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Review on Trezor One by José A Rodríguez

An Impressive Wallet to Store Thousands of Assets

Cold wallets are the best options for crypto holders to take care of their valuable assets. They are listed as the safest and most useful in the global crypto market. With so much reason, Trezor is one of the best cold wallets of all, after Ledger's products, I mean.

The first reason that I like this wallet so much is that it seems to be unlimited for the cryptocurrency support with more than 1380 coins listed to it. That is enough to trade and store. Moreover, the wallet has partnerships with other wallets of different usage. For example, to store our Bitcoins, Trezor permits us to save them through wallets like Electrum, Exodus, or Magnum. On the other hand, the Revain token (RNV) will be available to store on this cold wallet very soon, according to the last releases.

The two Models of Trezor. Just one Choice

Whatever the choice is at the moment of looking for Trezor products, both wallets have the same value for storing assets. On one hand, we have Trezor one, the first wallet released and placed as the most trusted. It is also low in price compared to its partner: Trezor Model T, on the other hand. This last one is specially designed for a new age of data storage since the wallet can protect not only the funds but also the set of passwords we work with. I like it because it is multi-functional, although it is the most expensive of all.

The Additional Features of Trezor:

The wallet has performed the highest security parameters to offer its users the only option to choose without remorse. It runs under a solid firmware verification. This is, perhaps, one of the best releases of SatoshiLabs. Besides, it requires users to set a BIP39 passphrase. All these additional safety features, just confirm the fact of being a genuine wallet.

On the other side, thanks to its last updates, Trezor now permits the integration of the direct method for buying Bitcoin in a wide set of countries listed. All of them belonging to Europe.

I dare to say the only way of losing the access to our assets is by losing the wallet itself as well as the saved phrases to recover the account. And this is something already solved as well. What is more, the Trezor team recognizes their issues and upload them to the main page to see how they were fixed.

My final proposal for new crypto users looking for a safe wallet are:

- Always consider going off-line with cold wallets. It is the best option to remain safe. Although at the moment I am working just with hot wallets, I consider off-line the best option to go against hackers.

- In the case of choosing Trezor Products, go to the main page and lookup for additional information. The platform has its access to shopping sites where there is a certain option for buying the best Trezor wallet. Do not trust in external sites selling the wallets, the guarantee is not the same.

- Give a try on the product and assess it from your experience.

Pros & cons

  • Multi-functional wallet. High crypto storage is just one of the many options the wallet offers since it can be connected to execute exchanges. Receive or send money. And the best of all, store a wide set of passwords of different accounts.
  • +1380 coins listed until now. The company is working to release the new addition of Revain token as well as others.
  • The wallet cannot be lost. It has a recovery seed that is saved physically on a paper.
  • Both wallets have excellent customer support. They have also similar features, although they are unique as well.
  • Multi-wallets supporter. According to the coin the user manages, the wallet permits alliance with other wallets like Exodus, Magnum, AdaLite, and the own Trezor Beta.
  • Easy to find and buy on the main page. The online platform offers extra help for new users,
  • High prices for buying it. This is something that is not available for some countries' users since it is difficult to pay. The prices are a little bit more expensive than Ledger's products.
  • There have been some transaction vulnerability issues already solved.