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Description of HB Wallet

HB Wallet has been developed by Bacoor Inc. – a tech company currently based in Malaysia. The wallet allows its users to store Ethereum, ERC20 and ERC223 Tokens. With HB Wallet, it is possible to sync the same wallet across multiple devices by using different provided versions that include iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. HB Wallet is the first Ethereum wallet to provide a ‘Chat function’, where users can send messages, emojis, images, Ethers, as well as Tokens to other users. It is also the first wallet to provide an Integrated Decentralized Exchange which is HB DEX, where users can trade their ERC20 Tokens and Ethers. Latest Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News, as well as trending Events, can always be found every day on HB Wallet with notification. Users can also receive free airdrops from other organizations and communities with no request for anything in return. Anonymity is something that always offered by HB Wallet since there is no requirement for personal information to create a new wallet, or to restore an old one from other wallets. Passphrase and Private Key are always available in the Setting option securely with Biometrics and PIN locks. HB Wallet supports fully up to 08 languages.


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Type of review

Revainrating 5 out of 5

one of the most convenient and reliable wallets HB Wallet

Hello everyone. The wallet I am going to write today is about the HB wallet. This wallet is different from other wallets. The HB wallet is available as both a desktop wallet app (Windows and macOS) and a portable wallet app (Android and iOS). You can also purchase any crypto or token, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens via debit / credit card. To achieve this, HB Wallet is partnering with Simplex, a fiat crypto converter and payment processing company. You can also trade abroad with…

  • one of the HB Wallet
  • free wallet
  • open source
  • No

Revainrating 4 out of 5

An Advanced Wallet Supporting All ERC-20 Tokens

HB Wallet is a digital money wallet that works through to mobiles to give total admittance to a progression of ERC-20 tokens. It upholds just those sort of cryptos coming from Ethereum. Actually it very well may be somewhat restricted since they are not as high as they have seen. The wallet, in any case, is useful for putting away this kind of cryptos, and furthermore useful for different highlights that compound it's anything but a total item. Above all else, as far as refreshing, the…

  • It carries backing to all ERC-20 tokens. They can be exchanged an inward market, or even purchased on account of the chance of getting them through the wallet.
  • It is accessible for a gadgets, it implies from mobiles to work area ones. It's anything but an item with help for practically all kind of employable framework.
  • The portable wallet has a decent plan that separates it from the stage that has quite recently a standard plan.
  • It gets normal updates for improving the administration into every employable framework.
  • The security system is referenced momentarily. There is no unmistakable data about the kind of programming securing the item.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Gotten multi-money wallet.

It's anything but a steady and smooth UI that is extraordinarily expected to intrigue both novice and expert crypto dealers. It is incredibly versatile and licenses you to change by far most of its features using the settings decision. The wallet depends on the ether blockchain development, It's anything but a strange easy to present without KYC, essentially keep your secret key and passphrase. It has set up a couple of significantly convincing security and assurance measures. You don't ne

  • Stacked up with development and progressed highlights.
  • Market tracker.
  • Extraordinarily adjustable.
  • Secured with biometrics.
  • Responsive customer administration.
  • There are no huge concerns.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Secured multi-currency wallet.

It has a consistent and smooth UI that is uniquely intended to interest both amateur and master crypto traders. It is exceptionally adaptable and permits you to change the vast majority of its highlights utilizing the settings choice. The wallet is based on the ether blockchain innovation, It planned as a mysterious simple to introduce without KYC, simply keep your hidden key and passphrase. It has set up a few profoundly compelling security and protection measures. You don't have to give…

  • Loaded up with innovation and advanced features.
  • Market tracker.
  • Exceptionally customizable.
  • Protected with biometrics.
  • Responsive client service.
  • There are no significant concerns.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Reliable crypto wallet with long support response

