course, BitTorrent Speed. It is designed to increase the download speed of the torrents (seeders will be paid in BTT for staying online and sharing files, thus creating incentive for them to improve the download speed of the torrents). This feature is intended to naturally increase the adoption of BTT token. It is already up and running, application is downloadable through their official website. Second main feature is BitTorrent File System (BTFS). This is very interesting feature, which is inspiring a high hopes for it's success. Currently all files are stored in a centralized manner, allowing it to be cerncored by authorities or shut down entirely from the centralized servers. BTFS is addressing this problem, allowing everyone to the storage system that will use the disk space of users, thus removing to single point of failure for all data on the internet. Team and Community: BitTorrent is a famous brand that everyone of us already know, everyone has heard of torrents. Given the prior popularity of BitTorrent, they already have a fairly significant following on social media. At the of the review, they have more than 95K+ followers on Twitter, and about 620K likes on Facebook. The TRON community is one of the largest communities in the blockchain industry, thanks to the marketing efforts of their CEO Justin Sun. Going forward, the entire BitTorrent community can potentially become the TRON community thanks to the airdrop program. But, it's important to note, that natural acceptance of the idea with BTT tokens is still underway with BitTorrent non-crypto community. In the future, TRON will use the BitTorrent protocol to integrate into their ecosystem: increasing the speed of dapps and decentralizing the Internet. They want to transfer the entire Internet to users' computers (more in the TRON review) which is quite an ambitious idea. Criticism of the project: 1) Most of the criticism is related to the choice of the TRON blockchain. The former BitTorrent executive resigned after Tron acquired BitTorrent, claiming that Tron's blockchain is nothing more than "a marketing machine on top of a very thin layer of technology." He also said that the TRX blockchain would not even come close to handling the transaction volume required for BitTorrent current data exchange rate. 2) There were also rumors in the community that the early success of the BTT token price wasn't backed by anything fundamental (speculated pump and dump). Some members of the community are skeptical that the BTT token has any real value, arguing that BitTorrent users won't pay for faster downloads. My overall impression: In general, there are mixed feelings, no one guarantees acceptance of BTT tokens by torrent users. But I agree that the wild BTT hype could start right the broad acceptance of the BTFS. The real demand for tokens may appear only in a few years. For now I prefer to stay realistic and rationally acknowledge the option of the absence of real (not speculative) demand for BTT. You need to understand that TRON acquisition is a before and after situation for BitTorrent. Some people think that this will be the end for BitTorrent as we know it. Right now people are sharing files completely for free, without any tokens. Now the situation will change dramatically: seeders can simply refuse to distribute files for free. There's this system allows potential problems with users' privacy. Seeders can opt out of using tokens because they have to sacrifice their anonymity. However, I admit that BTT is now a very promising token. In the first couple of years, BTT will have a powerful speculative value. But we should not forget that the real, unadulterated demand for BTT may never come, people can just continue to download for free. Therefore, no one promises 100% success, and will see how the situation develops.Tam incelemeye bakın

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YoBit Exchange

Yobit is a crypto exchange which was founded in Russia in 2014. Since the beginning, this exchange is raising a lot of controversies. Founders of this exchange are unknown, and there's been a lot of speculations about it. For those who considering trading on this exchange: Everyone should be aware that this exchange has a shady reputation. You can find a lot of Bitcointalk threads stating that this is a scammy exchange. Newbies should be extra careful: there's a countless number of illiquid coins and tokens, some tokens (like OMG) represents other projects (it's not OmiseGO). Legal investigations: In 2017 it was under investigation by the Russian regulatory authorities (Roskomnadzor) for its questionable financial activities. Nevertheless, it amazes me that the exchnage is stil operates and presumably doing fine. Exchange support: Everyone should be careful trying to reach their support, cause there's a countless number of scammers, trying to impersonate the project management team. Newbies should be extra careful: do not send any funds to scammers. Fees and deposit options: Fees on YoBit are comparably low, for instance, cryptocurrencies deposit fees is free, and the withdrawal fee is 0.0005 BTC (~$4). Plus they have many deposit options, like Payyer, Perfect money, Yandex Money, QIWI, Webmoney, AdvCash and others. If you are withdrawing fiat through VISA on AdvCash, they will charge a minimum fee of 6 USD + 5% USD from the withdrawal amount, which is pretty high. Why I can't take this exchange seriously: There's been a lot of LMAO situations with this exchange: for example in 2018 they've been officially announcing (through their twitter and official emails) that they will do a Pump and Dump of a random cryptocurrency, with a total buy amount of 10 BTC 😂 , and the trick has worked: after this announcement, many users joined the exchange and daily trading volume almost tripled. Even though Pump and Dump schemes are bad and wrongful, given the attitude of this exchange, I can't look at this situation as something serious. The bad thing about this situation is that someone could have lost their funds pretty easily, if they didn't know what was happening. Even though they are not doing this Pump and Dump schemes anymore (or rather not so openly), every new user should be aware of that and consider the attitude of this exchange.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Ravencoin (RVN)

