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combined coffee maker polaris pcm 2020 3-in-1, black/silver logo

Great coffee maker for the money! We were looking for an option without a horn. A nice bonus is that it is compatible with capsules. Definitely recommend to buy!See full review

charger bosch c1 black logo

The right product for me, there were no problems.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I charged a 61Ah battery from 11.8V to 12.7V in a day, another day in the recharging mode (with the FULL indicator on) the voltage on the battery rose to 13.1V. If you plan to charge ordinary car batteries (not AGM type), I don’t see the point in overpaying for older C3, C7 models.See full review

xiaomi mijia pink liquid soap dispenser, 3 pcs, 320 ml, pmxsy01xw logo

Its pros: Came in a branded box, delivered by courier, everything is clear. Cons: It seemed to me that it dries the skin a little, so I will use it in the kitchen, where it is usually necessary to wash off the fat. But I have quite sensitive skin, so it may not be critical for others.See full review

apple watch series 5 smartwatch 44mm aluminum case ru, space grey/black logo

The watch screen is beautiful and readable at any time of the day. The graphical stopwatch is much morecomnvenient than the iPhone XS Max. You cancomnnect and download songs directly to your watch, but for some reason this cannot be done as podcasts. At least so crooked through charging, but no. The video "Apple Watch 5: unboxing, setup and review - " showed this in detail. If you actively listen to music from the watch all day, then the battery will not last until the evening. It hides before tSee full review

dry food for cats monge natural superpremium, for living indoors, with chicken 1.5 kg logo

The food itself is not bad, so the "five". The taste preferences of our cat were not taken into account. If your pet likes it, take it.See full review

dry dog ​​food monge bwild feed the instinct low grain, wild boar 1 pack. x 1 pc. x 2.5 kg logo

Has some pros: The dog often has a terrible appetite, but he seemed to enjoy this meal quite a bit. Surprisingly, I combine the dry food with a bag of the wet food most of the time. With its drawbacks: One drawback is that the gift was already torn when it was delivered to the recipient. In addition, the box does not have a winter-lock attached to it. It was necessary for me to transfer this food to a different bag.See full review

gaming chair aerocool baron, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: steel blue logo

Pros: Possibility of swing, tilt of the back, quality of materials Cons: The armrests immediately backlash, the rocking mechanism creaks, the material of the chair upholstery quickly sits and rubs off.See full review

robot vacuum cleaner roborock e5 ru, white logo

Below are some advantages: Always keeps the floors clean, collects wool and vacuums rugs, helps out at the station, and teases the cat; yeah, he certainly does deserve it. Got cons: It may be inconvenient to shake off the container, but it's not a huge deal, and it's certainly preferable to sweeping the floor every day.See full review

children's 2-wheel electric scooter razor power core e90, up to 55 kg, black logo

Recently, a lot of cool gadgets for movement have been released, this scooter is one of them! We bought it for our eldest daughter, this model is designed for children from 5 to 10 years old. Now about the scooter: the Razor brand pays special attention to safety, for which they get +100500 to their karma! It's like an iPhone among scooters))) And it's true, a scooter won't go just like that at the touch of a button, first you need to push off the ground with your foot a couple of times. This waSee full review

vacuum cleaner dyson v12 detect slim absolute (sv20), yellow/nickel logo

In the store column throughout the ordering process, "AliExpress" appeared, indicating that the item was brought from their warehouse. I logged into the Dyson website using my VPN and checked the barcode there. The product is 100% authentic, has a really pleasant feel to it, and is of a very good quality.See full review

ground coffee lavazza crema e gusto classico, vacuum packed, 250 g logo

I took action multiple times before the 150r pack arrived. The best coffee I've ever had, excellent. I prefer him than Illy. But everything is dependent on the coffee maker. The same coffee tastes differently when made in several coffee makers. He uses a Delongi coffee maker at work to make Lavpzza Oro, but a Polaris Oro machine at home makes horrible sour coffee.See full review

vplab ultra men's sport tab., 180 pcs. logo

a working thing - if you have a weak immune system and a lot of stress at work, as well as with intensive training, it helps a lotSee full review

byredo perfume bal d "afrique, 50 ml logo

I have been using this brand for a long time. There was La Tulipe water. A very good spring fragrance with a pronounced smell of tulips and lily of the valley. My husband gave me this scent for Christmas. At first I didn't really like it, but after using it for about a couple of weeks, I just fell in love with it! I am now on my second bottle. I don't know how to describe this fragrance, it is very individual and unlike anything else, like all Bairedo. It's not sweet, but it's not fresh either. See full review

floor standing speaker system yamaha hs8 1 speaker white logo

I heard someone complain that, they say, they lack bass . I don’t agree, the bass here is very informative, fast and deep enough, and all this often eliminates the need to buy a subwoofer. It looks like the bass that a good rebar produces, and the sound in general reminds me of good rebar headphones. And the comrade who wrote in the review that there are "no monitors" at all, is more like a "troll", because. all this can be written either on purpose, or without ever listening to this acousticsSee full review

double trekking tent jungle camp lite dome 2, blue/grey logo

Here’s the catch)) with my height of 176 cm, I thought that a length of 205 would be enough for me, but with a mattress about 20 cm high, the length of the tent is sharply reduced, so I suffered from the fact that I couldn’t stretch to my full height normally, even diagonally, straight a little lacking ((((you are lying in a crooked state, everything is numb (((I got up in the morning as if I had been kicked all night . the question is naturally not for the manufacturerSee full review

stroller valco baby snap 4, cool gray logo

I have been using this stroller for over a year. We tested it in winter, spring, summer at sea. I have no claims. Easy full walk. My daughter has been in it since she was 7 months old, we rode it all winter, it goes perfectly in the snow due to its low weight. There is no cover for the legs, but I solved this problem with a sheepskin closed envelope. In the summer in the village, my daughter slept in it. They flew to the sea, at the airport, on the plane, to the beach with her without a hitch. CSee full review

computer chair zombie viking 5 aero gaming chair, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black/white logo

The comment immediately after assembly is obtained without taking into account the operating time. The advantages and disadvantages are all expected, they correspond to the description and the price of the chair, so there is no point in focusing on them. What I would like to warn you about, the package is overall 87x67x39 cm, weighty ~ 40 kg, so it is better to transport and assemble together. The design and execution of the attachment points is such that it is also better to assemble with an aSee full review

mattress serta perfect sleeper astoria, 160x200 cm, spring logo

I bought a SERTA ASTORIA mattress from Axona in March 2022 with an extended 30-year warranty (that is, with a cover). Ten months later, I started experiencing back pain. I was at first perplexed as to why. finished me off when I experienced back ache around 3 in the morning. a good job of rising. It is impossible to lie. The mattress was more or less designed for use solely on the edge when I turned it over (even though I did so a week ago). I was instructed to contact the hot number when I arriSee full review

smart bracelet xiaomi mi smart band 5 global, black logo

The bracelet functions normally, therefore this is a plus. the battery can last for a week, I purchased it in 2022, and although they mention there is a chance to get it with a dead battery, it came working normally. the following are some of the device's drawbacks: He was brought back to zero after being discharged, stood on the charge for a half an hour, and then came back to life.See full review

honor band 5 global smart bracelet, black logo

The benefits: Powerful yet portable pulse and oxygen monitors. Makes suggestions. You don't need to take off to swim. Contains drawbacks: A larger display is desirable, and the charging port is somewhat rigid.See full review

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