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Review on HB Wallet by José A Rodríguez

A Digital Wallet Supporting All ERC-20 Tokens

HB Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that works through to mobiles to provide complete access to a series of ERC-20 tokens. It supports only those type of cryptos coming from Ethereum. The truth is that it could be a little bit limited since they are not as high as they have seen. The wallet, anyway, is good for storing this type of cryptos, and also good for the other features that compound it as a complete product. First of all, in terms of updating, the company is very active and frequently keeps doing some improvements to the product. As I might notice most of them are for the type of devices that support the wallet. Secondly, the security parameters. Although they are good, there is yet low information about them. The company also keeps updating them, but it is just in terms of monthly security patches.

For new users, this wallet can be a little product because, in their web page, the company just worries about uploading content of their partnerships, and the kind of devices (everyday longer) that support it. However, this product has a representative value for the swapping tasks where tokens play a good role and it can give a little movement to the product. Moreover, it also lends its services to buy token into the product through a special type of market exchange.

I think this product can be explored completely to make sure it goes with the necessary services and features crypto-holders are commonly looking for. The only issue that I might encounter is the storage limits which was reserved just for Ethereum tokens. Out of this, the wallet has a good design, although it is not the best product on the market. But the fact with it is that the company not only wants to bring support to the crypto storage but also to make more effective the cryptocurrency adoption. In some way, it wants to contribute to that fact to help new users to discover the real world of managing this type of digital money for the future of their economy.

In regard to the previous things, it is easy to recognize that the value of this product has been measured in an institutional type. At least, as a researcher, I can be sure of that. I consider it simple to link all their services and advances as part of the technology support the product frequently receives. It is one of the little products that is frequently updated to improve every single detail and bug affecting its operativity. However, this might be also an issue, since common updates can be tedious for customers who just want to use the product, overall. As a tip, the company should improve that and established a yearly-line to update what is necessary for their release.

So, in conclusion, HB Wallet is a good product for storing any ERC-20, token. Immediately, it is difficult to consider download it since the market is facing so much volatility for most of the tokens, so processes can last even more. However, it won't be a loss at all. The product is available for everyone through common digital stores.

Pros & cons

  • It brings support to all ERC-20 tokens. They can be traded in an inner market, or even bought thanks to the possibility of acquiring them through the wallet.
  • It is available for any type of devices, it means from mobiles to desktop ones. It is a product with support for almost all type of operative system.
  • The mobile wallet has a good design that differentiates it from the platform that has just a standard design.
  • It receives common updates for improving the management into all operative systems.
  • It has a good partnership not only with Ethereum but also with other leading financial and institutional companies.
  • The updates can be a negative fact since they are very common and affect people's functioning.
  • The content of the product is a limitation for some areas of importance.
  • The security framework is mentioned briefly. There is no clear information about the type of software protecting the product.