Ravencoin is a digital P2P network designed to transfer digital value from one person to another. It is a fork of Bitcoin allowing tokens to be created on it's own blockchain. The project is completely open source, launched in January 2018, with no ICO. Coin technicals: Ravencoin represents the ultimate RVN cryptocurrency, and a universal blockchain, mining process of which are resistant to centralized ASIC mining. Thus, it is an improved and more decentralized BTC (in terms of the mining), with the ability to issue tokens. At its core, RVN code is exactly the same as the BTC code. However, there are a few differences: 1) The total issue is not 21 million, but 21 billion. 2) Scheduled block rewards (5000 RVN) 3) Advanced AISC-resistant mining algorithm X16R Features: 1) Ability to issue tokens (Asset Layer) Ravencoin has the ability to tokenize real assets, for example: we can have digitized stocks and pay dividends, tokenize property rights licenses and much much more. Tokenization of everything material. There is also the possibility of issuing unique tokens, like ERC721 standard on Ethereum. 2) Mining algorithm X16R This algorithm was developed by the creators of the project specifically for Ravencoin. It's not just ASIC-resistant. It is specifically designed to shatter the future hopes of centralized moneybags like Bitmain. Team and community: Researching the project, I was very surprised, and pleasantly surprised. Let's start with the fact that the site doesn't have "Our Team" page. That's the surprising part: there is none of that pictures of their “employees”, and links to their social networks, which is screaming: “look at us, we are real!”. I found the creators of Ravencoin in the Whitepaper, they were mentioned as authors on the first page: Bruce Fenton is the main figure of Ravencoin, an early crypto investor, and is very well known person in the world of cryptocurrencies: founder of the financial company Atlantic Financial, co-founder of the Bitcoin Association and organiser of the very first Dubai Bitcoin Conference. Tron Black is the main developer of Ravencoin, the founder of several successful startups in the IT field, including CoinCPA (a cryptocurrency accounting system, created in 2013). All other people working on the project (developers, designers) are not employees but the project community and followers. This fact speaks for itself. This is what is meant by decentralized enitity. In terms of social networks - everything looks organic. Followers are really involved in this project. Overall impression: Real decentralization. This can be seen even from the way the management of the project itself is arranged. This is a decetralized TEAM, this project is being developed by different people around the world - this is true decentralization. This is how the future should be - in the hands of committed and passionate people, which is driven by the fierce idea. Ravencoin is the team of the future, not the company of the past. This is not a "company" at all, these are interested people, and they are not interested in salaries, but in the ideological result. Ravencoin by all means fits the vision of Satoshi, and also quite organically supplements its existence with the root cause of the creation of the Bitcoin payment network. If in the heart, at the root of the project, lies the idea of ​​decentralization, if the people who are engaged in it want to do something for the blockchain, then this project will pass any tests, then it is worthy. Ravencoin is one of such projects. Overall imperssion is 10/10.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Nucleus Vision

Nucleus Vision (NCASH)

Nucleus Vision is a personal identification system based on IoT technology. Nucleus Vision helps businesses to recognize their customers and their consumption habits, thanks to special ION sensors that identify each customer who visits the store, which has installed their. Idea: As soon as a customer enters the store, ION sensors recognises him (via signals from his smartphone) and provide a complete summary of information about his previous purchases, the average bill and even suggest the specific discounts that is suitable for him. Every store that has installed this identification system can view all data in real time through the company app. Token: NCASH is a ERC20 token based on Ethereum. NCASH can be used to pay at stores that have installed Nucleus Vision devices. NCASH is also used in the project's ecosystem to pay loyalty program rewards. Features: 1. Internet of Things. Nucleus Vision enables customers and companies to interact through unique IoT devices. The advantage of such sensors is that they use IoT technology, which does not require Buletooth or GPS enabled. Devices transmit information automatically, after the consent of the client. 2. Improving the performance of businesses. The system is aimed at closer communication between the company and the client. The company will know everything about each customer and will provide personalized and unique offers for each customer. My overall imperssion: The idea of ​​the project resembles one of the conspiracy theories based on the technologies of the future - total surveillance of all people. But with this project it is used for "helpful" business purposes 😂 The description of the idea of ​​this project, it is said a lot about the importance of the client's "consent" for processing and adding his data to NCASH data base. But if you just imagine what kind of data can REALLY be stored using this technology (personal private data and so on), it becomes a little scary. In my opinion, this project does not fulfill the blockchain's vision of the economic equality. He helps greedy organisations to "graze the consumer herd" by collecting their personal data. Tam incelemeye bakın

