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Description of Ethos

The Ethos Universal Wallet is a wallet management system that allows users to quickly and easily interact with their coins, while tracking and monitoring diverse assets. The Universal Wallet will allow users to view, send and receive balances of any supported cryptocurrency. The wallet manager is entirely decentralized meaning that consumers have complete control over their private keys at all times and Ethos can’t access funds without direct user authorization. All transactions are completely user direct and there are no locks or limits.


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Revainrating 5 out of 5

one of the most convenient and reliable wallets Ethos

Hello everyone. With the development of Cryptocurrency projects, the tools for each have also grown. The ethos wallet is a great example of being a versatile mobile wallet with a user-friendly interface. Privacy and security features strengthen your role in protecting your assets. This HD wallet is fully owned by your private keys. You can also lock it with an extra layer - a PIN code. More information on how to install, how to use and what to look for is revealed in this Ethos review. One of…

  • safe wallet
  • Very good Ethos wallet
  • easy to use
  • No

_My review will be about the wonderful Ethos Universal Wallet.It is a wallet management system that allows users to quickly and easily interact with their accumulated coins, and allows you to track and control various assets. It is very convenient, you know where and how your Assets grow. This Universal Wallet will allow us regular users to view, send and of course receive balances from any supported cryptocurrency. Another handy feature is that the Wallet Manager is completely decentralized…

  • Good
  • No problems

An ethos wallet is a cryptographic money wallet that is created by created sources. Gathering hot reinforcements, i.e., wallets that permit you to associate with the web, isn't care for cold wallets that needn't bother with a web association. The ethos wallet is an extraordinary illustration of an adaptable compact wallet that is not difficult to utilize. Security notes reinforce your part in giving your assets. This HD wallet is completely needed by your own keys. You can likewise lock it…

  • A simple and reliable wallet to use
  • No flaws

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Ethos investment commission to help Investor

Ethos is taken into account one in every of the safest ANd most trustworthy non-custodial investment portfolios. attribute has partnered with Fusion USA Holdings, a cryptocurrency authority regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, to assist investors build a diversified investment portfolio. attribute is an application portfolio. offered on mobile devices for automaton and iOS. it's easy to use an easy email verification to register a pocketbook, however to deposit and withdraw…

  • Easy access
  • Wallet

Revainrating 5 out of 5

About Ethos

Ethos is a digital wallet that supports a variety of cryptocurrencies, as well as a few stablecoins and tokens. It makes it simple for consumers to purchase, trade, store, and swap bitcoins. The wallet also includes a number of features that allow users to have access to liquidity, safely trade bitcoin, and save a large number of tokens. In fact, it is capable of supporting over 140 items. Ethos is a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet. It allows users to establish their own private keys and…

  • It relieves the user of the worry of having to manage several wallets for different cryptocurrencies.
  • It provides in-wallet cryptocurrency exchange.
  • The app is updated on a regular basis.
  • There are no negative aspects.

Revainrating 5 out of 5


Ethos is a really complete wallet that offers us features that other wallets may not have. The interface is really comforting and we will know how to use it quickly. It will allow us to store, send, receive and even track cryptocurrencies. It supports a large number of cryptocurrencies including the best known. The security implementations that it has are exemplary and will serve enough for the transactions that we are going to carry out at any time without problems. In addition, it is…

  • Wallet that contains functions that others do not have. Supports a large number of cryptocurrencies. The interface is easy to use for both experts and beginners. It is available in a mobile application for Android and iOS. The security implementations are really nice and all the transactions we do will be secured.
  • I have not had any problems.

Revainrating 3 out of 5


In my article today, I will talk about another wallet, Ethos. This wallet is a wallet that holds all (most) of your cryptocurrencies and combines them all into one smart key. In addition, this wallet offers an ecosystem aspect. This ecosystem is a system that financial service providers can operate. This means users will be able to easily convert cryptos from one type to another, or review cryptocurrencies and rate them. It is easy to install. It takes the user through a few easy to…

  • Supports almost all cryptocurrencies
  • The ecosystem offered to users
  • Easy setup
  • Beautiful and stylish design
  • Security or lack of privacy
  • Quick and not practical to use

Ethos wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet where digital assets are stored. It is classified in the group of hot storage wallets that is, wallets that function through connection to the internet unlike cold wallets that doesn't require internet connection. The first step to using the Ethos wallet is to download the app on play store or apple store, according to the specifics of one's device. This means that the wallet is only available in mobile applications. Next thing after installing the app…

