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Because of the Chinese region, everything else had to be added to China, interactions slowed down a lot, Alice almost never can voice statuses See full review

roof bike rack thule proride 598 aluminum logo

Mount 598 was only recently acquired by our company. I will mention right off the bat that we decided between number 591 and number 598, and after reading literally only one article, the decision was very clear to us (I will not detail the improvements because people with a higher level of literacy have already done so). The fact that the trunk (crossbars) has wing bar evo gum fitted under the "crosses," which does not need to be trimmed, rendered our decision unambiguous. Before that, we used aSee full review

computer chair zombie 9 gaming, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: black/red logo

While the chair is soft and has a high weight capacity on paper, the gas lift broke and started scratching the floor after only a few months of use. My weight (130 kg) is high, although it is within the specified load (up to 180 kg is shown in the description). Even though it's been some months since the purchase, I was provided the seller's contact information after initially contacting the market about the marriage's return. I got in touch with the vendor, provided them a photo, and they said See full review

steam cleaner kitfort kt-1004-2, green/white logo

I think there will be the most extensive review on NM for this product, so listen. Mom really wanted a mop, and was bought for her as a gift. I used it for a week every day, and it was a delight. The floor washes 4/5, because if you don’t vacuum it before cleaning, the dust will clump a bit, but it’s not scary, a couple of hand waves on the floor and these dust lumps will not be. Nozzle for glass (glass scraper) is a chic thing, it cleans greasy prints very simply, and the steam does not leave sSee full review

city bike stels navigator 325 28 z010 (2018) light beige/brown 20" (requires final assembly) logo

Has some pros: The wife is generally satisfied with the great, reliable, did not have to service yet Some cons: Saddle is not the most comfortable kind of like, but otherwise normalSee full review

horizontal bar, bars multigrip absolute champion profi new 107 cm white/black 10.6 kg logo

In general, everything is fine. In the photo, the standard factory dowels did not fit because of 7 cm of emptiness / insulation in the wall, the anchor was just the thing, it was well in stock. Also, on the advice of the reviews, the handles in hot water fit easily, though they began to scroll, let's see further. One of the lambs does not reach the handle of the bars, tomorrow I will go through the carving, maybe it will help. Overall good, thanks and Happy Holidays!See full review

computer chair zombie 8 gaming, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black logo

Took the children, I can not normally evaluate. In my opinion - not very convenient to work. I myself have been sitting on the simplest "operator's chair" for 20 years and everything is fine. And in such chairs only barge .See full review

wrist watch michael kors mk5974 logo

I bought with a promotional code for 6864. The watch came well packed, in a film, everything was included. I do not know the original, I do not understand this. The watch is beautiful, a little heavy, the dial is not big, I was afraid that it would be huge, but everything is fine, there are small scuffs on the watch, especially between the links you can see that it is not completely gilded somewhere, there are small jambs, so I can’t put 5 races, all the same I wanted that such watches were madeSee full review

electric scooter ninebot kickscooter es2, up to 100 kg, dark gray logo

Before buying this device, as expected, I went through the entire Internet and forums. Numerous and varied reviews, reviews on YouTube and more. I won’t tell you the main parameters and so on, everyone knows them. My personal - 2nd mode "S" white, 19-22 average speed (depending on resistance, charge and evenness / inclination of the road). The distance is about 15-17 km at the same speed and with the same conditions above. Drove about 30 km already. I’ll make a reservation right away: I appreciaSee full review

nexen roadian htx rh5 225/65 r17 102h summer logo

I go for a couple of weeks. Hyundai IX55. Drove a couple of thousand. As long as everyone likes it. On the highway, everything is not bad for such a tread. 160 goes quietly. A bit noisier than the highway, but it doesn't bother me. It rides smoothly, does not swim, the roll is good. For fans of active taxiing, sharp maneuvers, it will probably seem like a roll. The last kumho hp91 steered sharper and was quieter. But at the same time, it worked out small and medium-sized irregularities worse. FoSee full review

car battery varta blue dynamic d24 (560 408 054) 242х175х190 logo

Some pros: started the car. Time will tell how it will behave in the future. Got cons: there are no documents. No certificate, no passport. Just brought a box with a battery. If what to do with the guarantee is unclearSee full review

comfort-ort shoulder bandage k-904, size l, right-sided, gray logo

Its pros: Lightness, material, you can apply ointment and put on a bandage on top Cons: The tape constantly presses under the armpit, in case of a serious injury one cannot cope with putting onSee full review

xiaomi car drinker water fountain for cats and dogs mijia smart pet water dispenser xwwf01mg logo

Got pros: Timer, possibility of periodic activation (15 min after 15) Has cons: It's too loud. I turn it off at night although it is in the kitchenSee full review

nokian tires hakka green 3 195/65 r15 95h summer logo

I was surprised by the consumption - more than on winter wheels (an electric car and it is very felt) They are erased very quickly, I drove a little more than 1 thousand km and the number 8 completely disappeared. Most likely they will be completely erased in 10 thousand km Noise is average Good grip both dry and wetSee full review

electric scooter ninebot kickscooter max g30p, up to 100 kg, black logo

The perfect story for long commutes around the city or driving to and from work. Sturdy, reliable scooter. A large power reserve was purchased to get to work and back, however, in fact, for a clear conscience, you still have to put it on recharging, because the prospect of staying ten kilometers from home with a heavy non-driving scooter is not encouraging. In general, it is suitable for long driving with a break for charging. Charging from zero to a hundred takes about two hours, which is quiteSee full review

stroller joie pact, laurel logo

Before this stroller, I changed ‼️three strollers… either it was big, or it didn’t steer, or something else. We had cybex, valko baby sleep 4, but this one turned out to be just perfect in all respects ! It is worth a ride to understand! Pros: Maneuverable, controlled with one hand with a child in a stroller, and not as is usually the case. Light, compact, good hood, decent basket, soft brake, good textiles and not poor equipment Different cons: There is a little play on the handle, but without See full review

l"oreal professionnel spray hair touch up, light brown, 75 ml logo

With all of its perks. Amazingly useful! After receiving the optimal point-by-point application, the hair does not have a greasy appearance. The color goes well together and stays true for a long time. despite its advantages. The cost is really steep. On the other hand, there are promotions, and after that, acceptable.See full review

schwarzkopf professional igora royal color hair care logo

With all of its perks. The color that was declared by the manufacturer is an accurate representation of the one that was produced. When applied, there are no unpleasant sensations, such as burning sensations or any other symptoms. Its cons: However, at the roots, it only lasts for no more than three weeks, same like most other manufacturers' products.See full review

ground coffee lavazza crema e gusto classico, vacuum packed, 250 g logo

HALT, AliExpress! It's almost Black Friday; it's time to do some serious buying. It's unbelievable to trick people in that way, so I'm taking you at your word. When I got the order and discovered what had happened, I promptly sent it back. Listed below are some advantages: coffee generally selling for $300-$400 was purchased for a steep discount in honor of Black Friday. I forked out cash for a 750 item, complete with drawbacks. consumer fraud involving crossed-out prices and made-up reductionsSee full review

humidifier kitfort kt-2810, white logo

The first humidifier, there is nothing to compare with. I bought it for a bedroom, it quickly moisturizes, forming a mistSee full review

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