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led chandelier estares sonne 90w 4r-rc-600x530x120-white/white-220-ip20, 90 w, number of lamps: 1 pc., color: white logo

The right product for me, there were no problems.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great chandelier, very bright. Controlled by remote control. We were looking for this company. The chain stores are much more expensive.See full review

smartphone apple iphone 13 128 gb, nano sim+esim, alpine green, slimbox logo

Switched from 6s which served me faithfully for 5 years) 13 of course it's a delight😍 Sound, camera, design, color) The size is certainly not familiar to me, it's too big. But I think I will quickly get used to it))See full review

comotomo baby bottle bundle green logo

Earlier, at the school for young parents, we were highly recommended a medela bottle with a Calma , and so we suffered with it (it leaks, or it’s not clear what clogs at all, until you collect it after washing it with a child in your arms - a whole system . I wish I knew about this then - would save a good amount 💸 this bottle is just a godsend, the baby even stopped spitting up a lot after switching to it, maybe this is a coincidence, but the fact remains. loves to crumple it ❤️ definitely reSee full review

de "longhi magnifica ecam 22.360 coffee machine, black logo

I bought a Delonghi coffee machine for a promotion in a store. The consultants praised it as best they could, they said that it was the best car in its class, and even for a promotion! I immediately began to doubt it, but the guys unanimously said that why pay more! ! I brought the car home as a gift to my wife, she was pleased with the new box, and there was also a car that she had long dreamed of, otherwise she cooked in a Turk))) In short, they turned it on and started setting it up, the menuSee full review

compact dishwasher weissgauff tdw 4006, white logo

I bought 3 tablets in one, so the rinse aid indicator is always lit with a red asterisk. In the first wash, the salt indicator also burned red (although the salt fell asleep), but then went out. Not sure how much salt to add. The instructions say you can set the mode, but I did not find where. In the photo, the dishes are dirty, loading before washing, this is for anyone interested in capacity. Fits a lot, pan diameter 23 cm Spoons, forks fit well into the shelf for cups on the left, everything See full review

city bike stels navigator 325 28 z010 (2018) light beige/brown 20" (requires final assembly) logo

Pros below: Simple and reliable design Pump included The fenders have rubber protective tips. I didn't really understand the meaning, but the solution is interesting Different cons: Pump doesn't look reliable No assembly instructions, had to watch the video The basket is pretty bad.See full review

dry dog ​​food monge bwild feed the instinct low grain, wild boar 1 pack. x 1 pc. x 12 kg logo

adopted this diet a year ago Prior to it, they used fish and monge for minor issues (they changed it based on medical advice). The granules are slightly larger than the last one, which was not digested and caused the eyes to bleed. This flavor, which was in the fish feed, is no longer present. They consume it considerably more favorably than the earlier meal. For comparison, the granules' sizeSee full review

michelin latitude alpin 2 235/65 r18 110h winter logo

Nissan Murano, 3.5 l., rear-wheel drive. Rubber 235/65R18. After installation, we drove 1000 kilometers St. Petersburg-Helsinki-Tallinn-Peter. For several days we experienced all the weather conditions)))) We returned yesterday. Now our impressions. Wet-dry asphalt passes perfectly. Noise - sometimes it seemed that it works quieter than summer. It keeps the track confidently, without the slightest pull to the side. There are no problems in 10-15 cm snow, it rows confidently, the rear axle does nSee full review

nokian tires hakkapeliitta 9 185/65 r15 92t winter logo

Yes, my driving style is aggressive, I will not hide it, but! The run-in went as expected, dragged along like a 70-year-old grandfather for the entire period set for the run-in. And the spikes are gone 90% on the front and 40% on the rear. Before that, I drove 7 hacks on Discovey 4 (now Kia Rio), for 4 years I drowned, drifted and didn’t regret it at all, and God forbid, 10% of the spikes were gone, and this was in 4 years, and here it is. I did not use the guarantee, because they loaded such a See full review

