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computer case powercase alisio micro x3b camib-l3 black logo

Second-rate goods, I wont buy any more.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

You will have to think either about the vertical position of the card or replacing the case. Increasing the power of the screws and undervolting did not help.See full review

grohe cosmopolitan 40535 liquid soap dispenser, chrome logo

Buying a dispenser Grohe Cosmopolitan 40535000 Turned my attitude to the company Grohe. Grohe is not the same. I haven’t come across such a rare G for a long time. The dispenser stopped working after 1 month of work! This is the dispenser of a grief company :) for 3 thousand! At first, he began to stick and slowly switched to brick mode. That is, now he just gets stuck in the lower position and does not press. Does not spring at all. Naturally, it’s impossible to use it. I haven’t seen such a raSee full review

nokian tires nordman 7 205/55 r16 94t winter logo

As I type this, the temperature in Hong Kong is -1.+4, therefore I'm basing my observations on a front-wheel-drive vehicle with dimensions of 185/60 R15. I logged eight hundred to nine hundred kilometers. I've gone 1200 kilometers since then, and the rumbling has subsided somewhat from its initial intensity. As was mentioned before, stopping on asphalt is horrible since you can never be sure how much the car will slow down in response to your foot's pressure; instead, you can find yourself goingSee full review

triple trekking tent canadian camper karibu 3, royal logo

Since a little over a year ago, I've been sleeping in this tent. When making my decision, I spent a lot of time researching the industry and looking at products from a variety of companies. It was a good decision for me to check out the Canadian camper and this particular model. I feel it is important to let you know right away that we did not go trekking with this tent because it was selected specifically for road journeys during our vacations. We spend a lot of time together as a family and wiSee full review

universal stroller riko bella 3 in 1, 03, chassis color: black logo

We have been using the stroller for 8 months. The very first minus-visor at the top does not close in any way; at the slightest breath of wind, it opens and blows on the child. We used the cradle in spring and summer, in winter, I think it will be especially uncomfortable. Further, depreciation is simply not there. The child feels every bump. We have something to compare with, with the first child there was Adamaks, also an inexpensive segment, but depreciation is on the level! After 3 months, tSee full review

computer chair chairman kids 110 for children, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: black/orange logo

Got pros: Very comfortable chair, the back rests thanks to the built-in pillow in the lumbar region. Cons: Leatherette does not breathe, which does not cause much discomfort.See full review

vacuum cleaner tefal xforce flex 12.60 aqua ty98c0wo, blue/black logo

Of course, the toy is top-end, it looks at all 40 thousand that it costs, a lot of necessary nozzles, but the aqua nozzle is probably not really needed. After two or three charges of discharges, the baht swayed and now it is enough to clean the entire apartment, with sofas and all sorts of cracks. Very manoeuvrable, unrealistically easy to manage, but heavy to get used to. Wife came in, vacuumed every day now. The instructions are not clear, but you can figure it outSee full review

electric scooter ninebot kickscooter f40a, up to 120 kg, dark gray logo

I rode different scooters, compared to Xiaomi, it has more wheels and tiles, the scooter simply flies unevenly without discomfort. Compared to the sloping ones, it is more maneuverable due to the weight (and even feels smoother) and for me personally, even dragging it up the stairs is not strained. Personally, I max. speeds of 25 km / h - for the eyes. But for those who are not enough - it seems there is an opportunity to reflash.See full review

electric scooter ninebot kickscooter es2, up to 100 kg, dark gray logo

When buying an electric scooter for 23,000, you expect quality, let them say China and so on. But it's a Segway-Ninebot brand though. I didn’t think that after 40 km, literally on the 2nd ride, the deck with shock absorbers would creak in the summer . Weight 85 kg, traction only on the red sport, no additional battery at all from outlet to outlet. It takes 2.5 hours to charge . couldn't it really be done fast charging up to 70-80% in 15 minutes? ? ? with such a capacity. Fortunately, there are mSee full review

nokian tires hakka green 3 195/65 r15 95h summer logo

Good replacement for Toyo proxes cf2 but seems a bit stiffer. The same goes for the noise level. I didn’t really test it on the water, but in theory it should cope better with aquaplaning due to the pattern.See full review

