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Review on TenX by José A Rodríguez

TenX: providing Access to the Storing, Trading and Shopping sections without Limits

Having the chance of trading with a Cryptocurrency debit card might be the greatest of options, even more, if users can also manage and store their tokens through a digital app that is always with them. Of course, many debit cards are not operative in the current date and many other have been suspended for companies themselves, but in the case of TenX both possibilities are equally admitted, and until now it is a great option to store tokens safely and buy with them later. I like them because they count with a great design and good use of technology.

On one hand, the mobile app for the wallet is easy to get through Google Play or the App Store. After having downloaded them, users can easily create their accounts and assess the security features in case of loses. I must say it is a great process and the first image customers can have of the operative system. After all that the system will grant rapid access where users can immediately add all the tokens they want to manage and lookup for the section of other products. On the other hand, the debit card is not as much expensive as it seems, it is easy to acquire after having the main app where users can request for it, or immediately before when joining to the services of the company. It takes a few days to be delivered. I must say that the design of that card is great, and it is done with a so powerful material that makes it resistant enough.

Both the wallet app and the card permits to have access to our assets rapidly. In the case of the app, users can have control of the tokens they hold, and also buy new ones through the exchange service the platform offers, which is available 24/7. The card is ideal to spend in high shops that can be paid directly with BTC. Because of being a VISA card, the product is available almost everywhere, so it is possible to withdraw money in different local zones where there are ATMs available. Now, security is another amazing and well-developed feature. The count with a protocol of autonomous safety partnered to and European program that makes the app totally great to use it there. Moreover, it also has a list of encryption parameters and some money management licenses that make unique. Personally, there are not ways of getting loses in the app because of the trusted and functional security system.

However, there are two high issues that make this product not ideal for everyone. For example, for users from Latin American countries might be difficult to have access to the card since it can be difficult to pay and maintain, or even some of them might not be eligible due to the restrictions program. On the other hand, although the digital app permits to store different cryptocurrencies, and most of them are in the top, the company just permits to use the card, or even the mobile app to buy BTC, there are not options to buy another cryptocurrency or spend with them where the token is admitted. I think that this limitation can bring problems since it reduces the chances of trading with other cryptos as it must be.

Beyond all that, I still like the product. Although I cannot manage it or have access to the card because it is not admitted in my country, I still follow the company and I am so impressed that they have the support of great world-leading companies of different fields. I follow many of them and I never imagined they can bring support to the financial world of the modern age. But as I understood later, they are an ideal way to promote the service and make it more optional into the European region and other work countries.

For now, joining the services of TenX is not a difficult task. I suggest to do it to all those users who have the chance and are eligible. First of all, it is better to start with the mobile, which is available for free in any digital store, and then lookup for the way of acquiring the card. Both are necessary and unique for trading with cryptos. It is a good product, overall.

Pros & cons

  • Great selection of tokens admitted to store and trade through the app. It includes the most commercial altcoins in the market.
  • The security parameters are excellent. The company offers a totally good safety program for users and every single token they manage.
  • It is a product with variables of use, both the card and the mobile app work with great effectiveness and velocity.
  • The card is a global product since it is powered by Visa, so there are even better rates to manage the card than any other partner to a different financial provider.
  • The mobile app cannot be totally functional if the user has not to access the card, and this one is not available everywhere. Some countries are restricted to use the product.
  • The list of tokens admitted although good is still limited. The company updated them, but it is not possible to find all tokens of great usage in the market.
  • It just permits to buy, and spend BTC. There are not ways of linking other coins to buy with them.