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autoscanner for car diagnostics rokodil scanx pro, obd2 scanner logo

I didn³'t expect the quality to be this good.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The scanner is handy. I took it for Mazda 6, it fit perfectly, I quickly figured out the connection. The instruction in 2022 was attached. I identified errors P0205, P0200 and P0202, gave all decryption codes, now it became clear what was wrong. The device is suitable for a quick clarification of the problem, I advise.See full review

charger for electric scooter xiaomi m365/m365 pro, ninebot es1/es2/es3/es4 logo

Excellent s\u. The power is slightly higher than the original 72W (the original has 67W). Warms moderately, no comments. It turns off after charging, the LED on the charger lights up red during charging, after it is charged green.See full review

cordless screwdriver hoto straight handle electric screwdriver qwlsd001 black logo

I didn’t put 5 * just because in the 21st century I don’t know when the screwdriver will be discharged. Ofcomurse, they saved on this and made it more affordable, but by making a normal charge indication, it would become almost ideal. In any case, a very handy device with excellent performance and exterior. In your hands you feel not some kind of plastic crap, but a weighty and practical male instrument, which, due to itscompact size, is always at hand. And the fact that it is not very easy to eSee full review

haircut set philips mg3740 series 3000 logo

Bought as a gift for my brother. I liked the design, elegant black color. Very compact, easy to store in a bathtub shelf. Brother is a demanding man, but very satisfied. According to him, the main advantage is the number of nozzles. It is convenient to cut the beard from all sides. Plus trim the whiskey. In general, all the vegetation on the head can be put in order in one fell swoop. If there is no way to go to the salon, that's it. The price was also a plus. A little less than 4 thousand is noSee full review

bridgestone blizzak dm-v2 225/65 r17 102s winter logo

A reliable tire for the harsh 2022 winters. I listened to the advice of the men in the service and bought it to start the new season off right, so I switched to a new pair of shoes and thanked them. These tires are tailor-made for big vehicles like mine Kruzak; they hold their shape without inflation and can easily support the vehicle's weight. The biggest benefit, though, is how stable the vehicle remains on ice roads and in cold weather. The Japanese have far superior technology to Michelin.See full review

realme buds t100 wireless headphones, black logo

I had a client who is quite into music order this, and he was very impressed. I had planned on purchasing Jbl, but after seeing the ratings for these options, I'm reconsidering. Including, of course, the cost. They were originally 2700, but I paid 2700. It's unfortunate, but it's fine. They look like nothing will ever fall out of the casing, and they keep their charge for an exceptionally long time without ever falling out of your ears thanks to powerful magnets.See full review

xiaomi suitcase, polycarbonate, waterproof, 39 l logo

Some positives: The suitcase is attractive and has a great deal of style. Easily movable, and the handle is comfy. The bag's drawback is that it does not have a zipper to close it. Only two latches are required to close it. Which come undone if you pack the suitcase with a sufficient amount of force.See full review

vplab ultra men's sport tab., 180 pcs. logo

Some pros: A large package of capsules is enough for 2 courses if you are an avid athlete, but enough for amateurs for 3. There is all the necessary information on the composition, the amount of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts. Different cons: The tablets smell unpleasant. Urine after taking it acquires a rich yellow tint, possibly the result of large doses. After a few visits to the toilet, this side effect disappears.See full review

external filter atman at-3338s for aquarium up to 400 liters, 1500 l/h, 18w logo

I am delighted. The filter arrived on time, fully assembled, all factory packaging intact. The flow creates a good one. Figured it out quickly given that this is my first filter. I recommend to buy.See full review

vacuum cleaner arnica merlin pro, blue logo

With its pros: In general, I liked the vacuum cleaner - small, not heavy, takes up little space, quickly assembles and disassembles, vacuums perfectly. Nozzles in the kit are quite satisfied. Just what you need for a quick cleanup. Got cons: There is no power adjustment, but it's not that scary. After several cleanings in the vacuum cleaner, something became unbearably stinky. I thought that the problem was in the HEPA filter - I washed it every time with water after use, I bought a new one, buSee full review