travel bag vintage bags logo

Pros: Convenient compact bag that is capacious despite its small size. Pros below: The presentation's shine and material quality are both pretty poor.See full review

computer headset asus rog delta type-c, white logo

These headphones have a wonderful design and an intriguing sound; the microphone is beyond description; it has an incredibly clear sound; you just must hear it. The backlight is extremely attractive. They advertise themselves as being suitable for large heads, however no information regarding the size of the skull is provided. Therefore, I wear a size 60 headgear, and it fits me wonderfully; it doesn't even come close to touching my ears! In general, I am pleased with my ears, and if there is roSee full review

pupa wonder me fluid waterproof foundation, 30 ml, shade: 020 light beige warm logo

The compact size, easy dispenser, and light, delicate feel are all pluses. When used to clean skin, it spreads smoothly without clumping and does not block pores. Covers flaws like veins and age spots, stays there, repels water, has a velvety feel after application, and is waterproof and sweatproof. There is no masking or tonal mismatching. It is ideal for older skin that has lost turgor and will give the appearance of youth after just one application. Some drawbacks: My tone number is high sincSee full review

vacuum cleaner bosch bgs05gr2, gray logo

There were doubts about the suction power, because I did not find official information. Everything turned out to be fine, there is an adjustment on the body and a mechanical one on the handle.See full review

🧇 jardeko gray waffle maker: the perfect breakfast appliance logo

I'm pleased with the waffle maker overall. Some benefits It warms up rapidly; waffles are cooked in 4-5 minutes. Nothing adheres. Cons of it: There are no audio cues. There is no mute button for emails. nutrition.See full review

xiaomi mi robot vacuum-mop essential robot vacuum cleaner, white logo

With its pros. Robot is like a robot. He speaks 2022, is controlled both from the application in the phone, and simply by pressing one button. If you pour water - it washes with a cloth) Vacuums well, after cleaning in the container there is a dense "brick" of dust, although it would seem clean. Some cons: The main disadvantage is that there is no interruption of cleaning if the robot is stuck, wrapping some kind of wire, sock or string around itself. In this case, it gives a signal to stop, buSee full review

smart bracelet honor band 5 global, blue logo

Below are some advantages: I loved that you are able to see messages on the screen as well as manage the player. The alarm clock function is one of my favorites, and there is a wide variety of desktops to select from. Its cons: The pedometer is not reliable; it gives numbers that are one step higher than they actually are.5 times in sleep tracking mode does not detect awakenings because of the uncomfortable feeling from the strapSee full review

reisenthel mini maxi 14 urban backpack, white/black logo

I have not the only thing of this manufacturer, the quality is good. Once I put so much in this backpack that I thought it would definitely tear. No, the seams are intact. Fits, if necessary, in a women's bag (not theatrical, of course) or in a suitcase on a trip. The pocket-bag can be used both in the folded state (plus there are straps for attaching to the belt), and as a pocket on a backpack.See full review

nokian tyres hakkapeliitta 9 suv 235/50 r18 101t winter logo

I'll keep an eye on how the spikes fly out and keep making more reviews. Some benefits Outstanding controllability. I was shocked that Haka 9 did not win the top spot in some snowy tests because I personally drove the "that" ice brand in the snow and I want to state that I preferred the hack (size 235/55 19). Cons of it: noisy, but not unbearably so. Because sidewalls are softer, I'm not sure how strong they'll be. Of course, the cost, which is about 1/5 of the grant, is the primary drawback.See full review

projector wanbo projector t6 max 1920x1080 (full hd), 3000:1, 550 lm, lcd, 1.94 kg logo

Before that, there was a projector, and it was suitable for everything and had a better level of brightness. However, after a couple of months of usage, the lens became dusty, and black dots started to appear on the image. Therefore, there are no problems regarding the price-quality ratio as of yet; but, I am concerned about how the "dust protection" function will work on this) the first shot taken on regular wallpaper, and the second photo taken on reflective fabric. I was unable to upload a viSee full review

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