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Review on Ethos by Joseph Okedeji

Ethos: A Multi-Asset Cryptocurrency Wallet That Guarantees The Safety Of Users Assets With Its State-Of-The-Art Security System.

Ethos wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet where digital assets are stored. It is classified in the group of hot storage wallets that is, wallets that function through connection to the internet unlike cold wallets that doesn't require internet connection.

The first step to using the Ethos wallet is to download the app on play store or apple store, according to the specifics of one's device. This means that the wallet is only available in mobile applications.

Next thing after installing the app is setting up the security of the wallet. Now, the Ethos wallet is equipped with advanced state-of -the-art security system. The security provides each user with a unique set of security seeds that gives each user control over their assets. The security also includes a biometric lock and pin that users set up to secure their assets. One might be wondering if the Ethos ecosystem have access to each users wallet because the security seeds were provided by the Ethos wallet, but the thing is, they have no access to the wallets because the seeds are safely encrypted on each user's device therefore, Ethos needs authorization from the user before being able to access the wallet.

After a successful security set up, one can then go ahead and start using the wallet. The wallet's user interface being a simple and attractive one ensures that users have no difficulty in using the wallet.

For users who own multiple digital currencies, there's no need to worry because the Ethos wallet supports over 150 cryptocurrencies, from the most popular ones to the least popular ones and the update from the development team is that more cryptocurrencies are still to be added to the wallet.

To make things more interesting, the Ethos wallet features a community airdrop program where users are gifted free tokens. The airdrop program is supported by the partners of the Ethos project to celebrate the launching of the wallet. The airdrop is available for the first users of the wallet after its release.

The Ethos wallet features the profile, descriptions ,ratings and charts of each digital currency supported on the wallet in other to give users more understanding about cryptocurrencies.

The mission of the Ethos Project in general is to develop a safe, open and fair financial ecosystem, and I can say that the development of the Ethos wallet is in line with their objective.

Pros & cons

  • Ethos wallet has a simple and an attractive user interface.
  • It provides a unique set of security seeds and features biometric and pin lock to ensure the safety of the wallet.
  • It is a multi-asset wallet that supports more than 150 cryptocurrencies.
  • There's opportunity to know more about cryptocurrencies through in-app coin charts, ratings and descriptions.
  • It is available on iOS devices and android devices.
  • One thing I noticed is that the wallet is only available for mobile devices and not for computers or PC in desktop version.