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Crypto wallets

This is a list of major crypto wallets. Wallets are where we keep our crypto, so it is impossible to overstate their importance for traders and crypto companies. They need to be secure and accessible, customizable and easy to use. You can review and rate each wallet

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lumi wallet logo
33 reviews

Lumi is a secure, easy-to-use bitcoin wallet that suits both new and advanced users. It bundles user friendly design and high-end functionality. Private keys are under client control, they are never sent or stored outside of your device. There is no need to provide any personal information and no registration required. Simplicity, user friendly design... See more

coinpayments wallet logo
33 reviews

CoinPayments is a digital wallet solution as well as an online payment gateway which enables merchants to accept over 70 different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Since 2013, CoinPayments has been dedicated to providing their clients with fast, secure and user-friendly digital wallets, shopping cart plugins, escrow services... See more

ton crystal wallet logo
32 reviews

TON Crystal Wallet is a multifunctional wallet and FreeTON dApp transport for Chrome that lets you keep your funds secure on the TON blockchain. The wallet has a convenient interface, supports all the popular types of multi-signatures, and allows users to add as many seed phrases as they like. Other unique features of Crystal Wallet include the ability... See more

bitcoinox logo
32 reviews

BitcoinOX - Real Multi True Crypto Wallet. Store, send and receive crypto with the Bitcoin OX software cold wallet. Supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Litecoin (LTC), NEO and GAS, Tron (TRX) & BitTorrent (BTT) and more than 2000 coins and tokens. You can instantly transact with anyone in the world and transform the blockchain... See more

ledger nano x logo
31 reviews

The Ledger Nano X is a Bluetooth® enabled secure device that stores the user private keys. It offers state-of-the-art security: users private keys are safely isolated inside the device’s certified secure element (CC EAL5+), the same chip used in highly secure applications such as credit cards and passports. Ledger Nano X supports 1000+ currencies... See more

ethos logo
31 reviews

The Ethos Universal Wallet is a wallet management system that allows users to quickly and easily interact with their coins, while tracking and monitoring diverse assets. The Universal Wallet will allow users to view, send and receive balances of any supported cryptocurrency. The wallet manager is entirely decentralized meaning that consumers have... See more

lobstr logo
30 reviews

Lobstr is a Lummens (XLM) wallet for Android and iOS. Lobstr is a quick and easy way to handle Lumens. It's a simple, smooth and secure wallet. LOBSTR supports every asset issued on Stellar network: tethered assets, ICO, and airdrop tokens. And, of course, XLM. See more

abra  logo
30 reviews

Abra gives users the freedom to invest in multiple cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Users can also send and receive Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and over 50 fiat currencies. Members will hold the keys to their funds and have complete control over their money. Abra is a non-custodial wallet, it never has access to a user’s funds. The Abra app is... See more

armory wallet logo
30 reviews

Armory is the most secure bitcoin wallet application. It comes with advanced security features that make it complex due to the depth of options. Although, perhaps overkill it gives peace of mind for the paranoid with cold storage features and more. See more

jaxx liberty logo
29 reviews

Jaxx Liberty is a hot type cryptocurrency wallet available for web, mobile, and as a Google Chrome extension. It runs on Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android and supports 85 cryptocurrencies. It also offers extra services such as an exchange. See more