stroller valco baby snap 4, cool gray logo

This is our second stroller and the first with a book mechanism. For six months, the mileage was about 800 kilometers. I think that I can judge the resource inherent in the design: the stroller is programmed primarily to break the mechanism for rotating the front wheels - the assembly is frankly weak. Now the wheels began to rumble, if they are hung out. Surprisingly, the handle material was not torn or greasy. The design and weight distribution are such that it is very convenient to carry the sSee full review

animal pak pack, 44 pcs. logo

Great complex. He was recommended to me in 2022 when I took up triathlon. First, on the recommendation of "doctors", I bought German vitamins at a horse-price. And felt bad. Joints began to ache, muscles cramped regularly. The store for triathletes advised this complex, they said that the pros drink them. The price was 4 times lower than the German ones, so I took it without hesitation. And after 3! days passed all the joints and the muscles ceased to reduce. I began to feel much better, and thiSee full review

humidifier smartmi evaporative humidifier 2, cjxjsq04zm ru, white logo

Pros: Excellent stuff. Really like. functional and fashionable design. Excellent moisture retention. Additionally, the air is pure. After a long day of labor, it's nerve-wracking to take a peek into the ocean. Got cons: It is unfortunate that you are unable to decide the level of humidity at which the air should stop humidifying.See full review

smart bracelet xiaomi mi smart band 7 global for russia, black logo

Worth the investment. The smartphone's refusal to display the bracelet right away was the sole issue. By changing the region of the Mi Fitness app to China, I was able to resolve the issue. He can draw a path while in training mode, which pleased me.See full review

dr.jart cicapair serum facial serum, 30 ml logo

In vain I didn’t read the reviews on otzoviks, I wouldn’t spend money. Now harass the product on your hands and restore the skin. Don't take risks! It's some kind of gameSee full review

city scooter urban scooter disk, black logo

Pros: Rugged construction. Will withstand and adult moderate weight. Brakes both front and rear are comfortable. Of course the stand Easy to transport - folded and carried Has some cons: Depreciation is not clear for what - somehow I don’t really understand the benefits of itSee full review

vacuum cleaner dreame v11, gray logo

Obvious advantages compared to a corded vacuum cleaner. You can quickly run around the apartment. Promptly remove some part of the apartment. Hanging on the docking station - charging. It takes a little getting used to when cleaning carpets. Since the main large nozzles-brushes have rotating rollers, if the rug is light and thin, the brush winds it up on itself. You have to hold the rug with your foot from the far edge and lead the brush towards you. But this is a matter of skill. The presenceSee full review

cordiant road runner 185/65 r15 88h summer logo

In Hong Kong, after the winter, terrible roads, I caught a hole on this rubber at 60k / h, a breakdown of the wheel in the area where the cord and sidewall adjoin, no one advises repairing in the workshops, because. everything will be a bump, on other imported rubber for 20 years there have been no such problems. A sharp breakdown of the wheel at high speeds is very dangerous. If I had believed the negative reviews, I wouldn't have bought it.See full review

wrist watch casio wrist watch casio w-800h-1bves, black logo

I recommend to buy. Only the strap is immediately ejected. I put black, thick, matte, metallic. They began to look many times better, and more expensive than their inflated price list.See full review

michelin x-ice snow 215/60 r16 99h winter logo

In the fall of 2022, I purchased Michelin X-Ice Snow. I've been going for a few months now and I'm very happy. Prior to that, there was Nokian studded tires. Michelin X-Ice Snow holds the road well in icy, slushy, snowy conditions. I recommend this model. Haven't found any downsides as of yet. I think that in the conditions of the winter of our region, when basically either a small minus or a small plus is an excellent option.See full review

adidas sneakers, size 10uk (44.7eu), core black logo

Who loves white - you, like me, have patience) Dust loves them very much. There was no washing yet, but then I will unsubscribe whether they survived or not.See full review

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