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The joints of the bridges are nearly inaudible when you pass over them, which is really impressive. Small pits pass lightly and almost imperceptibly. It is exceptionally soft after the winter Michelins, which turned out to be merely wooden. In the future, we'll find out how well it stands up at speed, but for now I couldn't be happier or even more extremely pleased. Different disadvantages: the tires were tossed into the trunk during lunch, and when I went to the tire shop in the evening, I feltSee full review

vacuum cleaner atvel f16, gray logo

In favor: It's well-made. Self-cleaning brush holders are a time-saver. The spray function, as well as on/off and mode switching buttons, are located on the handle. Good grip has been achieved. Negatives? I couldn't find it. Unless each component always needs to be washed, rinsed, and dried. Added to it! time((See full review

merries xl japanese diaper 👶 pants - 38 pieces (12-22 kg) logo

I did not like the , I expected more. For the price, they should be perfect, but alas, they are not. The inside is smooth, soft, rubber bands are also soft. Quite thick, many diapers are much thinner. In terms of absorbency, it is normal during the day, after the night it is a little damp, the filler is a little clumpy. I also noticed a strange plastic film around the edge of the diaper, I really didn’t like it. Attaching photo. The didn't make me happy. I will never order these again.See full review

continental contisportcontact 5 245/45 r17 95w summer logo

Has pros: 1. Very quiet! 2. Very economical! 3. On dry brakes perfectly! 4. On wet brakes even better! Different cons: 1. Weak sides, BUT (!) It seems like a special technology, and this does not affect its "reliability" in any waySee full review

smart speaker vk capsule mini, marine blue logo

Bought as a gift for a 50 year old friend. Everything was set up very quickly. And attention! A friend is simply delighted, she says what she needs, and wakes her up, and we’ll chat and turn on music and songs right to the point (we couldn’t find the right song through a search engine on the internet) Marusya did it in a couple of seconds. It is very convenient when you are too lazy and long to type requests on the phone. And after Marusya winked, squinted, and then purred, we were just happy, lSee full review

car refrigerator, car refrigerator, portable refrigerator, 7.5 liters, heating function, carrying handle, 12w logo

Do not build illusions by buying a Chinese thing. Stickers - depart, the quality of the plastic is strange (they didn’t even bother to cut off the excess plastic at the place of attachment for transfer (which was not included in the kit).See full review

cordiant winter drive 195/55 r15 85t logo

I put my wife on a Nissan Juke 215/55 R17. It brakes excellently on asphalt at +5 - +11 (end of October Hong Kong), does not float, confidently holds the road, tenaciously goes along the rut on the track when the road is wet (Simferopol highway), and is much softer than the summer Continental ContiContact, which we got rid of with relief. My wife drives a very active style and was pleasantly surprised. The tread and the experience of colleagues say that the snow is not terrible and we will meet See full review

frying pan tefal ultimate g2680672, diameter 28 cm logo

I won’t buy Tefal again, it turned out that my relatives had exactly the same marriage history with a frying pan of the same company of the same size 28cm.See full review

bridgestone blizzak ice 225/60 r16 98s winter logo

Anyone who writes that it is pricey will be met with my quick objection. The phrase "not more expensive than money" certainly applies here. I have no remorse about the purchase. changed shoes quickly because of a situation. I entered the installation in Yasenevo in the evening "on tiptoe" via an icy smear and exited like a king. The distinction was SO pronounced that all inquiries regarding consumables were automatically answered. Then, there were no issues or queries while I rolled a ton of oatSee full review

tent camping bestway cabin tent 68002, grey/red logo

As a shower cabin, the product is fully consistent with its purpose. If desired, you can take it on a fishing trip and use it as an individual awning - effective protection from the sun, rain and wind.See full review

air humidifier with fragrance function xiaomi smart humidifier 2 (mjjsq05dy) cn, white logo

