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Review on Bitpie by Joseph Bello

The Bitpie Is One Of The Most Secured Crypto Wallet I've Come Across

The mobile wallets tends to be classified as the least safest due to the fact that they are classified as a hot type of wallet. They happen to be prone to hackers than the cold wallets or hardware wallets. This is actually true to some extent as there are still some software or hot wallets that are secured (for storing little funds but when it comes to a large amount of money, the hardware or cold wallet is what I'll recommend). I think the founders of the Bitpie wallet has discovered this and have made the BitHD wallet available, which is a hardware wallet that can be connected to the Bitpie wallet making the Bitpie wallet safer with it. Having gone through this wallet for a while, I have finally come to a conclusion that not minding the fact that the wallet still lack some security features, it can be recommended especially for the security features it possess and displays.

It is a Hiererchical Deterministic (HD) wallet that has been in existence since the year 2015 and has been able to acrue much traders on their platform. Their services are available on mobile devices, the Android and iPhone operating systems and can still be accessed via the web. The wallet is known to accept a really high number of cryptocurrencies which includes Bitcoin and its pairs such as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold. They also accepts Ethereum and it's tokens in addition to EOS, its pairs and it's tokens. Ever since I started using the blockchain services, I can barely count the number of wallets that accepts the EOS tokens, this alone would make the Bitpie wallet suitable for some gamers, especially those playing the EOS Knights (of which I'm among the group).

Moving to the security features of the Bitpie wallet. Just as I said earlier, the Bitpie happens to be one of the most secured crypto wallet I've come across for a while now and this is because of the fact that they make use of multiple security features like the military grade encryption. Most exchanges that use this encryption are classified as one of the most secured exchanges, making the Bitpie a really safe wallet. They make use of a multi character password which is used to secure your account and have a 12 word passphrase available should in case one needs to backup his wallet. As for users private keys, it's never in the hands of the company but they have to t encrypted and stored in the users device. Their security features looks quite okay to me except for the fact that they don't utilize the 2 Factor Authentication. I just hope they quickly add this to their security portfolio before they come across a security breach.

Pros & cons

  • The wallet doesn't stores their private keys on users device and have it encrypted
  • It is a HD wallet
  • The software wallet can be connected to a hardware wallet, the BitHD for the enhancement of security
  • Their mobile applications are available on both Android and iPhone
  • Stores a wide range of cryptocurrencies which includes Bitcoin and its pairs, Ethereum and it's pairs and EOS and it's pairs
  • They have users private keys stored on their devices
  • They lack the 2 Factor Authentication which I classify very important, let's just hope they add it soon