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Review on Uphold by Aman Arora

Uphold Multi Utility wallet for Exchange and Investment

Uphold Wallet Is best Interexchange Wallet for storing and Investt ing in crypto and Stocks at the same time within the wallet.

Uphold is one of the wallet that has recently gain popularity for its unique and attractive features. I came across to use the Uphold Wallet a year ago, when I decided to verify my wallet for a browser to receive my Monthly payments, which I received in my Uphold wallet. Since then, I have never miss any chance to make best use of Uphold wallet.

Uphold is non custodial wallet wallet and you can register using Email & Password and use the same credentials to loginto web & mobile versions. Both Web wallet and mobile versions offer same security features like 2FA Authenticator and I would recommend everybody to use that features as there is no other way anyone can login to your account If you enable 2FA. Once you enable 2FA, your assets became secured and you control the wallet with all the features from conversions to Investment. You just need to Complete KYC procedure as per norms of the Uphold & once you complete that easy step, you get hold of all the features a Wallet can offer at one place.

Investment is the unique feature of Uphold wallet which let you Invest in top performing stocks worldwide with one click & in Metals as well in your local currency. You default account value is based on your Native currency and you can opt to choose in the currency of your liking. You also can exchange any Crypto or Fiat deposit into Crypto of your choice and you can also send the crypto to any wallet without even converting into the same token. System will automatically calculate the fees and possible receiving amount.

Bank deposit and withdrawls also very good feature but it is limited to some particular regions and that is the only drawback of Uphold as I want to see more regions to be added to uphold and then this wallet will be the only wallet offer Investment with native currency into native with Stocks and Metals portfolio as well. Lot of Forex Investors use Uphold to invest in Metals for easy and safe storage of withdrawls and deposits. With a ability to buy Crypto with Bank deposits and Debit/credit card, Uphold is the easiest place for users worldwide to create both Currencies and Crypto portfolio at one place. Due to limited opportunities, Uphold has not became that popular, but I am sure that it will add more stocks and coins to trade and store .

I am totally convinced that Uphold will be the most used wallet for crypto conversions and Investments as IT has become the popular Choice for Freelancers across the world to receive payments for their work in to crytpo and in Native Currency as well. You can easily convert your payouts in crypto in Stablecoins as well. I use all the available features and Uphold has become part of my Investment and Trading portfolio.

Pros & cons

  • Easy to register and store top coins and Exchange with in the wallet with Network Congestions
  • Both storing and Investment facility in stocks and metals make this wallet a popular Choice
  • Low conversions fees and sending crytpos to any wallet without conversions is a feature to watch out for
  • Lot less coins as compare to other wallets and login bugs in Online versions should be fixed for better performance