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FirstBlood (1ST)

FirstBlood is an Esports gaming platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. The ICO took place in September / October 2016, and according to the press reports, $6 million was raised in two minutes (funny thing that the ICO cap was set at $5.5 million) Main idea: FirstBlood allows players to participate in championships and directly fight each other in matches and win rewards. Platform users can test their skills and compete 1v1 or in a 5v5 team match in games such as League of Legends, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Features: The main feature of the platform is that you do not need to rely on any central point to determine the outcome of the match and distribute the agreed rewards. Decentralization of the platform is achieved by the presence on the platform of “Spectators” and “Jurors”, which ensure the integrity and fairness of the results of matches. Overall imperssion: Blockchain technologies are applicable in many areas, and they find particular use in gaming - the absence of intermediaries at championships and rewards for skill are really interesting advantages of the FirstBlood platform. As a coin for trading, 1st at the moment is showing itself as no different than a regular "altcoin", with its own pumps and dumps. However, while gaining wider coverage and popularity among gamers, there is a high probability of stable price growth.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Golem (GNT)

Golem is a global, open and decentralized supercomputer. Computing power consists of the combined power of users' machines, starting from personal laptops and ending with the biggest data processing facilities around the world. Anyone can use Golem to compute (almost) any program in existence, from rendering 3D graphics to computing super-complex tasks like sophisticated AI data calculations. Those who buy computing power from the Golem Network are called Requestors. Anyone with a computer can rent their computing power on the Golem network and generate automated income. These people are called Providers. Token: GNT or Golem Network Token is a utility-token based on Ethereum ERC-20 standard. GNT is needed to pay for computations on the network. As a Requestor, you set a bid for an amount of GNT you are willing to pay to have your task completed. As a Provider, you earn GNT by computing tasks for Requestors. Features: The service also provides software developers and software owners (including microservices and dApps) with a decentralized environment to distribute and monetize their software. Software hosted on the Golem network gradually reducing the costs of the downtime, cannot be DDoS attacked, and the whole thing is much cheaper than running your own servers. Why I like this project: 1. Security. All calculations are performed on virtual machines and are completely isolated from the hosting system. 2. Micropayments. Golem Network uses its own micropayment system, while the fees for transactions are not significant. 3. Great blockchain idea. Using this service, you can use your idle CPU and make a profit from it, as well as buy the power of computers of other users, which is several times cheaper than buying powerful computers. Conclusion: In my opinion, this project is among the greatest examples of the technological progress. To learn how to share the unused power of computers along with the advent of blockchain, it finally became a reality. Imagine a torrent in which peers help you not download files, but you're completing your computing tasks. Amazing. Moreover, as you know, the entire platform works in a decentralized manner, there is no single point of failure. And users can get real earnings from their devices. This is one of those projects that inspires a sense of confidence in its success. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Syscoin (SYS)

Syscoin is aimed at providing a convenient process for exchanging goods on a decentralized marketplaces. Idea: The creators of Syscoin intend to fulfill Satoshi Nakamoto's vision of creating and developing decentralized online stores on the blockchain. On Syscoin platform you can build many things. But the very first and most stand-out use case is decentralized marketplaces. The project offers its own decentralized Blockmarket, where users can create their own online shops and sell goods for cryptocurrency, completely decentralized, without the participation of third parties. Coin: SYS coin is based on Litecoin source code with some modifications. SYS is a Proof-of-Work coin using a difficulty algorithm called Dark Gravity Wave v3 (DGW). Maximum supply: SYS 880,000,000. Community: Syscoin community is pretty much active and really cares about the project. Twitter feed is always full of project updates, posts is getting lots of attention. Chats are very active and people seem to be involved in the life of the project. Partnerships: Syscoin is actually one of the oldest projects (created in 2014) and as the time went by, team have established significant and strategic relationships with many crypto-related companies, like Binance, Komodo and others. Latest example is the partnership with Binance: Binance USD (BUSD) stablecoin is now available the Syscoin Network. Overall impression: Syscoin is a decent project, with its own unique features and innovations for the world of cryptocurrencies. At the moment, the idea of ​​decentralized marketplaces is very relevant, and the importance this will only grow in the future. It is possible that the Syscoin project is the new Amazon in the initial stages, when no one noticed its potential yet. The project has a rather busy roadmap, with a lot of features being developed, which will help this project cope with the potential huge number of users on the marketplace.Tam incelemeye bakın

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