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Monero is a currency that distinguishes itself from the competition by one main characteristic: Anonymity. Offering opacity and security at each end of the transaction, it targets a very specific market. This added value can however be criticized in terms of ethics. When it comes to transaction anonymization, Monero is the perfect choice for any individual looking to protect their privacy. Although there is a panoply of anonymous currencies in the market, XMR remains the safest because Chainalysis has managed to crack the confidentiality code of some of them. Monero represents a growing threat to the adoption of cryptocurrencies in general because I find it hard to see a regulator authorizing a currency that it cannot trace. If regulators could stop bitcoin, they would have. It's because they can't stop the Bitcoin machine that they are all forced to regulate it. Nothing obliges them to authorize anonymous currencies, especially as this one is more used on the Darkweb and can easily be used for criminal purposes. Monero does not have long term viability, the closer we get to the adoption of cryptos, to regulation, the more Monero will be illegal with governments. Remember that Monero won its bet, that of being the leader in anonymous crypto.Tam incelemeye bakın

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USDT is a stable currency which gives its holder the guarantee of the US dollar. It has two major interests in my opinion: Its first interest is to allow cryptocurrency exchange platforms to have access to the US dollar, without having to manage real dollars. This is a huge advantage for trading platforms that only manage cryptocurrencies. The second interest of Tether USD is to offer users a way to protect themselves against the volatility of the crypto market. It is precisely because of the volatility of the market that I mainly use stablecoins but I prefer DAI algorithmic stablecoins for example because there is a controversial garande around tether. The problem with DAI is that there aren't many pairs so you have to go through USDT. I am suspicious of Tether, although it is the most used on the market. Remember that holding USDT comes down to trusting the centralized player that is the Tether company - for that alone, I will not hold it for the long term. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Kyber Network

Kyber Network is still one of the many projects that allows you to exchange or convert different crypto-assets instantly via its blockchain. Based on the Ethereum protocol, KNC is a project that is quite close to 0x. Traditional exchange sites such as Binance or Kraken have the disadvantages of hacking, etc. Decentralized exchanges for their part lack users and therefore liquidity. Unlike centralized exchanges, transactions are carried out on its blockchain and KNC does not provide its users with an order book. When a user wishes to carry out a transaction, the platform automatically converts the crypto-asset he wishes to use into the crypto-asset he wishes to send. Thanks to many partnerships with different crypto projects, the project has shown its seriousness. However, we must not overlook the project's black spots such as serious competitors, some of whom already have a working product.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Exodus was designed to be an easy to use multi-cryptocurrency wallet. It supports many cryptocurrencies. Exodus is a user-friendly wallet capable of delivering anything a basic cryptocurrency user would want. The goal was to make the experience of the crypto universe easier for newcomers to the industry. The Exodus wallet differs from other wallets by its own design, quality customer service and a good level of security. Exodus is a relatively safe crypto wallet for everyday use. But since this is an online wallet, it will never be as secure as a refrigerated wallet. The wallet lacks certain features like two-factor authentication, multi-signature addresses, etc ...), which makes it less secure than other software wallets. These security vulnerabilities force me not to recommend Exodus because when it comes to crypto, security is very important. I think this is the first thing every newbie should learn before embarking on the crypto adventure.Tam incelemeye bakın

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In its early days, I thought Chainlink was closely associated with 4chan, a site known for its controversial content. 4chan users were posting to LINK endlessly, which led me to think that Chainlink was a joke. However, LINK's promise was starting to materialize through its real-world application, through various high-profile partnerships and the growing use of Chainlink oracles. That's when I understood the seriousness and determination of the team. Of course, achieving Chainlink’s ultimate goals will not be easy, as Chainlink’s success depends on the following: -Global adoption of smart contracts, -The demand for decentralized oracles for smart contracts. -Chainlink’s ability to become a reliable and secure decentralized Oracle solution. Obstacles will certainly stand in the way of Chainlink's goal of solving the elusive Oracle problem. But for now, Chainlink seems to be leading the way in linking the world to blockchain technology. The number of data providers, but also of entities that start to interact or use Chainlink to interact with each other is significant. There are a lot of them like Intel, Google, etc. This leads in 2019-2020 Chainlink to offer the best return on investment of all crypto. I think there is still huge potential with this decentralized application.Tam incelemeye bakın

