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About Magnum Wallet

Magnum is a light and anonymous web wallet for managing more than 700 crypto assets. Users have full control over their private keys, and they do not need to create an account. Magnum desires to provide users with the opportunities to earn passive income on their digital assets. The passive income models provided by Magnum Wallet can be interesting for all kinds of users. Magnum regularly lists the forks of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies to allow users to claim these forks and earn extra funds safely. Another way to receive a passive income is to participate in DPOS like networks. One can earn interest on delegating or staking coins in the Tezos and Komodo networks. Magnum keeps observing the market to include as many safe and profitable features as possible in order to allow users to increase their income. Key Features: In-built exchange; The support of Trezos (only XTZ) and Ledger (all ETH tokens and 10+ coins including exclusive such as KMD, XTZ, and AION which are not supported by Ledger Live or even other wallets); Provides users with an opportunity to exchange their coins directly from the Ledger device; The airdrop claim option which allows getting new and old forks of BTC, ETH, and others. The delegation option for DPoS coins like Tezos, Callisto Network are used to improve UI for users as well. There are a lot of bakers (block producers) which can be chosen by users to stake coins.

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Offering the best services in the crypto wallet niche keeps me endeared to Magnum. Try it

Magnum wallet ranks among my first crypto wallets from which I lost my private keys and my funds in it. The wallet comes with exclusive features one might never see on any other crypto wallet such…See more

One of the widely used wallets: Magnum Wallet

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A cool Magnum Wallet

This is one of the best non-custodial lightweight wallets that we can find in the crypto world. It is reliable and safe for coin operation. We will have full control of our private keys and they…See more

Maganum wallet - possible choice for someone

Magnum Wallet is the wallet I am familiar with but it is not my preffered option. It is secured, supports enough crypto (could be even more), it is non custodial, allows earning interest and direct…See more

Magnum Wallet

Magnum Wallet is a multi-currency wallet. It is designed for those who wish to manage their cryptocurrency portfolio with a secure and user-friendly interface. As part of the “Grow Your Funds…See more

Magnum is a wonderful, feature rich wallet

Magnum wallet is a wonderful cryptocurrency wallet that supports many cryptocurrencies and coins. It is a non custodial wallet hence users can have control over their private keys. Most of the…See more

Magnum Wallet: A Digit Shield with Representative Value

Giving Protection to Certain Stable Tokens Magnum is a multi-currency wallet with multiple services and benefits. It is now even better than before, and this is due to the great rating it has had…See more

Magnum Wallet

Magnum wallet is a very light and multi-currency wallet without a characteristic cost, which seeks the privacy and security approach in combination with avant-garde technology that creates greater…See more

Magnum Wallet

This is a wallet that users can use to store their digital assets and can safeguard it safely and anonymously as this wallet has various encryption technologies and algorithms to keep user…See more


This wallet has all the positive features of high speed wallets, excellent security, an interface very easy to use for any Person who really buys it there is no complaint about this wallet it is…See more