  • Ethos wallet has a simple and an attractive user interface.
  • It provides a unique set of security seeds and features biometric and pin lock to ensure the safety of the wallet.
  • It is a multi-asset wallet that supports more than 150 cryptocurrencies.
  • There's opportunity to know more about cryptocurrencies through in-app coin charts, ratings and descriptions.
  • It is available on iOS devices and android devices.
  • One thing I noticed is that the wallet is only available for mobile devices and not for computers or PC in desktop version.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

A popular wallet worldwide: Ethos Wallet

Hello everyone, I will present you my review about Ethos Wallet today. Good reading to all. So we can go my review. When Ethos Wallet was first installed, the most important thing that the founders mentioned was that their goal was to make cryptocurrencies accessible to people from every country in the world. So as I mentioned, Ethos Wallet is a universal wallet. It is among the highest quality wallets in the world, currently containing more than 130 cryptocurrencies. I can say that this…

  • It is a popular wallet worldwide.
  • It contains more than 150 cryptocurrencies.
  • They provide quick and logical answers for support teams
  • Website design bad and basic

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Ethos wallet works best to store Track and build portfolios

Ethos has is considered as one of the safest and secured non custodial wallet. Ethos in partnership with Fusion US holdings which is a SEC regulated crypto Advisory which helps investors to create a diversified portfolio. Ethos is a wallet with Mobile apps for both Android and iOS applications. Easy to register wallet with sinple Email confirmation but in order to deposit and withdraw Crypto Assets you need to create a wallet from the app and back up 24 word memonic phrase for easy future…

  • Excellent secured features to store access and create wallet to receive coins and built portfolios
  • Security of a non custodial encrypted wallet backed up by PIN
  • I have seen wallet crashed few times while using but beside that there is no issue with lost of assets and wallet settings

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The best universal mobile wallet that we can find

The goal of this wallet company is to make cryptocurrencies accessibly easy for anyone. Ethos is a universal wallet with an advanced user-oriented interface. It has a wide variety of security and privacy features for the protection of user funds. It will provide full possession of our private keys. In addition, we can add a PIN code as an additional lock. It offers an ecosystem for financial services operations and a social network look or layout. That said, we can convert cryptocurrencies…

  • Excellent universal wallet that is easy to use and is compatible with multiple cryptocurrencies. We will have full possession or control of our private keys. Intuitive interface that anyone can use. It does not charge fees for its use.
  • The wallet is only available for mobile devices, there are no desktop or web versions yet. The two-factor authentication security option is not included either.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The Ethos Wallet

The Ethos wallet is a completely decentralized crypto wallet that is based in San Francisco, USA. It was founded by Shingo Lavine in the year 2017. Not minding age, the Ethos wallet has managed to make its name in the industry for some reasons I would For the sake of writing this review, I downloaded the mobile application of the Ethos wallet on my Android phone. The mobile application had it's interface neatly arranged in an easily accessible way, it's friendliness is also something to talk…

  • The platform charges no fee for using their wallet
  • Accepts a very wide variety of digital assets
  • Has a very attractive and user friendly interface
  • The platform leaves it's users in control of their private keys
  • Although it has it's mobile application, it is yet to have it's desktop application
  • Allows no Two Factor Authentication

Revainrating 4 out of 5


Ethos is a decentralized wallet for storing crypto asset it support multiple crypto token both coin and altcoin it a well recognize token with good ranking and review from users if you really want to enjoy a friendly user wallet with good design and attractive user interface ethos wallet would be recommended. Built with special smartkey to securely protect user asset from theft support sending, receiving, staking, swap of crypto currency it also a place for traders to make basic exchange of…

  • Decentralized wallet with good graphics and easy navigation tool easy to setup and understand
  • Support multiple crypto asset with support for exchange, swap and basic transaction
  • Good security system active support and update
  • Ethos non for now

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Ethos: The Colorful Wallet for Storing and Trading

If I have seen a colourful wallet of amazing design I cannot remember it anymore because with the design of Ethos all change. This is a multi-currency wallet of supreme security and affordable design. I can certify is among my favourites products for storing Cryptos, and in this case, I am less neutral because it is important to consider the great job the company did to offer a product of marvellous category. This is a wallet I already downloaded because the process is so easy and practical. It