solgar skin, nails & hair tabs, 60 tabs logo

The doctor advised to drink a course of 1 month, 2 pcs, and then 2 months, 1 pc. All protective films are in place, the shelf life is long. But for some reason, 60 tabs came in a jar from 120 and they differ in color from the tablets in a small jarSee full review

vacuum cleaner kitfort kt-541-1, blue logo

They took in addition to the main vacuum cleaner for cleaning "in between times" after the dog, as well as for cleaning the car. It copes with its tasks by 100%, despite the low price. The battery charge is enough with a margin even at maximum power. Convenient cleaning of the roller and container from wool and long women's hair (compared with vacuum cleaners from friends before buying). We have huskies at home, so the vacuum cleaner works out its 7 thousand prices for all 200%. We also regularlSee full review

office lamp xiaomi mjtd02yl, 12.5 w, armature color: white, shade/shade color: white logo

The lamp was quite appealing to me. I was given it as a present, but I picked it out myself.) I intended to link it to the Aqara smart home, but Aqara does not recognize it. I needed to go out and get an Aqara smart socket in order to connect it. The advantage of the lamp is that in the settings, you can remember its previous state. This means that when I give the command to the smart socket to turn on the lamp, the lamp turns on, and you do not need to touch the switch on the lamp independentlySee full review

capsule coffee machine de "longhi nespresso essenza mini en 85, black logo

Purchased for the use of my mother at home. The primary requirement was that it be easy to understand. There is simply a button for a large mug and a button for a tiny mug. The making of tea, which ultimately results in a beverage that is excellent in flavor, is an added plus.See full review

set of chairs stool group style dsw, metal, 2 pcs., color: black logo

When compared to stools, bar stools offer superior comfort, are simple to clean, and have a contemporary appearance. Cons: They failed to attach the fasteners to one of the chairs, but we were able to purchase it from a furniture store.See full review

orthopedic pillow 40x60cm, askona temp control, size s, height 9 cm logo

I shopped for a pillow for a very long time before settling on the size M option. After using it for a while, I came to the conclusion that this is the best option for me. People who say there is something wrong with it are just people who didn't choose the size and stiffness for themselves in a physical store. After using this pillow, I began to sleep much better, and my neck pain went away. Orthopedic pillows are very helpful for people who have issues with their cervical spine. This pillowSee full review

stool group style dsw chair set, metal, 4 pcs., color: white logo

Due to the fact that the set was missing several pieces, I was unable to even build the chair. I really hope that they will either deliver the products that were missing or refund the payment.See full review

electric scooter kugoo m2 pro 2019, up to 120 kg, black logo

With its pros: convenience. folding mechanism. control. not very heavy for 120 kg. motor reliability Cons: the tires are very thin and bald, so the cameras were torn until I put the camera in the camera. build quality is not very 2 wires flew off due to poor soldering.See full review

vacuum cleaner hoover hf18dpt 019, black/silver/blue logo

Take as an addition to the robot vacuum cleaner and the main one. Pros below: So, objectively, for the price tag on the stock is an excellent offer. There is a turbo brush and vertical storage. The suction power is sufficient to maintain cleanliness, this model is not a replacement for the main vacuum cleaner, but its addition. He came on November 12 and was already cleaning them. Wool from a cat, hair from a girl, filler from a cat collected with a bang, and did not count on more. According to See full review

dry dog ​​food farmina vet life ultrahypo 1 pack. x 1 pc. x 12 kg logo

The food was selected from a list recommended by a veterinary nutritionist and dermatologist. Before that, there was another company "ostrich meat and potatoes", the dog ate badly. He eats this food with great pleasure, he liked the fish very much. The dog has atopic dermatitis (the diagnosis was confirmed a month ago) Without Apoquel, skin problems remain, so only food did not solve our problem, but the main thing is that it is delicious for our pet!See full review

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