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XRP - An international payment solution

XRP is the cryptocurrency of Ripple. Its goal is to provide fast, secure and low-cost international payment solutions to businesses and individuals. XRP is a very ambitious project, with well-established development prospects. Personally I sold all my parts and stop supporting this currency. Despite its strong market capitalization and its place in the top 5 of crypto, it is one of the worst performing cryptocurrencies on the market. I suspect a constantly manipulated course, XRP's management committee holds a significant amount of XRP.Tam incelemeye bakın

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A project with great potential

Ethereum is for me one of the great innovations of the blockchain industry. The second cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, it allows the creation of smart contracts and decentralized applications. It is at the origin of ERC-20 cryptocurrencies and many ICOs. Projects like ethereum have allowed us to discover the power of the blockchain. For its creator, the blockchain can serve beyond a simple financial transaction. Thus there is used for many decentralized finance applications, for blockchain games. The success of ethereum quickly highlighted its weaknesses such as the lack of scalability of the network causing in the near future the birth of ethereum 2.0 which will be a game-changer by combining decentralization, security, and scalability of the network.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Bancor Network

The Bancor protocol

Bancor has created an elegant and simple solution in its decentralized network that allows traders to trade ERC-20 tokens seamlessly across nearly 10,000 token pairs, and all with just one click. Bancor allows users to instantly convert two tokens without the need for a trade-off. All of this is done directly in the Bancor wallet, this model has enabled Bancor to provide traders with automatic liquidity for transactions. More importantly, it allows the network to remain completely decentralized, much of the functionality of the network is due to the innovative use of the BNT token to facilitate transactions. The real benefit behind Bancor is the fairly easy token trading experience for users. The intuitive wallet app is nifty and allows for quick and easy token conversions, like the one users get using Coinbase Pro or other wallets. The Bancor V2 protocol saw several important features allowing the Bancor project to lead the pack in decentralized financing projects. The changes are intended to address a few key issues commonly cited as barriers to widespread adoption of Automated Market Makers, etc.Tam incelemeye bakın

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Wrapped Bitcoin

What is WBTC? In recent months, the taste for decentralized finance has also affected Bitcoin holders. However, to invest in these tokens, we must first transform our cryptocurrencies into tokens compatible with the Ethereum blockchain. This method is done through specific protocols like WBTC, the most popular by the way. Thus, in recent months, the tokenization of Bitcoin has broken records and reached the milestone of more than 2 billion US dollars. My opinion on WBTC: WBTC is yet another new innovation that connects BTC to the Ethereum blockchain. This unique financial instrument offers traders, institutions and Dapps a bridge to the Ethereum network while conversing about Bitcoin. The aim is to harness the value of the price of Bitcoin and combine it with the versatility of Ethereum. Awesome isn't it? One very attractive thing in the blockchain industry is the particular succession of innovations in order to make the technology more accessible and much more adopted. Note that this innovation brings enormous benefits to DeFi sectors, such as significant liquidity, the Ethereum ecosystem becomes diversified and broad, etc ...Tam incelemeye bakın

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My opinion on Payonner Let's start by saying that Payoneer is a company whose reliability is no longer proven. It is aimed at businesses, professionals, digital marketers, product or service markets and freelancers. Payoneer provides currency conversions, direct payment solutions, integrations, and the means for businesses to pay their contractors, employees, and more. With more than 4 million customers, Payoneer allows companies to pay all its providers in more than 20 countries in its currency with reduced transfer fees! Payoneer's services are used by many major players in the ecommerce world, including Amazon, Google, Airbnb, and UpWork. If your business needs to send or receive payments online, whether nationally or internationally, Payoneer's payment services can be of help. Unlike companies like PayPal which offer similar capabilities, Payoneer focuses more on international transactions and claims to offer lower overall costs than its competitors. Either Payoneer is an ideal choice to save money on your international multi-currency transfers compared to other online banks in the French-speaking marketTam incelemeye bakın

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