I used this wallet some time ago. But once I had a problem with the withdrawal of funds (I couldn't do anything). Then I wrote to support. I was hoping the problem resolved quickly. But they answered me for a very long time. I understand that I'm not the only one who may have problems with the wallet, but it seems to me that one of the important factors affecting the operation of any service is the work of support. In the end, everything was decided and I was able to withdraw the money. But…

  • Major service
  • Extensive work experience
  • Reliability
  • Long support response

Revainrating 4 out of 5

A Digital Wallet Supporting All ERC-20 Tokens

HB Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that works through to mobiles to provide complete access to a series of ERC-20 tokens. It supports only those type of cryptos coming from Ethereum. The truth is that it could be a little bit limited since they are not as high as they have seen. The wallet, anyway, is good for storing this type of cryptos, and also good for the other features that compound it as a complete product. First of all, in terms of updating, the company is very active and frequently…

  • It brings support to all ERC-20 tokens. They can be traded in an inner market, or even bought thanks to the possibility of acquiring them through the wallet.
  • It is available for any type of devices, it means from mobiles to desktop ones. It is a product with support for almost all type of operative system.
  • The mobile wallet has a good design that differentiates it from the platform that has just a standard design.
  • It receives common updates for improving the management into all operative systems.
  • It has a good partnership not only with Ethereum but also with other leading financial and institutional companies.
  • The updates can be a negative fact since they are very common and affect people's functioning.
  • The content of the product is a limitation for some areas of importance.
  • The security framework is mentioned briefly. There is no clear information about the type of software protecting the product.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

HB Wallet A Highly Appraised Wallet.

HB wallet was developped by the Bacoor Inc, a company based in Malaysia and was launched in July 2017. This wallet is very good and has so many interesting features that makes it to being admire by so many users. It is a multicurrency wallet, meaning that so many coins can be store in it. It also support all erc20 and erc223 tokens. One notable advantages is that it is possible to synchronize it accross many devices, that is users can have and access this wallet in all their devices like…

  • It can be use accross many devices
  • It is hierarchically deterministic wallet.
  • There is a decentralized exchange integrated into the wallet.
  • Users store the private key at their level.
  • Trending news about cryptos can been easily accessed.
  • Users can recieve different airdrop from it.
  • It is multilanguage having support for almost 8 languages.
  • It has the disavantages of all hot wallet, that is, it is open to hackers.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

HB Ether wallet

Hb is a very functional wallet for users who like Ether, this wallet is open source and is also based on blockchain. This wallet allows the user to be able to make transactions from the same ethereum network with impressive liquidity in each of their operations, I like this wallet for its easy and comfortable design that facilitates users in its use, it comes accompanied with a very safe good and the option to recover your account if you ever lose your device do not lose your assets.

  • The moderator does not have third-party custody.
  • more than 20,000 ether tokens are available.
  • It has a design optimized for inexperienced users.
  • HB Wallet accepts credit cards or debit cards.
  • Only supports blockchain of Ether network

Revainrating 4 out of 5

HB Wallet.

HB Wallet is one of the most recognized wallets in the cryptocurrency market since it is an excellent wallet that provides users with the possibility of storing their cryptocurrencies in a secure manner, it also makes it easier for users to manage their cryptocurrencies easily and Secure without any problem, in this wallet users can safeguard ERC-20 assets such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum. One of the main characteristics of this wallet is that users can also use it as an exchange for…

  • HB Wallet also functions as an exchange platform.
  • It has a mobile application so that users can carry out operations from there.
  • You should further optimize your platform.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

HB Wallet has been developed by...

HB Wallet has been developed by Bacoor Inc. - a tech company currently based in Malaysia. The wallet allows its users to store Ethereum, ERC20 and ERC223 Tokens. With HB Wallet, it is possible to sync the same wallet across multiple devices by using different provided versions that include iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. HB Wallet is the first Ethereum wallet to provide a ‘Chat function’, where users can send messages, emojis, images, Ethers, as well as Tokens to other users. It is also the f

  • Hierarchical Deterministic - 2 Factor Authentication
  • Available in 8 languages
  • Open Source - Multi-Signature

Revainrating 4 out of 5

HB wallet

This wallet provides us with excellent security and speed to process transactions such as transfer, deposit and withdrawals of cryptocurrencies This wallet is excellent for any cryptomaniac who wants to start this digital world with the hand of a wallet that offers the best of itself

  • Excellent security
  • None

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I love this Wallet

In general, HB Wallet is a must-try Ethereum Wallet. You can do every thing with this wallet. I hope in the future, they will support other coins, not just ETH.