  • Comfortable to use and practical for mobiles. There is not a desktop version, but it can be connected through it via Bluetooth to receive tokens from hardware wallets.
  • Multi-currency wallet with excellent services and good availability of tokens. The exchange service is even more practical to trade an sell currencies of great trading.
  • Partnered with Powerful financial programs centred in global e-commerce. It has granted a warm welcome to a new company with good rating.
  • The company have a great mission define more as a purposef initiative. They offer a secure product at the same time is affordable, creative, and nice to the view.
  • Excellent security system. It is unique and consist of a smart-key that protects all the service and fix big and alterations.
  • Ideal partner for storing, trading, staking the most commercial tokens with practical resources.
  • The cryptocurrency availability is still limited. The company should integrate more tokens of global usage.
  • It requires to fix certain areas that has been outdated over time.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Ethos wallet gives access to multiple cryptocurrencies

Ethos wallet is a digital wallet that supports multiple cryptocurrencies, a few stableoins and some tokens. It enables users to buy, sell, store and swap cryptocurrencies easily. The wallet also has many features that grants users access to liquidity, ability to securely exchange cryptocurrency and save dozens of tokens. As a matter of fact, it supports upward of 140 assets. Ethos is a decentralized wallet. With it, users can create his own private keys and use the keys to lock and unlock…

  • There is a regular updates to the app
  • It saves user the stress of using multiple wallets for holding different cryptocurrencies
  • It offers users access to liquidity
  • It offers in-wallet cryptocurrency swap
  • It support some stable coins like GUSD, DAI and TUSD
  • Despite the claim to be univeraal, Ethos wallet support limited cryptocurrency and tokens
  • The wallet does not require PIN or password to login. Anyone apart from the owner of the device could use the wallet easily

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Ethos Wallet

It is a universal platform that provides a sober environment easy to interpret and use, where we can store, send and receive digital assets as basic functions. You can make the raster of some asset stored elsewhere, such as exchange or wallet. All the assets stored in the wallet are under strong security measures such as the use of PIN and fingerprint that only allow access from the mobile device and are combined with large encryption systems.

  • Support for more than 150 cryptocurrencies and the promise of continuing to support many more.
  • The use of Ethos SmartKey and SmartWallet give the user full control of the funds.
  • It is a wallet that does not charge for deposit or withdrawal and much less has limits for these.
  • Some complaints that improve the performance of the interface.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Ethos, A Wallet That Does It All

Ethos wallet was established in 2017, it was formerly name Bitquence before was changed to Ethos . The founder and the CEO is Shingo Lavigne. The wallet is not just an ordinary wallet, where one can store cryptocurrencies but it provides a platform where those dealing in financial services can meet to interact. The wallet has support for over 150 coins and tokens. It posses some features which makes it to be very unique, for example it has a mini exchange in built into it, which users…

  • The users are in custody of the private keys.
  • It is multicurrency wallet
  • Users can easily swap their cryptocurrencies with the inbuilt exchange
  • There is an inbuilt platform where users can interact with each others.
  • The wallet is hierachical deterministic, which means it has a kind of privacy.
  • There is 2Factors authentication to further secure the wallet.
  • There is a feature which allow users to access market data as well as technical indicators.
  • It is an online wallet, which makes it prone to hackers
  • It has to compete with lots of competitors.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Ethos Wallet

It is a wallet that provides the opportunity to store, send and receive coins, tokens and digital assets in one place. It has applications for mobile devices, currently supports 150 cryptocurrencies with the promise of continuing to grow.

  • Secure storage through the use of PIN and biometric technology.
  • The user has complete control over the funds in the wallet.
  • Free transactions and without minimum and maximum limits for the deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrencies.
  • Asset maintenance in multiple blockchains.
  • Application hangs.
  • The wallet does not close automatically when you stop using it.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Athos Universal Wallet

The Universal Ethos wallet, offers features not seen in other races, allows to store, track, learn, send and receive multiple cryptocurrencies. This wallet offers advanced SmartKey security, How other Athos implements PIN and fingerprint protection, it also features a combination with encryption techniques. It is worth noting that it has no deposit or withdrawal fees, nor does it have minimum or maximum limits to deposit and withdraw, characteristics that are very little seen in other wallets

  • It is a very complete wallet, offering functions not seen in other portfolios.
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies and tokens supported
  • Comfortable and easy to use interface
  • Stable security
  • It has a mobile application
  • Available in multiple regions
  • You have execution problems on some mobile devices

Revainrating 4 out of 5


Ethos is a cryptocurrency wallet so that users can store their cryptocurrency as well as manage it automatically so that they carry out operations and businesses within the cryptocurrency network, in it users can store different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash , Neo, Bitcoin Cash and other great variety of assets, in terms of security, it has secret codes and identity authentication to protect the information and operations that users decide to carry out. One of the…

  • It is a decentralized wallet.
  • It has great security on the platform.
  • It offers users a wide variety of available assets.
  • It is not compatible with decentralized Blockchain applications.