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Crypto wallets

This is a list of major crypto wallets. Wallets are where we keep our crypto, so it is impossible to overstate their importance for traders and crypto companies. They need to be secure and accessible, customizable and easy to use. You can review and rate each wallet

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18 reviews

BlueWallet is a free opensource Bitcoin wallet exclusively for iOS. It has a flexible fee system where the user can choose which amount to pay (starting from 1 Satoshi) and it will affect the transaction speed, the more the fee value, the fastest the transaction. See more

17 reviews

The TenX wallet App gives you access to multiple virtual currencies across different blockchains. TenX has partnered with VISA and Mastermind and created a platform where you can instantly exchange currencies in real time. The Wallet works on Android and iOS and it features Multisig and 2-FA. See more

Coinjar Wallet
17 reviews

Coinjar is an easy to use wallet interface that concentrates on mobile devices. You can also use a prepaid debit coinjar card to swipe and pay.  Coinjar also has its own exchange allowing conversion between Australian dollars and Bitcoin. The Australian equivalent of Coinbase. See more

CAKE wallet
16 reviews

The CAKE Wallet is an Open-Source iOS Wallet for Monero, it accesses the blockchain transactions without having to run a full node. Creating a wallet is as simple as downloading and writing down a mnemonic seed. You can also configure fingerprint recognition and FaceID for a safe login. See more

Quppy Wallet
16 reviews

Quppy Wallet is a multicurrency digital wallet with a system of crypto assets storage. It allows users to make any transactions in cryptocurrencies as well as exchange them. At Quppy Wallet, it is possible to share crypto assets through different accounts inside one wallet. Quppy Wallet is based on decentralized storage and works with a two-factor… See more

Xapo Wallet
16 reviews

Xapo is an intuitive and secure Bitcoin wallet system that operates through a browser. Xapo uses offline servers that are never connected to the internet that give it an edge on other web based wallet systems - i.e. better security through gateway procedures. The Company also supports a prepaid debit card system that is compatible with most PoS systems… See more

16 reviews

CryptoWallet.si is an Electrum based open source native cryptocurrency wallet for ARCO, NEVA, LANA, TAJ and NETKO. See more

BC Vault
15 reviews

The BC VAULT is a multi-crypto hardware wallet that generates non-deterministic wallets, enables easy and secure crypto transactions and offers encrypted backups by default. The BC VAULT hardware wallet enables simultaneous use of multiple wallets and cryptocurrencies in a single app. The BC Vault also has no serial number, ensuring complete anonymity… See more

CoolWallet S
15 reviews

CoolWallet S is a cold type cryptocurrency wallet available for iPhone and Android connected to a smartphone via Encrypted Bluetooth technology. It supports ERC20 tokens. See more

Nexo Wallet
14 reviews

Nexo Lending platform is a blockchain-based platform that provides crypto-backed loans to its customers. That's why Nexo lending is also known as the instant crypto line of credit where one can get extra cash in USD or EUR without having to relinquish their ownership of cryptocurrencies at the same time. See more