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I like that they have an excellent team of people who are always willing/able (and eager) for feedback! We've used them multiple times now as both our internal ATS provider but also occasionally when we need external help with specific tasks or projects - everything has been great so far!! So happy working alongside this awesome group :) They're not perfect though; sometimes you'll get some weird errors which can be hard work trying track down what's going wrong there- however usually once identified things clear up pretty quickly too. Great service overall & would definitely recommend if looking out specifically around User Research / Testing services. Their pricing is quite reasonable compared to other providers offering similar offerings. As mentioned above, just make sure your needs match exactly how well matched theirs will be before signing anything away ;) Happy clients here using us regularly + highly recommended internally within my own organisation! Tam incelemeye bakın

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The integration with our HR system made it super easy! We have been able use this app in conjunction with other applications we were already utilizing without additional costs or effort from their end (no new apps required). I haven't found anything yet but if there's something not quite what they need - feel free ask us through [email protected] so maybe together can find solution :) Integration has helped take away some manual inputting/entry process which was very tedious before and now makes things much easier when needed as well allows me access via mobile devices too while out at meetings etc.Tam incelemeye bakın

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It is very user-friendly, has many features that you need for business growth in mind (such as tasks management). I love its simplicity of use at one hand but also how it allows to set up complex workflows which are difficult or impossible with other scheduling tools out there such an Asana etc.. Overall great product from this point forward!! Nothing particular really though would like more integrations into third party applications since they have all those amazing connectors available through Zapier/IFTTT integration options if needed :) Great tool overall especially when combined together along zapiers + Ifttts! Highly recommended even without any previous knowledge about dangertags because everything's pretty intuitive once figured things ouut over time!! This software helped us manage our own internal services workflow much easier than before by allowing each member access only what he needs instead having multiple users sharing every single task across different teams while not. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Snap Schedule

The ability to see all of your employees at one time is great, not only does it give you an overview but makes sure no one gets overlooked! I wish there was more customization options in regards to being able to add/remove tasks during certain times of day or week etc. This would be helpful for any business with multiple locations. We use this as part-time employment so we are looking up everyone once they come into our office each morning which saves us from having to do this throughout out entire shift.Tam incelemeye bakın

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When I Work

It was very user friendly! We used it at our restaurant as well so we had no trouble using when compared others out there that were more difficult than this one seemed like they would be (but maybe thats because i am not familiar enough). The only thing about WOW which has been great but could use some work still are its customer service reps who can sometimes seem aloof or uninterested while you're having issues trying get them help etc.. They have really improved since my previous experience though!! You need something where people don't always feel pressured into signing up right away if needed support services after hours during non business times too. If anyone needs any questions answered regarding how things go here please do ask us. ! Tam incelemeye bakın

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Preview App

I like that it helps keep our team organized with all of my current documents under one single place! It could be improved by adding even more features/functionalities such as chat rooms or commenting system within comments section which would allow us easy discussion between members without having face-to-face meetings. Great product overall but some functions are hard coded so not many ways to enhance this app unless you pay extra. If anyone has any ideas how we can improve preview please feel free to contact me at anytime! We have been able to use previews to collaborate easier because everything gets collected together in 1 spot where everyone involved will know exactly what's going on right now. Tam incelemeye bakın

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I like that it is easy to use in terms of getting started with your customers by setting up surveys quickly (and we really needed this!). We have been able to get our customer feedback into more granular details than before! It has allowed me personally to easily see what my colleagues are doing too when they aren't around - great time saver as well!!. There were some issues at first but these got sorted pretty quick so no problems since then. Great solution once you do work out how all those pieces fit together though definitely give them plenty of trial if you haven’t used something similar previously or even just take their free demo version to try it yourself. Easy to set-up, good reporting features which allows us to give clear direction/feedback to developers who help improve products without having to go through multiple departments / different managers each week! Tam incelemeye bakın

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Hardscape Imaging Software

Great tool for estimating, makes it easy to see how many square feet of concrete you have left in your driveway! The interface is not very intuitive but I am sure that will improve over time as they continue adding features/functionality into this product line-up from their parent companies (Ameritrade). Have used other software applications with similar functionality like QuickBooks Pro which can be more user friendly at first glance when trying out new products or services; however since we are looking solely within our field service business there was no need once using hardscape imaging system all my needs were met without any issues whatsoever - price point also one thing i liked about AmeriTrade's customer support team who helped us decide what best suited each individual situation regarding pricing options etc.,.Tam incelemeye bakın

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I like how it is intuitive, simple yet user-friendly interface makes everything easier for me as an amateur designer! It's also very cheap if you're not sure of what kind of template or theme would suit best with your website/solution because there are so many templates out there which make choosing one fairly hard. There isn't much else but still this software allows me to create professional looking websites without having any knowledge about html coding etc.. The only problem is sometimes when my computer goes slow then some icons may be laggy however overall great program!!Tam incelemeye bakın

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Keysoft Landscape

The ability to use it as an add-on for other CAD applications is great! I have used this software in conjunction with Solidworks (DWG) files. It has made creating my models much easier than if i was using only DWGs. This program does not do well when working in higher resolutions (4800x1200). If resolution isn't set correctly, it will start making lines that are too wide/thin causing many problems throughout your model. My favorite feature of keysoft landscape is being able to utilize different types of file formats such as dwg, dxf etc. Tam incelemeye bakın

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