The large tank, remote control, and the speed with which it fills the room with vapor are all positive aspects of this product. Having these drawbacks: The air humidity sensor provides information about the climate on Mars. Therefore, you should not be shocked if the device adjusts the humidity by up to 75% even if you utilize the constant humidity setting at 40%.See full review

led ribbon 5050rgb color, smd ribbon 5 meters remote, power supply,12w, 60 leds logo

picture taken from behind the desk The three colors of RGB are red, green, and blue. However, if you do not aim your gaze at the LEDs, all 15 colors will be seen. White tape can also be reduced. Cons: There is no feature for gradually and smoothly changing colors. If anyone has knowledge about how to create or modify the block, please write.See full review

humidifier smartmi evaporative humidifier/zhimi air humidifier 2 (cjxjsq02zm) eu, white logo

I went with a model that was comparable to the Venta sink. But at a price that is more accessible. When it came to wifi, all of the bells and whistles were the same, so for me, the most important thing was the basic functionality. Stays out of the way as you sleep and can be seen standing next to the bed. The device didn't start having an effect until the very first night (before that, the air was exceedingly dry). Despite the fact that the room is only 14 square meters in size and lacks both a See full review

philips air purifier ac0830/10, gray logo

Extremely easy to use and maintain. The cleaner does a great job. There is much less dust in the room. Not too big, compact, runs quietly, automatically recognizes dirt, and changes the air treatment speed accordingly. There are three indications that show the quality of air pollution. Works from a network. In general, the device is amazing: there is a night mode, there is less dust, the air is clean. An indispensable thing for people with pet pythons, I recommend it.See full review

solgar skin, nails & hair tabs, 60 tabs logo

Pros: It seems that it has already started working after 2 weeks of use. Hair fall out less Its cons: This is not a drawback, but rather a fact - if you drink on an empty stomach, and even if you had breakfast literally 1.5 hours ago, you will feel sick. Maybe it's just meSee full review

nyx professional makeup lip lingerie lipstick matte, cashmere silk 18 logo

The NYX Glitter Goals liquid lipstick is vivacious, has an enticing aroma, and does not appear to be overbearing. Because of its thick consistency, the lipstick does not spread easily. It only takes one swipe to apply the lipstick evenly across the lips, and it dries very quickly. Following application, you may get a momentary sensation of the lips being more constricted, however this sensation is very temporary. Simply using a moist cloth will suffice to remove the lipstick completely. The lipsSee full review

electric scooter xiaomi mi electric scooter 1s, up to 100 kg, white, cn logo

Since a lot depends on private parameters, I will note that my weight is 85, foot size 45, height 183. Dimensions. There are no complaints about the height - ideally, the legs fit comfortably in the length and width of the deck, but, say, I would have had difficulty carrying a two-year-old son. Driving qualities. The scooter has three modes: eco, normal and sport. At the same time, it is important to understand that the differences in the modes primarily imply different power output by the scoSee full review

computer case aerocool aero one frost white logo

Some pros: Everything is super. Airflow is excellent. Lots of turntables. Glass. Has some cons: metal thickness. The place for the drives at the power supply is extremely strange.See full review

computer chair everprof lotus s10 gaming, upholstery: imitation leather, color: red logo

I ordered the chair for my husband's birthday, as they say - at your own peril and risk. Seems to be right. While collecting, he already praised, said that it was reliably done. And there were enough fasteners (otherwise they usually have no luck with furniture, then they put more screws, then much less). In use, the chair also showed itself well. Not squeaky, the headrest is comfortable, the seat is cool. In general, my husband likes it - this is the most important thing.See full review

melitta caffeo solo & perfect milk coffee machine, black logo

The instructions say that the cappuccinatore must be rinsed with water through the milk supply hose In fact, it needs to be completely disassembled each time so that later the preparation of just hot milk instead of foam would not be a surprise. Its pros: Compact, beautiful, brews delicious coffee, cappuccino is easy to prepare Cons: The cappuccinatore lives its own life, requires constant rinsing, sometimes it is not clear why it stops making foamSee full review

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