  • Desktop version of HB Wallet has the Decentralized Exchange, which allows users to trade their ERC-20 tokens easily.
  • Users can also play DApps games via DApp station on HB Wallet
  • Buying ETH, BTC and XRP by debit / credit card via Simplex is available now
  • No KYC needed when using HB Wallet
  • Cryptocurrency value in fiat currency is available in HB Wallet.
  • Multi-platform. You can use HB Wallet on Android / iOS and Mac / Windows.
  • NFT Market is available, which allows users to trade / sell their ERC-721 assets for ETH / TUSD
  • Zero Fee! Just a small gas fee for Ethereum network.
  • HB DEX does not have too much tokens
  • Some games are not compatible with HB Wallet, especially on Android version
  • Other wallets support various coins whereas HB Wallet now supports only Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens

Revainrating 4 out of 5

HB wallet is the ultimate wallet for Ethereum blockchain

HB wallet is a great wallet that is specifically useful for the users who love Ethereum blockchain. It gives so many features making it a wallet with multi utilities, suitable for both individuals and enterprises. The minor drawbacks of the wallets can not prevent me from saying: "HB wallet is so awesome!"

  • - HB wallet supports eight different languages which is very convenient for many users around the worlds to use all of its functions
  • - It is very easy to create or restore an address on HB wallet. Users just need to follow the simple instructions to set it up
  • - Storing, sending and receiving ETH, normal tokens, and collectible tokens are super simple. I found it not difficult to get my need done
  • - If a user lost his device with a HB wallet on it, he just needs to recover it by using the seed phrases or the private key the wallet gave in the set up stage
  • - It is available across many platforms, from Window, Mac, iOS, Android to Android APK. By using the wallet on many different platforms, users can utilize it and make the most of it
  • - HB wallet has a decentralized exchange for itself which is called HB DEX to exchange tokens and Ether on only one program
  • - The wallet is created to run smoothly all the DApps on Ethereum blockchain
  • - It shows information that is very important to help users can make effective transactions including: STD cost for transfer, gas price std, safe low cost for transfer, gas price safelow, median wait (time), and median block (block)
  • - It was downloaded 250,000 times in Japan and earns two awards for Most Valuable Wallets and Top Ten Blockchain Technology Solution Provider
  • - HB wallet allows the balance to be displayed in thirdty four fiat currencies as their desire
  • - On the wallet, token airdrops and token sales will be held. Startups will be able to promote their businesses to the public and wallet users will get the tokens
  • - Their customer support is available within 24 hours after ticket submissions and can be contacted via email. They offer a fast solution for the problems of customers by giving the a lists of prepared answers to the questions
  • - There is a market tracker function to watch the current price of most cryptocurrencies in the industry
  • - Users are allowed to access the NFT market to trade the characters and items in the DApp games
  • - It offers a group chat function where users can chat with their friends, their families, and their colleagues while playing games and sending/receiving cryptocurrencies
  • - There are a lot of things that can be customized in the settings letting the users set up their own wallets
  • - It has a native token which is used to reduce different type of fees on the transactions and enjoy many features only when using the tokens
  • - Bancor is the company behind HB wallet and it is a member of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
  • - It serves both the individuals and businesses because it aims to serve both the daily life and the industries
  • - Desktop version and mobile version are no similar to each other. They should have the same features
  • - Its design should be better. Word font should be changed so it will look more fun
  • - While HB only support Ethereum blockchain, crosschain wallets can be compatible to many blockchains and enable the integration to the DApps